Kind Strangers Rescued These Stray Dogs Freezing in Snowstorm – What the Dogs Do Next is Beautiful

Backyard breeders and homeless dogs are prevalent across the globe, but there are many metropolitan areas, like Memphis, Tennessee, where populations of stray dogs have grown exponentially. Unfortunately, some of these areas also see extreme weather conditions. As temperatures dropped to well below freezing shortly after the new year, animal heroes with All 4s Rescue League raced through the city to save as many stray dogs from the street as they could.

Kind Strangers Rescued These Stray Dogs Freezing in Snowstorm

Moose And Greta Were Fighting For Survival On The Streets

Two of those dogs who found respite with All 4s are Moose and Greta. They had been on the rescue’s radar for a while before they were saved, but the wait was well worth it–especially because the dogs had a guardian angel out on the streets with them.

Moose: Rescued Stray Dog Freezing in Snowstorm

The duo was seen hanging around a particular Memphis street corner before the winter weather took a turn for the worse. As the rescue explains, “Many guys hang out at that corner, and one of them looked out for these two, making sure they got scraps to eat. They are actually really healthy.  However, that was all they could offer these babies.” 

Greta: Rescued Stray Dog Freezing in Snowstorm

As the snow arrived, the owner of the rescue, Suzy Hollenbach, reported the dogs to Memphis Animal Services in hopes of finding them shelter. But when MAS was unable to help, and the snow became a blizzard, she returned for the pair and helped them into the back of her car. Finally, they were on their way to a temporary foster home!

When They Were Finally Safe…

When German Shepherd Moose and German Wirehaired Pointer Greta first got comfy in foster mom Rebecca’s garage on January 17, they slept for an entire day. Needless to say, they were exhausted after living in the cold and fighting for survival on the streets. As they began to decompress and gain their energy back, however, they started to let their personalities shine through. Both dogs are incredibly affectionate and friendly with adults, children, and other dogs, and big boy Moose even likes to sneak in a hug when he can. The only reason they may be best around older children is so little ones don’t get knocked over! 

Rebecca agreed to be a temporary foster to help out these former strays, but Greta and Moose are still in the market for a long-term foster or forever home of their very own. It would be ideal to keep them together after all they’ve been through, but at this point, two homes are better than none. 

A Long-Term Foster Home is Essential to These Dogs’ Wellbeing 

As Suzy explained in a Facebook post introducing the duo, keeping these dogs in the foster system will be beneficial on many levels. Not only will they avoid MAS–and therefore avoid finding themselves on an ‘at-risk for euthanasia’ list–but it opens up room in the Memphis Animal Services shelter for new intakes who are less likely to find themselves on that list. 

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Remember–Moose and Greta are only two of thousands of animals in need of rescue in Tennessee. This resilient and friendly duo is going to thrive in the care of a long-term foster parent, and their plight is an inspiring reminder to consider opening up your home to pets in need, no matter where you live.  If you are interested in fostering, please reach out

Rescued Stray Dogs Freezing in Snowstorm

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