Abandoned Dog’s Reaction to Sleeping In Bed for 1st Time Touches Hearts Across Internet

They say that every cloud has a silver lining and when it comes to two senior dogs who were rescued just one day prior to being euthanized, that certainly seems to be the case.

Located in Cape Girardeau, Missouri, Mac’s Mission is a special needs dog rescue. They take extreme medical cases – like this one – to try to prevent dogs from being euthanized. They shared the story of these two sweet senior dogs who they found after they were abandoned at a small, rural animal control pound located in nearby Kansas. (See rescue video below)

Abandoned Senior Dog’s Reaction to Sleeping In a Bed for 1st Time

The Rescue of the Abandoned Senior Dogs

Upon learning about the dogs’ situation, Mac’s Mission sent a driver to go pick up the two senior dogs, who were both estimated to be about 14 years old. Narwhal is a spokesperson for Mac’s Mission and initially described the two as a “hot mess” but once they were loaded up, the driver said that they were “really sweet” and appeared to be “happy and spry.”

abandoned senior dogs

The small tan female dog is Opal, and the larger white male dog is named Flint. Both were lucky enough to immediately find foster homes and arrived at them just hours later. From this point, the story follows Opal to her temporary home, where she appears to have settled in quickly.

Opal’s Sweet Reaction to Her New Foster Home

Once Opal arrived at her new home she was given a dog bed to snuggle into. She seems to be very excited to have somewhere soft to lay, and Mac’s Mission speculates that this may have been the first time ever that she’s had this kind of comfort. Narwhal admits that they don’t really know her backstory, “other than getting thrown away as a senior dog.”

Abandoned Senior Dog’s Reaction to Sleeping In a Bed for 1st Time

It’s also mentioned that this is probably the first time that Opal’s had a quiet place to sleep in a very long time. She looks so warm and cozy in her new bed!

Video Embed:

Opal Gets a Special Photo Shoot

Opal is currently going through the “vetting” process to get her ready for the right family to adopt her. Many of Mac’s Mission’s Facebook followers were appalled that the family of the two senior dogs could just “dump” them simply because they were old. My family had a West Highland Terrier who was almost 13 years old before she passed away, and while we knew that the day was coming, it was extremely hard on all of us when she passed. I couldn’t imagine just dropping her off outside of a pound and driving off!

Abandoned Senior Dog’s photoshoot

Fortunately, her foster family wants the best for her and is willing to do whatever they can to help get her adopted as soon as it’s possible. They are photographers, and thought it would be fun to give Opal a photo shoot to show off just how cute she is. After cleaning her up and a good night’s sleep, they snapped an adorable photo for Mac’s Mission to use on their website. Everybody is hoping that this photo is the one that helps get her adopted. My fingers are crossed for her!

If you are interested in adopting Opal or learning more about her, you can reach out to Mac’s Mission here.

Abandoned Senior Dog’s photoshoot

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