Mama Dog + 9 Pups Left Alone For Weeks in Abandoned Home. The Reaction When Rescued Will Touch Your Soul.

In Phelan, CA, a rural town in the Mojave Desert, a canine family’s plight has come to light following their rescue from deplorable conditions in an abandoned residence. The family, comprising a mother, father, and nine puppies, faced six weeks of neglect after their owner’s untimely death led to the property being overrun by squatters.

The dire situation was brought to public attention when Kristen Gamble, co-founder of One Mutt At A Time Rescue, acted upon a neighbor’s social media video highlighting the dogs’ predicament. Gamble, responding with urgency, navigated her way to the dilapidated house, confronting a scene of neglect where the malnourished dogs had been living amidst squalor. The overwhelming odor within the home was a stark testament to the harsh conditions endured by the canine family.

The Living Conditions Were Shocking

Watch The Dramatic Rescue of 11 Dogs Trapped in a Decaying Desert Home
The home was trashed and in disrepair after squatters likely turned it into a drug house after original owner died. Dead rats can be seen throughout.

Although Kristen had seen the neighbor’s video, she was shocked when she saw the home for herself. The homeowner’s daughter, who was in bad condition herself,  let Kristen and her team inside.

 “The house was unbelievable.” Kristen said, “The dogs had been trapped in the house alone for 6 weeks. They were very skinny.” 

🔼 Watch rescuers enter the house, ascend the stairs to find the family of 11.. What They Found Inside Was Unbelievable

The neighbor had been bringing over food during the 6th week and put a barrier up to keep the dogs upstairs to try to contain them. They were trying to help but knew that the situation was grim and that the dogs needed immediate help. 

Since the dogs were trapped inside they had been going to the bathroom in the home the entire time. There was feces, trash, and live and dead rats everywhere. “The home was unlivable for the dogs” Kristen said. “The floors were so urine-soaked we thought we might fall through.” 

Mama, Dad + 9 Puppies

mama dog
Mama dog nursing puppies after they had been rescued.

The father is a Corgi/Husky mix while the mother is a small Shepherd mix. The neighbor estimated the puppies to be about six weeks old, meaning that they’d all been trapped in the house since the homeowner had passed. 

This is the dad, who was also found locked in the house.

Unsurprisingly, Gamble shared, “There were no names for the dogs. No collars or anything! We named them Kolbi and Klara as their rescue names. The puppies still have not been named.”

🔼 Watch as rescuers try to coax mama out of the house.

The Dogs Find Salvation and Safety

mama and dad on their freedom ride
Mama Dog and Dad on their freedom ride ❣️

Kristen reached out to her network, hoping to find someone who would be willing to take in the family of dogs. She was lucky to receive an offer from Vanessa Traufler-Samarripa, a volunteer and Board Member at One Mutt at a Time. Vanessa saved the dogs’ lives by agreeing to take all 11 of them in. They are currently in Vanessa’s home along with her four dogs and 10 foster cats. This situation is not sustainable for Vanessa and she needs help!

🔼 Watch rescuers enter the house, ascend the stairs to find the family of 11.. What They Found Inside Was Unbelievable

How To Help Kolbi and Klara and Their Puppies

Although One Mutt At A Time has posted this harrowing story and the urgency that comes with it on their site and social media channels, so far they have not had a single foster or adoption request. They desperately need to find homes for all of them. 

Watch The Dramatic Rescue of 11 Dogs Trapped in a Decaying Desert Home
Mama, Dad & Puppies after rescue

For more information or to offer support, please reach out to Kristen via email here, call them directly at (442) 400-9201, or reach out on Instagram or Facebook.

They are desperately seeking fosters. Ideal candidates would be in Orange County, San Diego or Inland Impire. Please fill out foster application or if you’d like to adopt fill out this application.

You can also donate to the rescue to help provide much needed supplies and to improve the level of medical care and quality of life for the animals that they rescue.

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