The Newest Doodle Just Dropped, and It’s Irish! 

Irish Doodles are one of the latest mixed-breeds to come out of the Doodle craze, and it’s pretty clear why they’ve become so popular! Red like their Irish Setter parents, these pups are positively gorgeous, and have many of the personality and physical characteristics that Doodle lovers are looking for. 

Sweet, goofy, and energetic, could an Irish Doodle be your dream dog? 

Meet Some Irish Doodles

We can’t start learning about Irish Doodles without taking a look at some first! Here are six adorable Irish Doodles whose humans share their lives on Instagram. 

1. Ruby

Ruby, the Irish Doodle
Source: @RubyRedIrishDoodle

Ruby is a beautiful F1 Irish Doodle from Nashville, Tennessee whose fur has all the bright, fiery glory of the Irish Setter, and all the curl and texture of a Poodle. Ruby is extra fancy with white back paws, a white chest, and a lock of white fur on her snout!

2. Bailey

Bailey, the Irish Doodle
Source: @Bailey.The.Irish.Doodle

Bailey is an all-red F1b Irish Doodle from New Jersey who likes long walks on the beach, and long naps on the carpet!

3. Rusty

Rusty, the Irish Doodle
Source: @Rusty_Deal_The_Irish_Doodle

Rusty is a strawberry-blond Irish Doodle who lives in England! Just three years old, this big boy is a bundle of goofy energy!

4. Piper & Reagan

Piper & Reagan, 2 poodles in snow
Source: @IrishDoodleDuo

Piper and Reagan are a dynamic pair of F1b Irish Doodles living in California with their Bernedoodle sister! Born in 2019 and 2020, these two cuties love to go on adventures and, of course, make mischief together. 

5. Fenway

Fenway, the irish doodle
Source: @FenwayTheIrishDood

Fenway is an F1 Irish Doodle from Virginia who loves to spend time on the water, and dress up in the latest fashions. 

6. Rooney

Rooney, an irish doodle
Source: @Rooney_TheMiniIrishDoodle

Rooney is a mini Irish Doodle from New Jersey who is perfectly petite and particularly photogenic!

Irish Doodle Basic Info

Alright, enough of the cute dog pictures! Let’s talk about what you need to know to decide whether an Irish Doodle is your perfect pup. 

What is an Irish Doodle? 

An Irish Doodle is a mixed-breed dog whose parentage includes Poodle and Irish Setter. Irish Doodles are not always 50% Poodle and 50% Irish Setter, and some (especially mini Irish Doodles) can include other breeds in their genetic profile. 

Irish Doodle “Generation” Guide

Within the Doodle world, breeders describe the parentage of their puppies by putting them into different programs, or categories. When buying an Irish Doodle, you should see a combination of letters and numbers like F1 and F1b. Here’s what all of that means. 

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ProgramParentage Details
F1Purebred x Purebred (e.g. Irish Setter x Poodle)
F1bPurebred x F1 Irish Doodle (e.g. Poodle x F1 Irish Doodle)
F2F1 Irish Doodle x F1 Irish Doodle 
F2bF1 Irish Doodle x F1b Irish Doodle 
F3/MultigenerationalClosest purebred is great-grandparent or older

Irish Doodle Temperament

Before talking about breed temperament, it’s important to remember that a dog’s personality is only in part influenced by their genetic traits. A dog’s early life experiences and the environments they spend time in dictate much more about their temperament than their breed. 

However, there are some predictions we can make based on the common characteristics of both Irish Setters and Poodles. 


  • Social
  • Smart
  • Loyal

Irish Setters:

  • Energetic
  • Affectionate
  • Eager to please

In general, Irish Doodles are high-energy dogs who enjoy spending time with their people. Smart and keen to investigate, Irish Doodles can get themselves into some trouble, and do well with an owner who is used to a high-energy dog. 

Irish Doodle Size

Because Irish Doodles are a mixed breed dog, their size can be relatively variable. On average, standard Irish Doodles will grow to around 22–28 inches tall, and 40–70 pounds in weight. These “standard” Irish Doodles are typically crosses of Irish Setters and standard Poodles, both relatively large breeds. 

Mini Irish Doodles will be closer to 12–17 inches tall, and 25–35 pounds. Mini Irish Doodles are usually a mix of Irish Setter and miniature Poodle, but some will have additional small.toy breeds in their parentage to achieve smaller sizes. 

poodle sitting on grass
Source: @cooper_the_irishdoodle

Irish Doodle Health

Hybrid and mixed-breed dogs are generally less susceptible to the common diseases that affect purebreds. Luckily, both Poodles and Irish Setters are generally healthy breeds, but this doesn’t rule out possible health issues on an individual basis. 

Where Can You Buy an Irish Doodle? 

Start by jumping on Google and searching for “Irish Doodle breeder near me.” Hopefully you’ll be able to find a reputable breeder in your area. 

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Be aware that buying an Irish Doodle can be quite expensive! To save a little money, and to give a home to a dog that needs one, try looking at Doodle-specific rescues like IDOG Rescue.

Irish Doodle FAQ

Everyone is curious about the Irish Doodle, and who can blame them! These gorgeous dogs have such beautiful fur, and with Doodles at an all-time high in popularity, it’s no wonder these dogs are capturing lots of attention. 

Here are just a few of the common questions people like you have about Irish Doodles. 

What’s the difference between a Goldendoodle and an Irish Doodle? 

Goldendoodles are Golden Retriever x Poodle mixes, whereas Irish Doodles are Irish Setter x Poodle mixes! While they both share the Poodle parentage, that’s where the similarities mostly end. 

Do Irish Doodles shed?

Yes, but not much! Because Irish Doodles are part Poodle, they are typically low-shedding dogs who drop very little fur. Irish Setters are relatively low-shedding, but not as low-shedding as Poodles, so be aware that your Irish Doodle may or may not shed. 

Because Irish Doodles are usually low-shedding, they are sometimes billed as “hypoallergenic.” While it is true that a dog who drops less fur may be less likely to trigger some allergic reactions, no dog is truly hypoallergenic.

How big does an Irish Doodle get? 

Standard Irish Doodles are medium to large dogs who usually weigh around 60 lbs. Because there are no specific requirements for the breed, it’s hard to predict exactly how big an Irish Doodle will get until they are full grown. 

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