Cavapoo, Cavoodle, Cavadoodle, & Cadoodle: What’s the Difference?

A Cavapoo Puppy

When you’re looking for a new furry friend, you probably have an image in your mind of what you’d like to see.

Right now, I want you to follow me as I describe something amazing. Imagine a little dog with big, bright eyes and a fluffy, curly coat. Imagine that this pup is full of boundless energy and fun. Doesn’t that sound awesome!?

What you just imagined is one of the many mixed breeds that you can readily find, and it’s time to learn all about it! Join me as we learn more about this amazing pup together!

Meet the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel & Poodle Mix!

The pup that I just described is a cross between a cavalier King Charles spaniel and a poodle! Like the many -oodle-based mixed breeds, — such as the delightful and popular Goldendoodle — has a thick and curly coat that may reduce dander shedding, making them semi-hypoallergenic. 

Cavapoo Fast Facts
Height 9-14 in.
Weight 9–20 lbs.
TemperamentAffectionate, Friendly, Gentle, Loyal, Playful
Lifespan12–15 years

How Big Is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Poodle Mix?

The final size of your cavapoo will depend on the genetics of your specific dog. Poodles come in a variety of sizes, so depending on what your dog’s ancestry looks like, they could be relatively small, or closer to medium in size. Most are classified as either “toy” or “mini”, but be aware that this is an unregulated breed, and therefore your individual experience may vary. 

Typically, cavapoos reach a maximum height of 14 inches tall (35.56 centimeters) and a maximum weight of 20 pounds.

A Cavapoo dog breed

How Long Does a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel & Poodle Mix Live?

Thanks to their relatively compact size, these pups tend to live long lives. On average, cavapoos live for 12–15 years!

However, this mixed breed does have some health problems that you should keep an eye on. Some of the most common ailments for this mixed breed are:

  • Allergic reactions, particularly rashes
  • Dental decay
  • Heart problems
  • Vision problems

What Are Cavalier King Charles Spaniel & Poodle Mixes Like?

These dogs are known for their loyalty and intelligence. Both the spaniel and the poodle are highly intelligent and naturally curious dogs, which means their offspring should be monitored closely. Without proper mental stimulation, these little dogs can get into quite a bit of trouble!

Cavapoo dog

Energy-wise, these dogs are known for their bursts of stamina. While a cavalier King Charles spaniel and poodle mix may be happy lazing around for much of the day, they’ll still need plenty of exercise. Prospective owners should be able to dedicate at least an hour of every day to frolicking and playing with their pups.

Where Can I Get a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Poodle Mix?

If you’re looking to adopt one of these pups, you’ll likely have to look around a bit!

In addition to local rescue centers, you can find one of these pups at special breeders. When you’re looking at these breeders, be sure to do your research! Most breeders will charge $1,500 for a mixed breed of this type.

What’s a Cavapoo, Cavoodle, Cavadoodle, and Cadoodle?

Now that you know what a cavalier King Charles spaniel and poodle mixed breed is, you know the answer to this question!

That’s right! “cavapoo”, “cavoodle”, “cavadoodle”, and “cadoodle” are all names for the same dog! All of these words are just a different way of saying “cavapoo”.

In general, the most popular terms are “cavapoo” and “cavoodle”. Nonetheless, you’ll probably run into the other terms from time to time. Regardless of how they say it, just remember that all of these words refer to the delightful cavalier King Charles spaniel and poodle mixed breed!

A Cavapoo dog

The Cavapoo FAQ

With all of these formalities out of the way, it’s time to dig into the FAQ.

After plenty of scouring, I’ve found a few commonly asked questions about this breed. To help you make your decision, I’ve gathered all of these inquiries and their answers right here. This way, you have a handy way to learn all about the cavapoo.

If you’re ready to learn even more, keep on scrolling!

Are Cavapoo Dogs Good Pets?

Yes! Cavapoos are wonderful pets. They’re loyal, gentle, and affectionate. The primary concern that owners should have is ensuring that their pup gets plenty of mental and physical exercise. As long as these needs are met, the cavapoo is a wonderful dog in any situation.

Do Cavapoos Bark a Lot?

It depends. Every dog is unique, and even two cavapoo pups from the same litter will have different personalities.

Some cavapoos will be loud, and others will be very quiet. It all depends on how they are raised. When you’re looking for a new dog, it’s best to ask many questions and spend some time with your potential pooch. This will give you time to form an opinion and see how the dog acts before you make the big decision.

Any reputable breeder will also be able to do this for you. They interact with their dogs daily, and that means that they know how they act. If they are given a list of traits that you find desirable, they’ll be able to hand-pick the perfect pup for you!

How Much Money Does a Cavapoo Cost?

Cavapoos are not cheap! A cavapoo pup from a reputable breeder will cost you around $1,500. However, if you’re lucky, you’ll be able to find a rescue cavapoo for much less.
If you choose to go to a shelter, be sure to have an open mind! You’ll probably see many non-cavapoos, and all of them deserve wonderful homes.

What Are Cavapoo Behavior Problems?

Cavapoos are prone to separation anxiety. Despite their high intelligence, these dogs are extremely dependent on their owners. This means that they’re likely to suffer from separation anxiety without the proper training and planning.

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Meet Some Cavapoos!

To wrap this all up, it’s time to meet some amazing internet-famous cavapoos! These delightful pups are great examples of the breed’s personality and behavior, and you can use their experiences to imagine how a cavapoo will fit into your life.

1. Jam

Source: @cavapoo.jam

Like the breed, Jam is a pup of many names.

2. Kenzie

Source: @kenziethecavapoo

Worried about how well your pup will adapt to the city? Check out Kenzie, a wonderful cavadoodle living her best life in NYC!

3. Kipper and Holly

Source: @kipperthecavapoo

This dynamic duo is a perfect example of cavapoo intelligence. Kipper and Holly’s cute faces hide amazing minds, and they currently have jobs as trick pooches!

4. Pelle

Source: @pelle.cavapoo

For a taste of the wild side, check out Pelle the Cavoodle! This Dutch pup loves looking cute, playing, and posing for the camera.

5. Remi

Source: @remiloothecavapoo

Born in 2020, Remi is a great ambassador for older cavapoos. Check out this adorable pooch to see what your puppy will be like in a few years.

Regardless of what your next canine companion looks like, always remember to do your research! I’m constantly updating my page with new dog breeds to learn about, so don’t forget to check in regularly.

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