Top 10 Best Treat-Dispensing Dog Toys

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Treat-dispensing dog treats can give your dog hours of mental and physical stimulation! From snuggle mats that encourage your pup to use their nose to rubber chew toys you can fill with treats to encourage gnawing, these toys are perfect for keeping your dog relaxed and entertained.  Here, we’re talking about 10 of our favorite dog toys that you can fill with treats!


What Are Dog Toys That Dispense Treats?

Treat-dispensing toys are exactly what they sound like—dog toys designed to slowly release while your dog forages, plays, or solves a puzzle. Some dog toys that dispense treats only need a little nudge to drop the loot, while others require your dog to problem-solve before they get a reward. 

Benefits of Treat-Dispensing Dog Toys

Why use treat-dispensing dog toys when you could just give your dog treats yourself? Why does your dog need a toy to hide treats in?

Puzzle and treat-dispensing toys aren’t just another way to give your dog treats—they’re a tool for mental, physical, and sensory stimulation, and can keep your dog occupied a lot longer than you can with a few treats in hand. 

Here is a short list of the benefits of giving your dog a treat-dispensing toy or puzzle:

  • Keep dogs entertained
  • Help dogs expend energy
  • Engage natural instincts like foraging
  • Use treat-dispensers to slow feed over-eager eaters
  • Promote dental health from chewing
  • Reduce destructive behaviors 

Things to Consider When Buying Your Dog a Treat-Dispensing Toy

When purchasing treat-dispensing toys or puzzles for your dog, the biggest factor to consider is their style of play and investigation.

If, for example, your dog is always sniffing out food in your bag or trash can, they might enjoy a snuffle mat or a toy designed for foraging. On the other hand, if your dog likes to chew through tupperware or break into the fridge, they might enjoy something that requires a little more effort to get to the treats like a rubber ball or ring. 

Like all dog toys, it’s also important to make safety considerations for treat-dispensing toys. Be sure to buy items of an appropriate size for your pup, and never leave your dog unattended with their toys. 

Our Favorite Treat-Dispensing Dog Toys

There are so many exciting treat-dispensing dog toys to choose from, but we’ve managed to narrow it down to 10 excellent options. Give each of these a try to see what your dog likes the most. 

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1. BarkBox Super Chewer Box

If your dog goes through toys and puzzles at the speed of light, BarkBox’s Super Chewer subscription will keep their stockpile full! Each month, BarkBox will send you “nearly indestructible” toys and chews. While you won’t get a puzzle or a treat-dispensing toy in every box, when you do, they’re guaranteed to be high-quality, and keep your super chewer from instantly cracking the code. Each BarkBox also includes two bags of treats to fill puzzles and dispensers. 

Buy From BarkBox | $45 per month

2. Eneston Squeaky Dog Toys

If you’re looking for a puzzle toy for your dog that has a little bit of everything, you’ll probably love this adorable turtle squeaky toy! Hide treats by folding them into the turtle’s extra-long neck, and pushing it back into the shell to give your dog a fun foraging activity. To engage more of your dog’s senses, this toy also has a squeaker and crinkly paper details. 

Buy From Amazon | $16.99

3. Dog Treat Toy Ball

This clever ball design features in-set slots lined with rubber “teeth” to hold tiny treats, pieces of kibble, bits of cheese, or anything else you like to fill your dog’s treat-dispensing toys with. To get their reward, your dog will need to roll, hold, chew on, lick, and maneuver the ball giving them mental and physical stimulation. Made from non-toxic, bite-resistant rubber, this toy can also help to keep your dog’s teeth clean!

Buy From Amazon | $8.99

4. Squeaky Snuffle Treat-Hiding Dispenser Snail Toy

To get at the treats in this adorable snail toy, your dog will need to unroll the layers, detach the velcro, and fish treats out of hiding pockets! This toy encourages lots of snuffling and is lined with crinkle paper so it makes exciting noises every time your dog plays. At 26” long, this is a good puzzle toy for medium and large dogs. 

Buy From Amazon | $15.99

5. PetSafe Busy Buddy Twist ‘n Treat Dispensing Dog Toy

Persistence is key with this toy, so if you’ve got a dog who could lick and sniff for days, they’ll love this treat dispensing toy. Made from two halves that can be adjusted to fit larger or smaller treats, this disc-shaped toy also comes in four sizes to suit any dog breed. To get their treats, dogs can roll, toss, shake, or just lick and gnaw on this toy. Appropriate for moderate chewers, this toy can also go in the dishwasher when it needs cleaning. 

Buy From Amazon | $8.59

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6. West Paw Rumbl Treat-Dispensing Dog Toy

Made using non-toxic, recyclable materials, this slow-feeder treat-dispensing toy from West Paw is perfect for moderate chewers and dogs that are new to puzzles and treat dispensers. Featuring two holes to randomly release treats while your dog plays, this toy is designed to be rolled around, chewed on, licked, and can even be used as a slow-feeder. 

If your pup happens to like to drop their ball in the pool, bathtub, or other bodies of water, this toy floats!

Buy From Amazon | $22.95

7. Orka Tire Treat-Dispensing Dog Chew Toy

Suitable for tough chewers, this treat-dispensing tire toy opens from the center to allow you to fill the entire ring with treats or kibble. Made from thick, flexible rubber, dogs will love the sensation of chewing on this toy and the mental challenge of getting to the treats. Designed for big dogs, this toy can also help promote tooth, gum, and jaw health. 

Buy From Amazon | $11.97

8. AWOOF Felt Snuffle Mat & Bowl

Designed to encourage natural foraging behaviors, this snuffle mat features dozens of layers of felt strips for your dog to search for treats or food. Use the simple drawstring closure to turn the mat into a bowl, tighten the opening to make the puzzle more challenging, or to travel with this super-engaging toy. 

If you have a dog who eats too quickly, you can also use this snuffle mat as a slow feeder. Not only will your dog be forced to slow down but they’ll also only be able to get a few pieces at a time to prevent taking large mouthfuls. Entertaining and practical, this is a great toy to have on hand to cure boredom. 

Buy From Amazon | $16.99

9. Rainbow Snuffle Ball

Branded as the perfect mentally stimulating toy for dogs with vision impairments, this snuffle ball is so much fun for dogs who like to snuffle, but don’t have a ton of energy to get out. Hide treats in the folds of this rainbow snuffle ball, then let your dog go to town playing and searching for their reward. Fully machine washable, your dog can lick and gnaw as much as they want on this soft treat dispensing toy.

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Buy From Amazon | $26.99

10. Sodapup Cherry Pie Ultra-Durable Nylon Chew Toy

This treat-dispensing dog toy looks like a piece of pie, and if that’s not enough to sell you, just wait until you hear how durable it is! Made from nylon to withstand even extreme chewers, this dog toy features slots for you to add treats, dog food, and tasty rewards. Because getting to the treats in this toy is easy, this is mostly designed to alleviate anxiety and give dogs an outlet for chewing and licking. This toy probably won’t keep an extra-energetic dog busy for long. 

Buy From Chewy | $12.99

Dog Toys to Hide Treats In FAQs

We’re not mind readers, but we think we can predict a few questions you have about treat-dispensing dog toys, and we have answers!

How do you hide dog treats in dog toys?

It all depends on the toy! Some treat-dispensing toys have hidden pockets or compartments where you tuck away the treats. Others are more free-form, and all you need to do is toss a handful of treats or kibble into the toy and give it a good shake. 

Are toys mentally stimulating for dogs?

Yes! All dog toys are mentally stimulating for dogs and especially treat-dispensing dog toys. Dogs get a ton of information from their noses and taste buds, and activities like chewing, licking, and snuffling have even been shown to relieve stress and anxiety. 

Giving your dog a variety of toys can keep them entertained, and reduce symptoms of boredom like destructive behavior, barking, etc. 

Are treat puzzles good for dogs?

Yes! Treat puzzles engage your dog’s mental energy, and encourage them to use their strong sense of skill and develop problem-solving skills. Dog puzzles come in a variety of difficulties, so you can choose one that’s appropriate for your dog’s level of problem-solving. 

What are the best treat-dispensing dog toys for aggressive chewers?

Nylon and heavy-duty non-toxic rubber are some of the best materials for aggressive chewers. Some options included in this guide that work well for aggressive chewers include the Orka Tire, the Sodapup Cherry Pie, and the West Paw Rumbl

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