Can Dogs Have Whipped Cream? Yes, But Only Use THIS Kind.

We don’t normally spray whipped cream on our floor, but we wanted to do something fun because our foster dog, Willie, got adopted! We are so excited for him because he found an amazing home. You can learn more about Willie here.

Many people had questions after they saw this video regarding the safety of letting dogs eat whipped cream. So I decided put all of the information in one place.

Dogs & Whipped Cream

It’s no secret that we love to give our dogs treats, and our pups love them, too! There’s nothing as adorable as those tail-wagging moments. From peanut butter to biscuits, dogs love to chow down on a special snack.

So, what about…whipped cream?

Can Dogs Eat Whipped Cream?

rescue dog enjoys a puppuccino made by pet chef Rocky Kanaka

The first thing people will want to know about any snack is whether or not it’s safe for their pups to eat. Fortunately, a little whipped cream is safe for dogs to eat but we only give our dogs one kind of whipped cream that is much healthier than the others. In addition to the sugar and fat contained in whipped cream, there’s also a fair amount of dairy, which may upset a pup’s stomach. 

So, does whipped cream hurt dogs? It can, especially if your dog has a lactose intolerance, or you choose a whipped cream that isn’t safe for them to eat (i.e. one that contains xylitol)

One of the most common question about the safety of feeding dogs whipped cream is: can whip cream give dogs diarrhea? The answer to this is also, unfortunately, yes. 

Luckily, I’ve written this handy guide to help you avoid the pitfalls of feeding your dog the wrong whipped cream!

How Much Whipped Cream Can a Dog Have?

The answer to the question of how much whipped cream is safe for dogs is much like the answer your parents probably gave you. Whipped cream is an occasional treat, not a meal! You should not be feeding your pup whipped cream every day. Never give a dog a large serving of whipped cream, and only provide a small amount to dogs who have never had any before.

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To be technical, however, a dog can eat all of the whipped cream in the world and keep going until they pop (or poop as the case may be)!

Is this good for the pooch? Absolutely not! That’s why, as the pet parent, it’s your job to be the killjoy and moderate your dog’s intake.

What Kind of Whipped Cream is Best for Dogs?

puppuccino time with Rocky Kanaka
Rocky Kanaka opened the first puppuccino stand for dogs in 2020.

If you’re shopping specifically for your dogs, then go for vegan, coconut, oat, or sugar-free whipped cream! All of these varieties are low in the dairy department, so they’ll pose a smaller risk to your pup’s digestive system.

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Another key thing to keep an eye on when you’re shopping for your pup’s whipped cream is the ingredients list. Never give a dog a product that includes xylitol! This artificial sweetener is incredibly toxic to pooches, even in small quantities, and it can be found in various products, including gum and whipped cream.

Nut-based whipped creams should be avoided, as they may cause digestive problems. Almonds, one of the most popular substitutes for dairy in whipped cream, cannot be properly digested by dogs. A variety of sources (such as the American Kennel Club, Hill’s pet food, and some academic publications) list nuts, including almonds, as a cause of major intestinal upset in dogs.

If you have a picky dog, try making them chicken flavored whipped cream for dogs! Featuring savory chicken broth, chicken whipped cream lets your picky dog enjoy the fun of a puppaccino while still enjoying the flavor of their treat. 

Is Whipped Cream Bad For Dogs if It’s Made With Cow’s Milk?

When you’re dealing with “regular” whipped cream, you’re handling a product that’s made with cow’s milk. This means that, in addition to all the fats and sweeteners, there will also be dairy, which contains lactose. Even in dogs without lactose intolerance, (which we’ll get to in a second!), there’s a good chance that classic whipped cream will upset your pup’s tummy.

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The short answer here is that, while some dogs can enjoy some dairy-based treats, the safest option is to avoid giving your dogs whipped cream made from cow’s milk.

What If It’s Vegan?

As a very rare treat, vegan whipped cream is generally safe for pooches! However, as we’ve mentioned before, you want to keep a close eye on those labels. If a vegan product is sweetened with xylitol or contains nuts, then it’s best to leave it on the shelf.

Can Dogs Be Lactose Intolerant?

Just like humans, dogs can be lactose intolerant. In fact, many have some degree of lactose intolerance. As noted by Doctor Rick Last, a veterinary pathologist, most dogs will exhibit some degree of adverse reaction after eating a dairy-based product. The most common symptoms are:

  • Tummy rumbles
  • Frequent and/or particularly smelly flatulence
  • Bloating
  • Intestinal discomfort

Is a Puppuccino Anything More than Whipped Cream?

Now that we’ve established the safety of whipped cream, it’s time to look at its uses. Whipped cream is a major part of increasingly popular puppuccinos, but it doesn’t have to be the only ingredient! You may add whatever goodies your dog will enjoy, such as treats. If you need some ideas, check out my recipe for a pumpkin puppuccino!

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But, Rocky, can dogs have pumpkin spice whipped cream? 

Usually, no, but the way I make it is 100% dog safe!

What Places Give Out Free Puppuccinos?

If you’re on the prowl for a free puppuccino, the good news is that there are a lot of places that will happily provide you with one! While Starbucks popularized the idea, many coffee shops will give you a puppuccino if you ask nicely. Some other chains, such as Dairy Queen, even offer special treats for your pups at little to no cost. I have an entire list of places you can grab a free pup cup.

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Check out my video below where I opened a puppuccino stand for dogs!

how to make a pumpkin puppuccino for your dog


Can dogs eat whipped cream?

Yes! They can eat whipped cream in moderation. If your dog is lactose intolerant or has a sensitive stomach then you should avoid giving your dog whipped cream or puppuccinos or use a vegan alternative.

What’s the best whipped cream for a dog to eat?

I recommend a Vegan whipped cream / a non dairy whipped cream like an oat or coconut whipped cream. Most natural food stores will have them.  If you want to give your dog whipped cream, your best options are dairy free, almond free, and low sugar.  Note: I have found that the tubs are better value than the spray. But both work well.

Can dogs eat almond whipped Cream?

No. I don’t recommend almond or any nut-based whipped cream.

How much whipped cream can I give my dog?

I don’t recommend giving as much whipped cream as I gave my dogs in the above video. That was a one time only thing. Of course it depends on the size of the dog, but a small cup (like a dixie cup) should be fine for most dogs.

Can dogs eat coconut whipped cream?

Yes. If you are going to give your dog whipped cream as a treat, this would be a great option.

Can dogs have heavy whipping cream?

No, I don’t recommend this. It is too rich and heavy. Imagine if you were to drink a large amount of heavy whipping cream straight!

What kinds of whip cream can dogs eat?

I recommend
-Vegan / Dairy Free
-Xylitol free (xylitol is toxic to dogs)

Can dogs have Cool Whip?

Yes, but it’s not a good idea since Cool Whip is high in sugar, fat, and artificial flavorings and preservatives.

Can dogs have sugar-free Cool Whip?

Yes, but it’s not a good idea.

Can dogs have Cool Whip Lite?

Yes, but it’s not a good idea.

Can dogs have butter pecan ice cream?

No! Pecans are not safe for dogs, and contain a potentially harmful toxin.

Can Yorkies have whipped cream?

Yes, in moderation! Just like other dogs, dairy-free and homemade options are the best types of whipped cream for Yorkies.

Can dogs have whipped cream cheese?

Yes, but it’s not a particularly healthy treat. Cream cheese is high in lactose, and contains preservatives and salt that could give your dog an upset stomach.
However, if they get a little bit of whipped cream cheese there should be no problem.

Can dogs eat whipped cream on dog food?

Technically yes, but it’s not a particularly healthy. If you’re going to give your dog cool whip then make it a special treat like a puppuccino. I don’t recommend that dogs eat whipped cream on dry dog food (or any dog food)

Can dogs eat reddi whip on dog food?

I get asked this all the time for some reason. No, dogs should not eat reddi whip on dog food. It should be reserved for special occasion treats like a pup cup, but never on your dogs normal food.

Is whipped cream bad for dogs if it contains xylitol?

Yes, whipped cream that contains xylitol can be toxic to dogs and should be avoided. Xylitol is an artificial sweetener that can cause a rapid insulin release, leading to hypoglycemia or liver failure in dogs.

Can dogs eat whipped cream in moderation?

Yes, dogs can eat whipped cream in moderation as an occasional treat. However, it’s important to remember that whipped cream is not a necessary part of a dog’s diet and should not be given in large amounts.

Are all dairy products safe for dogs to eat?

While some dogs can tolerate small amounts of dairy products, others may be lactose intolerant and have trouble digesting dairy. It’s best to consult with your veterinarian before introducing any new foods to your dog’s diet, including dairy products.

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