While there are thousands of drinks at Starbucks, only one Starbucks drink is dog-friendly: the Puppuccino. Dogs love them, as seen in the dozens of videos on social media of pups slurping them down without a second’s hesitation.

The Starbucks puppuccino has been secret menu item for a long time, but you can also make them for your dog very easily. Grab my puppuccino recipe.

As you know, dogs make us laugh with their silly nature and the cuddles and unconditional love from them help us live our best lives.

So, when we go to restaurants and coffee shops, it’s natural that we look for treats to reward our best friend.

The puppuccino is one such treat for our dogs.

What Is A Puppuccino?

Commonly known as a “puppuccino” or a “pup cup,” this drink is simply some whipped cream in a cup that usually come in small espresso cups.

This special doggy treat  doesn’t contain coffee, tea, or any other caffeinated beverages. It’s just a small cup of whipped cream, dubbed puppuccino due to how much dogs love it—and, of course, the white noses that happen from puppers sticking their snouts in.

If you want to make one at home, we recommend using Vegan whipped cream, like oat or coconut. Do not use almond whipped cream.

However, if your dog has digestive issues, I recommend saving this special treat for another day. You can also consider making a pumpkin puppuccino since pumpkins are good for a dog’s upset stomach.

I have created a special recipe for a pumpkin puppuccino. I made a video that lays it out step by step. Check it out here.

How Do You Spell It?

You may have seen puppuccino spelled in many different ways, so what’s the correct way to spell puppuccino? ?










Of course it’s a made up word and there is no one right way to spell it, that being said, if you look at how many times each of these is searched on the internet PUPPUCCINO is by far the winner. And, imho the right way (but then again, I’m a puppuccino purist). Maybe I’ll start a new hashtag #puppuccinopurist – do you think it would take off? ?

Puppuccino is spelled in the same format as Cappuccino



Puppercinno is a distant second

I do think puppercinno is super cute though. In terms of searches puppercino is the second most popular, after puppuccino and puppachino.

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my puppuccino drive-through for dogs Willie the blind Lab eating a puppucino puppucino time with adorable brown chihuahua
cute Golden Retriever puppy enjoying a puppuccino cute pup loving the taste handsome Labrador called Jasper enjoying his puppucino
big pitbull wants a delicious puppucino white and black dog enjoying a party puppucino lovely weimaraner loves eating a Starbucks puppucino
adorable terrier lapping up a puppucino cute Dashschund enjoying a Starbucks puppucino yellow Lab finishing off a Starbucks puppucino
etriever puppy loving a puppucino ute puppy dives nosefirst into a puppucino extremely adorable Great Pyrenees puppy eating a puppucino
fluffy black dog enjoying a Starbucks puppucino cute brown dog loving a puppuccino treat beautiful black doggo eating a puppucino
identical retrievers share a puppucino adorable white puppy woofing thanks for a puppucino a woman holding a puppuccino cup for the dog to drink
two doggies enjoying their Starbucks puppucinos cuddly puppy licking lips after eating a puppucino brown doggo eating a puppucino with relish

Are Puppuccinos Safe for Dogs?

Although many dogs are lactose intolerant, small amounts of dairy usually don’t bother them.

If your dog experiences diarrhea, vomiting, or gas after consuming dairy, you should avoid it entirely; puppuccino included.

Some dogs are more sensitive to lactose, so I always recommend starting small, no matter what the treat is. If it’s your best friend’s first time  taking whipped cream, don’t give them a huge cup of it. Or even better, use vegan whipped cream, like oat or coconut.

Also, don’t give it to them every single day. Puppuccinos should be considered an infrequent treat—like a reward for a job well done.

Keep in mind that every treat you give your dog has calories, and it’s recommended that you keep the calories in all treats to less than 10 percent of your dog’s total daily intake. In this case, maybe skip other treats that day if they have a puppuccino.

However, you can always seek advice from your veterinarian for specific information on your dog.

What about cats? Can cats have puppuccinos? The short answer is yes, cats can eat puppuccinos. If you have a cat that enjoys whipped cream, then be sure to only give it as a very rare treat.

black dog enjoying a puppuccino in a car black puppy with head deep into a puppuccino beautiful terrier in a sweater enjoying a puppucino
a woman in the car holding a puppuccino cup for her dog sweet Shepherd nosing up on a puppucino lovable retriever puppy enjoying a puppuccino
super cute golden retriever puppy enjoying a puppucino cute pomeranian pup licking a puppuccino a black dog smiling
white pup enjoying puppuccino a young dog with mouth open enjoying a puppuccino a white husky enjoying a puppuccino
brown retriever having fun with a puppucino white puppy wants his puppucino poodle excited for a puppuccino treat
young pup enjoying a Starbucks puppucino pomeranian pup named Milo excited for a puppucino wide-eyed pooch slurping up a Starbucks puppuccino
super cute retriever pup eating a puppucino beautiful pup enjoying a puppuccino through a straw a beautiful dog loving her puppuccino
wide-eyed pug longing for a puppucino beautiful chihuahua and a Starbucks puppucino brown pup loving his puppuccino

Are puppuccinos free?

Yes, at most coffee shops I’ve seen, puppuccinos are free.

Where To Get Free Puppuccinos

1. Starbucks puppuccinos are free

2. Dunkin Donuts puppuccinos are free. They are 4 oz and called Cup For Pup or Puppy Lattes.

3. Dairy Queen offers a free small service of vanilla soft cream ice cream (Not exactly a puppuccino but still kinda cool)

Read my full article on places you can get puppuccinos

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How You Can Tell if Your Pet Dog is Sick from a Puppuccino

If your canine friend has a dietary intolerance to Puppuccino, you may notice signs like:

  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Bloating

For most dogs, dairy products are usually safe in small quantities once in a while.

If your dog has a history of stomach issues, consult with your vet before giving them a puppuccino.

The majority of dogs aren’t meant to consume dairy in large quantities, so be mindful when you pull into the drive-thru to get your best friend’s fancy drink.

white pup enjoying a birthday treat cute pup in a car begging for a puppucino etriever pup with nose in a puppucino
bulldog puppy licking a puppuccino black puppy with a bandana eating a puppucino super adorable maltese pup with bowtie and a puppucino
German Shepherd pup enjoying a puppuccino white pup in a car with snout buried in a puppuccino super cute pup eating a puppuccino
cute greyhound enjoying a puppucino brown doggo with snout in a puppucino person feeding puppuccino to a brown dog
black and white pup enjoying his first puppuccino black dog enjoying a puppuccino on a driver’s seat ut doggo named Wally loving his first puppucino
beautiful spaniel lapping up a Starbucks puppucino super cute collie enjoying a small puppucino black and white fluffy pup enjoying a Starbucks puppucino
super fluffy brown doggo lapping up a Starbucks puppucino ultra-cute corgis with their small puppucinos look-alike dogs having their best moments, each with a cup of puppuccino
white-furred puppy enjoying a home-made puppuccino two lovable bichon frises enjoying a puppucino ovable wolfdog loves his puppucino

Puppuccino FAQs

1. Is a puppuccino safe for dogs?

yes, in moderation. See above.

2. Are Starbucks Puppuccinos free?

Yes. Here’s a list of all the places to get a free puppuccino.

3. Is a puppuccino just whip cream

Usually. However, I created a much healthier recipe for a puppuccino you can find here.

4. How much does a puppuccino cost?

At starbucks and most places they are free. Here’s a list of 15 places you can get a free puppuccino.

5. Is there an actual puppuccino recipe?

Yes, I created a healthier recipe for a puppuccino you can find here.

6. Can cats have puppuccinos or kittychinos?

Yes. But in extreme moderation. The sugar and lactose isn’t good for cats or dogs.

7. Can cats have whipped cream?

Yes. But in extreme moderation. The sugar and lactose isn’t good for cats or dogs.

Paw-fect Instagram Captions for Your Furry Friend’s Photos

When your pup is having the puppuccino treat, it might be the paw-fect time to get the paw-fect pic. The only thing you’ll be lacking is an Instagram caption.

But, let it not give you a ruff time. From punny phrases to cute captions and nice quotes, my favorite Instagram captions for your best friend’s pics are here.

Cute Dog Captions

  • Puppy love
  • I will always woof you
  • My best friend has a fur and a tail
  • A four-legged word is love
  • Love is a wagging tail and a wet nose
  • I’ll steal your heart just like I stole your side of the bed
  • Pawprints mark the path to my heart
  • Without you, life would be ruff
  • This friendship is fur real
  • I don’t want to go to heaven if there are no dogs
  • Pawsitive vibes only

Funny Dog Captions

  • Dog’s hair is my go-to accessory
  • Can’t avoid the pup-arazzi
  • First, he stole my heart; then he stole my bed
  • I love my pup furry much
  • My therapist has a tail and four legs
  • Stop hounding me!
  • I’m not lazy; I’m just on save-energy mode

Dog Quotes for Captions

  • “Scratch a dog and you’ll find a permanent job.” — Franklin P. Jones
  • “What do dogs do on their days off? Can’t lie around – that’s their job.” — George Carlin
  • “My fashion philosophy is, if you’re not covered in dog hair, your life is empty.”—-Elaine Booster
  • “A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.”—Josh Billings


Did you watch my video above where I ordered 100 puppuccinos from Starbucks? You can read it here:

– Can I get 100 Puppuccinos?

– [Employee] Wait, 100 Puppuccinos? Are you being, like, 100% serious?

– I am 100% serious. I want 100 Puppuccinos. Three, two, one, Puppuccino time!

– Oh, it’s so good!

– Today, we’re gonna get 100 Puppuccinos for 100 homeless dogs. We’re at San Gabriel Valley Humane Society and there are a lot of dogs in there that could use our love and support. This is Dizzy and she’s gonna help me to go get those 100 Puppuccinos. Let’s do it. So I grabbed Dizzy right here because she looked really scared and really stressed out, and we’re gonna bring her to get the Puppuccinos, so I think she’ll calm down a lot when she realizes she’s gonna have her first ever Puppuccino. How do you think this is gonna play out?

– I don’t know, who knows, maybe they hand out 100 Puppuccinos on the reg.

– [Rocky] I’ve never heard of anyone ordering 100 of anything from Starbucks.

– I know, you’re right.

– Oh yeah, there it is. I don’t know why but I’m nervous, like I’m… Okay, okay, let’s do it. Man, we should have made friends with this truck in front of us in case we run out of room. ’cause I don’t know, I guess what I didn’t think about is I don’t know if we can fit 100 Puppuccinos in here. How many Puppuccinos can you hold?

– Well they come in a carrier of four.

– [Rocky] So you can hold one, because you’ve got —

– Well, we could just stack them in the back, that’s like, twenty by — I don’t know. A lot. We could fit a lot at the back. My math’s really good.

– Okay here’s how this all got started, when I take dogs out on my show “Dog’s Day Out”, it’s kinda become a tradition that we get Puppuccinos, and so I thought let’s just go bigger on a bigger scale and get all the dogs in the shelter a Puppuccino. So we’re getting 100 of them and we’ll see what happens. Pull up to a drive-through and you’re like, um hm, what should I get, what should I get? Should we do that or should we just be like, boom, 100 Puppuccinos?

– I think we just go in for it

– We just go for it

– Yeah, boom, 100 Puppuccinos

– Yeah, just knock dead, drive-through, headphones right off their head, just what? Okay, here we go.

– [Employee] Hi, welcome to Starbucks, what can I get for you today?

– Can I get 100 Puppuccinos?

– [Employee] Wait.

– She said, “wait, no”

– [Employee] Can you repeat?

– Yeah, she wants me to repeat. Could I get 100 Puppuccinos?

– [Employee] 100 Puppuccinos?

– Uh-huh

– [Employee] Are you being, like, 100% serious?

– I am 100% serious, I want 100 Puppuccinos.

– [Employee] You’re gonna have to pull to the parking lot, because we’re gonna have to fill all those cups.

– Okay, okay, it’s for a shelter that we’re taking ’em to.

– [Employee] Aw, that’s so sweet.

– Yeah, okay, we’ll pull around. “Could you repeat that order please? You’re gonna have to pull around” That’s a first.

– Yeah, I’m sure she was shocked, but it seemed like there’s no problem.

– Yeah, okay, alright. Dizzy, you excited? Dizzy, wait until you have your first Puppuccino. Look, we might only make it home with 99 Puppuccinos, because I think if Dizzy wants her Puppuccino now, we give it to her, huh, ’cause you’re so cute .

– I’m sorry, I actually won’t be able to complete the order because we’re actually low on — Could you guys not record me?

– Sure. Yeah, he asked us to cut filming ’cause he felt bad ’cause he doesn’t have enough to make 100 Puppuccinos. Ah man, we were so close! We will go to every Starbucks in town until we get 100 Puppuccinos. All right, since we got rejected at Starbucks number one for 100 Puppuccinos, we’re at Starbucks number two. So I’m gonna go check it out. Even if I can get 20, we’ll go to 20 different Starbucks if we have to. We’re doing this. While I’m in Starbucks trying to get the Puppuccinos, I wanna give you a preview of one of the dogs getting their Puppucciono because this dog just really touched my heart.

Meet Mama. I’m just meeting her so I’m gonna give her a little space, and let her kind of just check out the space, check me out and stay calm. Oh, she’s sweet. Oh, you’re sweet right out of the gate, huh? So, the reason that we’re calling her Mama is Mama doesn’t have a name. Hi, hi Mama, hi Mama. So, I need your help. I need you to really think hard of a good name for Mama and leave it in the comments down below. Oh, thank you mama I will go through the comments and the name that we pick, I will even shout you out in the next video. So really think long and hard about this but Mama needs a name and I need your help coming up with that. We don’t know Mama’s back story, but it breaks my heart because Mama has puppies, and if my dog had puppies, I would want to be there for them even more. I mean they’re family, and so it just really, really gets me and when I saw Mama, I knew that I had to jump in and help. And I need your help. See, the challenge with a dog like Mama is her puppies will get adopted right away but Mama is gonna really need our help and support to help her find a home. So I need all of you to hit the Like button so that more people see this video, and let’s work to get Mama adopted.

Alright, that’s enough talking, now lets give Mama a Puppuccino. She’s probably hungry ’cause she just had puppies. Alright, Mama, right here,yeah. Giving Puppuccinos to a dog, we do this in moderation and we do it to show love. I love doing things like this on my channel and I love having all of you join me. So make sure you subscribe if you haven’t subscribed. Hit the Like button. And I would love to have you join this channel. You can join monthly and it goes a long way because it allows us to continue to do things like this and help dogs. So, join the channel, be a part of something bigger and let’s keep helping these doggos. The first time we met, she kissed me right away. Oh, that’s a sticky Puppuccino kiss. I love you. Okay, she gave me as many as she could. I also got a bunch of cups! I don’t know, we’re gonna go hit up another Starbucks. But, success! We’re starting to get there, let’s go get some more! I say we go ahead and see if Dizzy wants one before we get all the other ones. Good girl! Good girl! Oh, my heart! Oh, she is so cute, and she’s available for adoption, but I think she kicked it off right with starting with her first ever Puppuccino. So, we’ll only go back to the shelter 99 now. I think that’s okay. Okay, Starbucks number three, this one is inside Target. I think, I’m hoping we can get the rest here so I’m gonna go check it out, be right back. I’m gonna switch up my strategy. I think saying 100 Puppuccinos scares them because it’s like an underground item. It’s not an actual item at Starbucks. So I’m gonna start with, like, “Hey, can we get five Puppuccinos”, then be like, “Hey, can we get 10 Puppuccinos”.

– [Employee] Hi, welcome to Starbucks, is there anything I can get started for you today?

– Yeah, could I get five Puppuccinos?

– [Employee] Five Puppuccinos?

– Yeah.

– [Employee] Okay.

– Or, you know what, could I get, actually could I get 10 Puppuccinos?

– [Employee] 10?

– I’m gonna take Dizzy here and then that way it’s harder to say no to the Puppuccinos. Yeah, I really appreciate you guys making all those for us. That’s awesome. And look, look how, she’s excited! She’s like, “I’ve tasted one of those Puppuccinos, now I’m ready for the rest.” You think all these Puppuccinos are yours?

– Five are here.

– Okay, thank you.

– I’ll get the other ones for you.

– Okay, okay. With those and all of the cups that we have, we have 100 and what I thought is why don’t we just go get some dog-friendly whipped cream? we’ll fill the rest, and then that way we’ll have 100. Let’s go do this. So we’ve got all the Puppuccinos right here. We went and we got whipped cream, and we have a bunch of extra cups. So we have the 100. So let’s go in and do this. This must be what Santa Claus feels like at Christmas. Kurt Hugo Schneider’s channel you might recognize, because he does some awesome, awesome music videos, and they were so kind to come help out. So they’re shooting a music video, but that’s why he’s wearing a cowboy hat.

– Yeah, I definitely don’t always wear a cowboy hat.

– Supposedly.

– I definitely don’t sleep with this.

– Alright, well, saddle up, cowboy.

– Yeah! I’m ready!

– Yeah! I want you to know that I actually wrote a song for this as well. You wanna hear it?

– Yes!

– It goes like this: Puppuccino time, Puppa-Puppuccino time, ♪ Puppuccino time, Puppa-Puppuccino time, ♪ ♪ Puppuccino time, Puppa-Puppuccino time, ♪ ♪ Puppuccino time! ♪ I just wrote that.

– Nice, I choreographed a dance to it, right now, so.

– Because we couldn’t get 100 Puppuccinos from Starbucks. Not their fault, I get it. 100 Puppuccinos is above and beyond. Check this out. I got this whole bag of dog-safe whipped cream! This is Rice Whip, there’s coconut milk, there’s no added sugar so its dog-safe. And we are gonna fill up the Puppuccinos.

– [Off-Camera Voice] Oh yeah, breaking it in.

– It’s actually really, really good. I feel like Starbucks might call me after they see my barista work and see if I want a job for any Puppuccinos that they need to serve. Alright, Kelly coming in with the back-up. So we have volunteers lining up. Check everyone out right now. They’re lining up and picking their dog that they have a relationship with, and they’re gonna give them a Puppuccino. So we’re gonna grab all these Puppuccinos, we’re gonna hand them all out and the same time. It’s what time? ♪ Puppuccino time, Puppa-Puppuccino time! ♪ Alright, Paddy you got it? Alright? For the dogs, not for you!

– [Volunteer] I know, right.

– Alright let’s make sure everybody’s ready. Okay, are you guys almost ready?

– We’re almost ready!

– Ok we’re gonna get down to the end and we’re gonna start it. You ready? You ready?

– Yeah.

– Okay, hold on, this one right here. Look, aw, he’s so cute! Okay you guys ready?

– Yeah.

– High-five right here.

– High-five! High-five! We ready to do this or what? Puppuccino time? Two, one, Puppuccino time! ♪ Puppuccino time, Puppa-Puppuccino time! ♪

– Good boy.

– If this doesn’t make you happy, I don’t know what does. People lined up at dog kennels giving out Puppuccinos, showing these dogs love, it just warms my heart, I mean, gah, it’s so awesome! If there was a Puppuccino challenge between your husband, Rocky, and one of the dogs, who would win?

– Well Rocky has a big mouth for sure.

– [Rocky] Whoa!

– But…

– Wow! Cut, cut, this interview is over!

– It’s the husky! Mama would win!

– Wrong answer.

– Rambo would win.

– I’m gonna cut that out when I edit this.

– If it’s Dizzy, then Rocky for sure.

– We’re gonna give Rambo the ultimate Puppuccino because he is hot in his kennel. It is hot outside. We are sweating. And he’s just such an awesome dog. So let’s first just get him his Puppuccino.

– Yes.

– You wanna grab one of those Puppuccinos?

– Ah, yeah! Of course, got it.

– And let’s crank it up here.

– Nice. Rambo, yeah, Puppuccino! Oh my god.

– Okay, so Rambo is a couple years old. He’s also available for adoption, and what a good dog! He knows how to sit, he knows how to lay down, he knows commands. So, just another amazing dog. Rambo, I already love you, buddy. It is challenge time! I think my buddy Kurt here, sometimes, you know, he thinks he can do things bigger, badder, faster than me, and so I have an idea. Are you up for the challenge?

– Oh, uh, sure!

– You even know what it is?

– I don’t know what it is, but I’m up for the challenge.

– Okay, alright, here’s what we’re gonna do. Me, Rambo, and Kurt, we’re all gonna take a Puppuccino and we’re gonna see who finishes it first. But, you have to do it like a dog, like, you have to lick it like a dog.

– Okay.

– Okay.

– Alright, I’m gonna do some Rambo.

– Alright, on three, you ready? One, two, three! Oh, Rambo’s not going, we got time!

– Rambo!

– All of a sudden, Rambo is not interested, so we won!

– Yeah!

– It could be because this is Rambo’s, like, third Puppuccino, but, you know.

– No, no.

– Who’s side are you on?

– Rambo!

– Okay, fair enough. Okay, I’m pretty excited about this. The Puppuccino treats, they may only last for a little bit, so I bought these Puppuccino toys, so we can hand them out to all the dogs. Let’s do it.

– You guys fight, but I just want you to know that dancing’s on the inside, it’s about to come out, so…

– Well, I’m ready for it to come out.

– I can’t stop if it happens, you know. So obviously you guys saw this guy, Kurt, in his cowboy hat giving out Puppuccinos, and I gotta tell you, there is a specific reason he’s here, and there’s a specific reason that I’m in the cowboy hat, although this is my vest, I did bring this.

– Yeah.

– He gave it to me because he filmed a music video, what, entirely made of dog sounds?

– The whole track is made of dog sounds. I pitch shifted around and arranged all dog noises, barks, licking.

– It will blow your mind. You’ve gotta go check it out. And when you go there you can even donate to help out Mama, so that we can get her and her babies taken care of. So go to his channel right now and subscribe! What do you think about Mama?

– [Kelly] Mama’s such a good girl. She deserves a loving home. She’s so sweet. And I just hope that someone who’s watching this video will be inclined to come down here and give her a forever home.

– [Rockey Voice-Over] Don’t forget to suggest a name for Mama that you think will be perfect. And remember, it’s expensive to care for Mama and her puppies on a daily basis. Please consider donating to San Gabriel Valley Humane Society by clicking the link in the description below.

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