Call them puppuccinos or pup cups, this sweet dollop of whipped cream in a small cup has become a hugely popular treat for the canine set.

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Some find the trend puzzling.  It’s just whipped cream in a Dixie cup!

Oh, but no. It’s so much more. It’s the thrill of going to a well known establishment and getting something FREE… FOR YOUR DOG!

Where’s the fun in buying a can of cool whip and giving it to your pup alone? At home. So, it’s more about the getting of the puppuccino from an establishment, and well, who can resist watching a dog lap up that foamy goodness. Bonus points when a smidgen of cream gets stuck on the puppers nose. Weee! 

So today we’re going to list all of the places you can go to get a (usually) free Pup Cup for your dog. If you know about a place that gives away puppuccinos that’s not listed here, please mention it below in the comments and we’ll add it.

1. The Starbucks Puppuccino

yellow Lab finishing off a Starbucks puppucino

Much as already been written about the Starbucks puppuccino (AKA the Starbucks Pup Cup). Most locations will give out a small cup of whipped cream to any dogs who asks nicely! How much does a puppuccino from Starbucks cost? Nothing! They’re free. 

2. Dunn Brothers

This midwest chain offers ‘off menu’ pup cups (shhh… it’s a secret). However, they regularly post photos of cute dogs on their facebook page so we wonder when they’ll officially add it to their menu.

3. Dutch Bros Coffee

Dutch Bros serves puppuccinos

This 500+ chain in the western united states is famous for its pup cups. Order one for your pup and you’ll make their day. 

 4. Dairy Queen

The Dairy Queen Pup Cup is not your average Pup Cup. Arguably, it’s even better. Order a Pup Cup next time you’re at Dairy Queen and you’ll get a FREE small vanilla soft serve ice cream. 

 5. Culver’s

Culver’s gives out milk bones to dogs coming through the drive thru. At some locations you can also request a scoop of vanilla ice cream with a bone on top! 

6. Caribou Coffee

Treat your furry friend to a Caribou Pup Cup which consists of four ounces of whipped cream!

7. Chick Fil A

Not every Chick Fil A is dog friendly. But those that are, your pupper will score a nice scoop of IceDream topped with a dog treat. When you arrive ask for the Chick-Fil-a Pup Cup.

8. Shake Shack

The poochini from Shake shack
Photo Source: Shake Shack

This chain is doing things differently by offering the “Pooch-ini” This variation on a theme includes a dog-friendly vanilla custard, a swirl of peanut butter and a few dog biscuits. We have not personally been here but we don’t think this one is free. Evenstill, sounds like it puts the Starbucks Puppuccino to shame.

9. Dunkin Donuts

This coffee chain calls their version of the puppuccino- a puppy latte. So cute! So next time you’re there order your pupper a latte and they’ll enjoy a nice cup filled with whipped cream. Some locations might even top it off with a bone. The Dunkin Donuts Pup Cup price? Free!

10. The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

While we couldn’t find anything official, it appears that at least some Coffee Bean’s offer Puppuccinos

Photo Source:@dekudogo

11. Biggby Coffee.

Yes, this chain offers their Cup of whip which features whipped cream, sprinkles and sometimes, if you’re lucky, a dog treat to top it off.

12. Bark! Espresso.

Rumor is this Seattle favorite makes a rice milk and peanut butter dog latte. This sounds way better than the traditional Starbucks Puppuccino!

13. Handel’s Homemade Ice Cream and Yogurt

This 40-unit ice cream chain serves Frosty Paws, a dog ice cream made with soy at their Redondo Beach, California location. The rest of the chain has Dogsters, a veterinary-approved dog treat available in peanut butter and mint flavors.

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14 Flying Squirrel

This bakery and cafe in Talkeetna Alaska will offer puppuccinos to all good dogs! 

Image Source:

15. Make A Pup Cup At Home

Come on, your dog doesn’t really need a Starbucks puppuccino, do they? Really, they aren’t difficult to make and you can even use healthier ingredients than whipped cream. Here’s a puppuccino recipe from Pet Chef Rocky Kanaka that is much healthier than the puppuccinos at Starbucks


More Restaurants That Serve Pup Cups

Since we published this article, we have received tons of feedback on other places you can get free (or inexpensive) pup cups. So we are adding those here;

Brusters Ice Cream

There are over 200 locations in 22 states

Rita’s Ice Custard Happiness

Jeremiah’s Italian Ice

It’s reported that they give pups peanut butter Italian ice and vanilla ice cream!

Graeter’s Ice Cream

50 locations located on East Coast.

Some Like It Hot, Davenport WA

Freddy’s Frozen Custard

Freddy’s calls them pup cups and they’re free.

Puppuccino Time!

Puppuccinos are so popular I opened up a puppuccino stand for dogs. Watch the video above.

And here’s the transcript if you want to read along.

– [Rocky] Oh my goodness, that face is amazing. Today I’m opening the first ever Puppuccino drive-through for dogs. If you’ve watched my channel before then you know, I love giving Puppuccinos to dogs. You see I’m a pet chef, and I make delicious treats for dogs. And today I’ll be making some special puppuccinos for homeless dogs like this pumpkin puppuccino right here. Look, I’m a small business pro and I’ll tell you that there are some key elements with a business. First, you gotta be passionate about what you do. I love helping dogs, check. Two, you gotta have a solid product. A puppuccino, check. Three, location, location location. And we got that right here. Look at all that traffic. I mean, that’s all you need to have a successful business, right?

– [Blake] Four. Four profitability, right? Number four, profit?

– Nah. . Dogs don’t have money. All right. You know what? Maybe we’re going to go broke but I think this is gonna be worth it because it’s going to make a lot of dogs happy. And the more we can do that the more we can help dogs on this channel. So if you’re new here, hit the subscribe button, turn on notifications and let’s get this thing started. So the idea is we’re gonna brand this very quickly with all our puppuccino designs so that when people pull up, they know what time it is. Blake, what time is it?

– Puppuccino time.

– [Rocky] Yeah. Nailed it. When I saw the puppuccino stand, I knew I had to check it out and call the landlord right away. Yeah. I’d like to rent the puppuccino stand.

– [Landlord on phone] Wah, wah, wah, wah.

– Puppuccino.

– [Landlord on phone] Wah, wah, wah.

– Coffee, the coffee stand.

– [Landlord on phone] Wah, wah, wah, wah.

– That’s right. All right, we secured the lease. The place is coming together. It’s looking great. Now let me show you what we’ve got on the menu. All right, now we’ve got multiple sizes of the puppuccinos. We’ve got a Chihuahua size right here, and look. We even have a larger cup. This is a Great Dane size And all of my puppuccinos are low fat, low sugar, dog safe. Now remember, this is a treat and you always want to give treats in moderation. And when in doubt always consult your vet. Now, pumpkin is really good for dogs. And if you want to make one of these at home for your dog, you can do it. You just grab a can of pumpkin that is unsweetened. Just a pinch of cinnamon and then you mix it all up. This will give you a nice orange pumpkin starbucks puppuccino and the dogs can see the bright color and they can smell the pumpkin, and the cinnamon. And pumpkin has a lot of fiber in it. So it’s really good for dogs’ stomachs. Wow, that turned out great. Look at that. Now we’ll do a pumpkin puppuccino, then we’ll do a regular puppuccino and we’ll see which one they like the best. It’s official the first ever starbucks puppuccino business is open. Okay. I started to get a little worried because no one was showing up, but you know what? Then an idea hit me. I just need to market the business and I’ve got a plan. I’ll sing the puppuccino song. Some of you who watched the first video might remember this ♪ Puppuccino time ♪ ♪ Puppa, puppuccino time ♪ ♪ Puppuccino time ♪ ♪ Puppa, puppuccino time ♪ ♪ Puppuccino time ♪ ♪ Puppa, puppuccino time ♪ ♪ Puppuccino time ♪ ♪ Puppa, puppuccino time ♪ ♪ Puppuccino time ♪ ♪ Puppa, puppuccino time ♪ I could even make an entire commercial.

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– [Advert Voiceover] Hello there, are you looking for a fantastic treat for your dog? Well look no further than the Puppuccino Time stand. We’re opening today only. And we serve all kinds of dogs, Small dogs, big dogs, skinny dogs. Bring your dogs down to the Puppuccino Time stand, for our fantastic treat. We guarantee happy faces and wagging tails with every order.

– [Rocky] I also went door-to-door and I called our local rescues and shelters. All the marketing paid-off because our first customers are showing up. All I got to do is, make the puppuccinos fast enough to keep our customers happy. Now I’m just waiting for all of them to pull up. Our first customer is actually a rescue, Rancho Coastal Humane Society. Who’s this with you?

– This is Chikis, she will be available very soon.

– [Rocky] Okay.

– [First Customer] Aahw…

– [Rocky] If you want I’ll just hold it while you take your time.

– [First Customer] Yeah you just, you do your thing.

– [Rocky] Oh, you want that one?

– [First Customer] There’s not a line or anything.

– [Rocky] Welcome to Puppuccino Time. What dogs do we have here?

– We have Oliver and Rocko.

– [Rocky] Okay. Rocko, now that’s a good name. Check it out, another great rescue that helps senior dogs showed up, Frosted Faces. Oh well hello.

– Hello.

– [Rocky] Welcome to the Puppuccino Time. Who’s this Chihuahua?

– [Third Customer] This Chihuahua is Yogi.

– [Rocky] Yogi. Oh my God, what?

– [Third Customer] He has a Frosted Face forever.

– [Rocky] Well hello.

– [Fourth Customer] Hi.

– [Rocky] Hey, how are you? Who’s this?

– [Fourth Customer] This is Luca.

– [Rocky] Luca, hi. All right, can Luca have a puppuccino?

– [Fourth Customer] Of course.

– [Rocky] Alright, here we go.

– [Fourth Customer] Get it. Aahw.

– [Rocky] That was… Luca’s so cute. . Oh my goodness, that face is amazing.

– [Rocky] What’s your name?

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– Kaya.

– [Rocky] Kaya, do think they’ll like the pumpkin puppuccino or the regular one better?

– The pumpkin one.

– [Rocky] The pumpkin one. Okay. Let’s see, let’s see. Well… Oh, okay.

– [Rocky] Here’s another great rescue, Greyhound Adoption Center. Let’s give them some puppuccinos.

– Is this the Greyhound bus?

– [Sixth Customer] It is.

– Wow. We just did the shopping video with them. How exciting.

– Oh, good boy.

– [Rocky] Oh, good boy Dylan.

– [Sixth Customer] What a long tongue.

– [Blake] Yeah, very.

– [Rocky] Who’s this?

– This is Harlem, from Frosted Faces.

– [Rocky] Oh wow, Harlem. What a good looking dog.

– [Customer] Look at all those frosty hairs.

– [Rocky] Yeah.

– [Customer] oh my gosh. Oh no.

– [Rocky] Well thank you for stopping by, how’d you hear about us?

– I follow you on Facebook.

– [Rocky] All right. Who’s this with you right here?

– This is Snoopy. We rescued him from a family friend of ours who got him from an abusive home.

– [Rocky] Oh.

– [Customer] We’ve had him for almost nine years.

– Oh wow. What kind of puppuccino would Snoopy like? Puppuccino regular or puppuccino with cinnamon on top.

– I don’t know, let’s do cinnamon.

– [Rocky] Yeah.

– It’s his first puppuccino, so I don’t know.

– [Rocky] Yeah. Okay, great. Oh, first puppuccino.

– [Customer] First puppuccino ever.

– Okay. Now this is exciting because this is their very first puppuccino. So I got to make sure this is a good one. Now, one way to do that is by adding a really great toping, cinnamon. And cinnamon is actually good for dogs, especially senior dogs. It can be an appetite stimulant. So if a senior dog is struggling to eat or doesn’t have an appetite, cinnamon can go a long way. Got to bring this around to the dog.

– You want a puppuccino?

– [Rocky] Someone’s being super shy right now.

– You don’t want it?

– [Rocky] Well, it’s all the cameras, you know? Here, you want to try give it to her? I think I’m probably making her a little nervous.

– Yeah, welcome to the Puppuccino Cafe, where most dogs love our puppuccinos.

– He was worried about me. I think I’m his…

– [Customer] Snoopy, is that good?

– Yeah, Puppuccino time. Where all dogs love our puppuccinos. Just took a little warming up. Wow. This couldn’t be any more successful. It’s going great.

– Rocky, we’re losing a lot of money.

– All right. I stand behind the fact that, dogs should have free puppuccinos because they don’t have wallets.

– [Blake] Are you worried at all?

– I am a little worried because we are going broke but I have a plan. But I need your help because, we’re actually selling these Puppuccino Time dog toys for your dog. You can get a Puppuccino Time T-shirt for yourself. We’ve got mugs right here. You can order a mug. You can even swirl around your own biscotti. Look, I bake these at my store. The dog bakery, and they’re little biscottis for your dog. All of this stuff is available for a limited time. I will put the link in the description below. Or just go to Go now, because I’m broke. We’re out of puppuccinos and we’re out of money. But the good thing is, we’re helping lots of dogs. So share this so we can get those dogs adopted.


1000/10 pupper!!?? @elliethegolden9 #dutchbros #dutchbroscoffee #puppuccino #fyp

♬ original sound – Dutch Bros Coffee

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