Special Needs Dog Gets Her First Puppuccino Ever!

Rocky Kanaka (Animal Advocate):

Freddie Mercury the dog

Meet Freddy Mercury. Up until now, she’s had it pretty rough, that’s why today she’s getting her very own dog’s day out and this is her first ever Pappuccino.

“You already going in for it? We gotta go park <laugh>. She’s so happy. Hold on darling. We gotta go. We gotta go park all yours.”

What makes this day even more special is she brought a friend along to help him get adopted.

Special Needs Dog Gets Her First Puppuccino Ever!

“You wanna give this one to Bosco?” Yeah!

Rocky Continues:

Bosco, a senior dog available at Marley’s Mutts Rescue needs a home, and I’m hoping that enough people share this so that he can find his next family. More Bosco coming up. But first I want to tell you why this Puppuccino for Freddie is so sweet because her life before this was tough.

Freddy was found discarded in a bag under a car. When they found her, they noticed that she had two rows of teeth. That combined with her overbite made it really difficult for her to eat. And this 10 month old puppy was malnourished. But the worst part about it is you can tell someone gave up on her, tossed her aside, and that neglected abuse led her to broken bones, which just added to the complications. And with all these things stacked against her, she didn’t have a fighting chance.

Special Needs Dog Gets Her First Puppuccino Ever!

But that’s where Marley’s Mutt stepped in and said, “we’ll help”, where others turned away. They saw her true potential. And when Angela got her home, it was an instant connection. And she knew at that time that her and Freddy were meant to be together. She knew Freddy had been through enough and this was her home. Angela adopted Freddie and now we’re celebrating Freddie on her very special day.

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“Good girl. You like that? How was it? You know, burp. Oh! <laugh>”

The rest of the day we had a lot of fun. We went shopping and I bought them anything that they touched.. Anything!

“Oh, yes, yes, yes. What a margarita. <laugh>. He picked this too. A sausage. That one. Oh yeah. All right. We got more shopping to do. <laugh>.”

It turns out Bosco loves toys. Bosco was really good at shopping. Picked out a toy for Freddie. They even picked out a bowl for Freddie’s lunchtime.

I think it’s really easy to look at Freddie and think broken, strange, different. But if you take a closer look, what you really see is a dog that has courage that after all she’s been through, she’s willing to forgive and to love and to live in the moment and be happy. Freddie, to me, you are an inspiration.

Freddie Mercury the dog

After that, we went through the checkout line and went to the park so that Bosco could try out all of his new toys. This was a great day, and there’s only one thing that could make it better. And that’s Bosco finding a family. Please share this because it could make someone’s day and help Bosco find his new family.

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