Making 100 Pumpkin Puppuccinos for Homeless Dogs

Rocky Kanaka:
Uh, yeah. Could I get 100 Pumpkin Puppuccinos?

Drive Thru Order Taker:
100 What? I’m sorry?

Uh, 100 pumpkin Puppucinos.

Order Taker:
Pumpkin Puppucinos? We do not have those!

Oh, guess I gotta make my own!

Pumpkin Puppuccino Time…
We’ve Got little ones for the little ones.

I guess turns out that you can’t actually get a 100 Pumpkin Puppuccinos from Starbucks, but backup plan, I’m a pet chef and I’ll just make ’em.

Okay. So here’s the plan route in Leona valley, California, where we’re gonna deliver on 100 Pumpkin Puppuccinos. We’re at Reverse Rescue today and what I love about them is they don’t shy away from dogs that need extra medical attention. They specialize in helping pit bulls. They’re not scared of working with big dogs.

This is Tye, he’s the founder. And I can’t wait to see how we can help and see if we can get him to help us make Pumpkin Puppuccinos.

Who is this? Hello? Oh, hi. Oh, look how big this guy is.

All right, so Tye, I know you, but let everyone know who you are.

Tye Friis:
I’m Tye Friis. I’m the founder and executive director of Reverse Rescue.

Rocky & Reverse Rescue founder - Making 100 Pumpkin Puppuccinos for Homeless Dogs

Rocky Continues:

All right, now we know who Tye is. We got to meet Goliath. I say we jump right into making Pumpkin Puppuccinos.

What’s great about these Pumpkin Puppuccinos is they taste like pumpkin pie. Like when we’re done, you might not wanna give ’em to the dog. You might want to eat it.

We’re gonna do, uh, four containers of whipped cream to every one can of pumpkin. Pumpkin guys is great for dogs. It is like the equalizer for their system and just, uh, makes everything flow a lot better. That fiber really helps.

So Ginger’s really great for senior dogs, uh, and it also wakes up their senses. So that that’s really important for senior dogs. Get them smelling, helps their appetite go. And then we’re also gonna add some cinnamon in here. Dogs love cinnamon. It’s one of my favorite ingredients to put in things, and we’re gonna mix all that together.

So basically what we’re making here is a pumpkin pie, but we’re gonna make it with all this whipped cream. So that it’s a Pumpkin Puppuccinos.

Making Puppuccinos is so much fun, but we also want to help. So we took a break. I asked Ty, if there are any dogs that needed some extra support.

We do have one that we just hauled in from a breeding ring. We called her Big Mama because she is literally about this big, but 72 pounds!

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Big Mama

It hurts my heart that Big Mama was never even given a name. She was just used to make puppies. And because of years of abuse, it was so hard on her body and she needs a lot of medical attention, about $8,000 worth.

Okay… The good news though, is I’m putting a plan together so we can help. So let’s go give out all the Puppucinos then we’ll come back to her, spend a little extra special time with just her.

We gotta hustle, cause we got about 50 of these. And I mean, we gotta get these Puppucinos to these pups fast. Tye told them we were coming and now they’re upset that they don’t have Puppucinos.

All right, Puppuccinos are whipped up. It’s time for the big moment. 3, 2, 1 Pumpkin Puppucino time.

Making 100 Pumpkin Puppuccinos for Homeless Dogs

Just getting to spend some time with Big Mama is amazing. I mean, she’s such a sweet girl. And the thing about Big Mama is, you know, someone had her just make puppy after puppy after puppy. And it just breaks my heart to think that such a sweet dog was just used like that.

The main problem on her is that she also has to have all of the teeth extracted. They’re all ground down. They’re all nerves. They’re all nubs.

Why do you think her teeth are wheeled down?

So a lot of times in breeding situations, they’re kept in the crate their entire life, so she probably chewed at it for years.

For her to just show so much love… like, yeah, it just look at this girl, ah, you, you know, Mama her whole life she was just used to make puppies and she didn’t have a family. In fact, no one even gave her a name.

She was just expected to give puppies and never even had a name. So you’re calling her Big Mama right now, but she needs her own name. And so we want you to get admitted. Yeah.

Okay, so I know the medical cost for Big Mama is gonna add up and you told me six to $8,000. And um, here’s the thing, Furbo is sponsoring our video and I would like to pay it forward. And just you telling me a story really got to me. So I’d like to cover her medical calls.

Oh wow. That’s amazing. Yeah. That’s uh, that’s. I mean, it means a lot to us cuz um, as a small rescue, you know , it’s not easy. Um,
“Come here. I got you. I got you. I’ll protect you. You are definitely the Big Mama.” So yeah, it just means a lot. That’s really cool, dude.

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I appreciate everything you do.

Rocky Continues:
All right, let’s get Mama fixed up and let’s get Mama some Puppuccinos.

We’ve got the Puppuccino right here. But look, Tye made a special edition one and a clear cup so we can see Big Mama actually lick all that.

Okay. But first I want to tell you about Furbo. Now this is something that I use in my home. So when they came to me and they said, “Hey, we wanna be involved. We’d love to sponsor.” I was so happy to have their support.

Okay. Let me tell you how Furbo works and why my dogs love it so much.

Do you want to just take ’em all home or what?

Kelly Kanaka:
YES, Oh my God, Maybe one.

We have so many dogs at home right now, which by the way we need to check in on. Okay. Let’s check on ’em and thanks to Furbo we can.

okay. Watch. So I’m at Reverse Rescue right now. Sometimes my dogs have a little anxiety. I’m hours away. How do I check in on it? Well, I just pull up my Furbo app on my phone and look at this: “Hey, Hey guys. Thanks for the wet kiss Flip.”

What really sets us apart is it allows me to have fun and interact with my dogs. Look at this. You can even toss them a treat.

Furbo dog camera will be great for you if your dogs have anxiety. If they’re like my boy Flip here, he’s very sensitive. He gets worried very easy. Because the Furbo dog camera helps you stay connected to your dog, helps keep them safe at home while you’re away with the Furbo Dog Nanny Smart Alerts. And of course the treat tossing technology.

And I haven’t even told you everything. It comes fully loaded. It’s got things like a fully HD camera, four times zoom, night vision… It has it all.

A lot of you tell me that your dog has separation anxiety. Well, Furbo can really help with that because if your dog’s barking or there’s a lot of activity, it can actually send you smart alerts. For my family the reason we love it so much is it gives us peace of mind but also, it helps us connect with our dogs when we’re not at home to remind them that they’re loved.

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Okay. Here’s something really awesome. If you want to get a Furbo for your dog, like I did now is the time because I’m giving you $15 off.

Here’s how you do it. Go to and enter promo code Rocky that’s and enter Rocky is the promo code and you get $15 off and your dogs will thank you. And with your purchase, you’ll be saying thank you to a company that’s allowing us to donate $8,000 to Big Mama’s medical costs.

All right. It’s time to get back to Big Mama’s Puppucino but first I think we’ve gotta sing the theme song. Also. I want you to know that I have a Puppucino song.

[Tye is laughing]

Why are you laughing? I think it’s catching on. It goes like this: “Puppucino time Puppu Puppucino time … Puppucino time Puppu Puppucino time … Puppucino time Puppu Puppucino time, Puppucino time Puppu Puppucino time … PUPPUCCINO TIME!!

Good girl. Good girl.
Okay. Now Big Mama is really apprehensive to get this Puppucino so, we all pulled back a little bit and wanted to give Tye this special moment with Big Mama.

By watching her, you can tell that it’s almost like she doesn’t feel like she deserves this and it’s neat to see Tye really reassure her and literally hand feed her this Puppuccino so that she knows that now everything’s going to be okay.

And Tye had a great idea to bring all of her friends in the yard and she just loved it and had such a great time

Rocky Continues:
Okay. Look at this. We’ve got little ones for the little ones. Ah!

Yay… get it. That was kind of a bigger… wait! Big Mama…?!

Video is 100 Puppucinos and we made 50 of ’em. So we also brought 50 Puppucino toys for all the dogs.

Oh, Big Mama is loving her Pumpkin Puppucino, but there’s one problem. She doesn’t have a name. Yes. Big Mama is a cutie nickname, but as Tye said, she needs an identity and that comes through a real name, her name.

So I need your help comment down below with name suggestions, myself and Tye, we’re gonna go through all those comments and then he will announce her new name on his Instagram account Reversed Rescue. And don’t forget to click the link below to get $15 off your Furbo for your dog by using promo code Rocky.

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