Blankie-Loving Husky Cut Out of Makeshift Harness When Rescued in NY

As much as animal rescuers would like to find homes for every pet in need, the reality is that many animals are more difficult to adopt. However, this doesn’t mean that these pets are poorly behaved or have anything ‘wrong’ with them that prevents them from finding the perfect home. They simply haven’t met their person yet.

Dog up for adoption: Blankie-Loving Husky Cut Out of Makeshift Harness When Rescued in NY

Just take it from Larz! This regal Siberian Husky has had no luck finding a match since being welcomed to the Town of Hempstead Animal Shelter in February. He’s been settling in and stealing hearts at the Wantagh, NY, animal shelter, but his human friends know it’s time he found his forever home.

Feeling Better Already

On February 18, Larz was found by the Town of Hempstead police, who rushed him to the shelter. The six-year-old Husky was wrapped in a makeshift harness made out of a nylon leash, but it was tied around him so tightly that it had to be cut off. Needless to say, he felt much better when his harness was removed he he got a good, long grooming session.

While there was some concern about his left eye, which had clearly been injured, vets concluded that it caused him no pain. He cannot see out of that eye, but to him, it makes no difference whatsoever in his life!

After some brushing and some TLC, Larz began to show shelter staff and volunteers just what a big personality he has! Like a typical Husky, he’s a very vocal boy who uses sounds–including growls– to communicate with his human friends. He’s started to explore, run, and even play in the shelter’s yard, and he’s become very fond of a brown, fuzzy blanket that he gets to call his own.

“He is very housebroken,” explains the Town of Hempstead Animal Shelter, “but when he is relaxing with his blankie, he doesn’t want to leave it. He actually gave a dirty look when it was being washed that it was gone.” This former stray dog really is living his best life now–blankie and all!

Larz’s Long Haul

Since Larz’s decompression period at the shelter, his new friends have gotten to know more about his personality and behaviors. While he passed his play test when meeting a “low-key, polite, female canine friend,” he also can try to mount sometimes. He is neutered, however, so his future owner would not have to worry about puppies if he mounted a female in the future.

However, it’s not the mounting that makes him a better fit for an only-dog household. Larz did express some guarding tendencies, including growling, around his food and toys. While some of these growls are simply him communicating with his voice (as many Huskies do), some are also warnings during guarding. This is why his forever person “should be well versed in dog body language and communication” so they can tell what a growl means in the context of the moment.

Larz’s perfect future will include lots of space to run and play, consistent company and training, and lots of love. His thick Husky coat will require regular brushing, and his owner should be prepared to provide a large breed dog with all the mental and physical stimulation that they need to thrive.

The shelter explains: “His ideal home has a large yard with adult(s) companionship who can provide structure, consistent routine, training, commitment to him, and low traffic in the household. I could see him in a very rural setting, having the time of his life.”

If you would like to know more about this happy guy, don’t hesitate to reach out to the Town of Hempstead Animal Shelter: E: [email protected] E: [email protected] E: [email protected] T. 516.785.5220

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