Way Too Smart For The Shelter: Clever Canine With Supermodel Looks Seeks Comfy Couch

Marco is a gorgeous 3-year-old cattle dog mix described as intelligent, energetic, and loyal. This handsome pup has been at a rescue in California for 18 months after being rescued from euthanasia at a neighboring animal shelter. He’s gone through extensive training and is excited to find a family to call his own.

Dog up for adoption - Marco

Marco Was Found Wandering the Streets as a Stray

Marco was found wandering the streets of Wildomar, California at the end of 2022. He was alone and afraid, a stray who had somehow survived the first year and a half of his life fending for himself. After being at the shelter for about a month, he was given a euthanasia date if not adopted.

Dog up for adoption - Marco
After spending more than half of his life in shelters, he is now ready for a home.

The shelter contacted Last Chance at Life (LCAL), a rescue and adoption organization in San Diego County. Rescuers quickly arrived and took Marco, along with a few other dogs, to their rescue facility, hoping to find them permanent homes soon. The others did, but Marco is still waiting.

Families Came to Meet Marco, But Didn’t Want to Take Him Home

Alissa Quevedo is a Rescue Coordinator at LCAL and one of Marco’s biggest fans. Over the past 18 months, she shared that some families have shown interest in adopting Marco. Socialization and proper training are crucial for cattle dogs at a young age, which unfortunately Marco missed out on as a stray. “In the past, some applicants have retracted after learning about Marco’s breed and their requirements.”  

Dog up for adoption - Marco
Marco’s only family kept him for less than a month.

Marco was previously adopted by an applicant with breed experience. Quevedo said, “The meet and greet was extensive, and we even introduced Marco to their son’s dog who would frequently visit. However, the adopter returned Marco after almost a month due to some cattle dog/heeler behaviors and issues getting along with their son’s dog.”

LCAL Tries To Give Marco the Training He Needs to Be an Adoptable Dog

After being returned to LCAL, Marco received training focused on general obedience and exposure to various environments. Quevedo was proud of his success, stating, “Marco was a rockstar; he clearly excelled when working with a confident handler. He quickly picked up on common commands and leash training. I’ve always said Marco makes his handler look so good, but it’s really all him!”

Dog up for adoption - Marco
Marco’s learned so much over the past few months!

Even with Marco’s ongoing training, LCAL knew he needed more intensive help. The rescue invested in sending him to a 6-week Board and Train program, where he was matched with a trainer experienced with his breed. Quevedo said every report about Marco’s progress was positive. Once he graduated, he transitioned to another long-term program where he continued making strides. “Marco has a solid foundation for his training and behavior,” Quevedo explained. “He just needs a confident, cattle dog-savvy owner to continue reinforcing what he’s learned.”

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With Training Almost Complete, Marco is Ready For A Family to Call His Own 

Quevedo describes Marco as a once-in-a-lifetime dog. “He is so smart! You could have a conversation with him, and it seems like he understands every word. If you give him time to warm up and are willing to work with him, he rewards you with the best gift – his unconditional love and loyalty. Whoever adopts him is going to be so lucky!”

Dog up for adoption - Marco
Marco’s always up for new adventures!

Marco’s trainers have said he is a wonderful dog who would thrive best with owners familiar with the cattle dog breed. This very active pup likes to stay busy; he enjoys long, challenging hikes and learning new activities. “Scent training would be right up his alley!” Quevedo notes.To help Marco find the perfect family, his current training program is offering an additional incentive. They are gifting his new owners with lessons to get them aligned with the training Marco has worked so hard on.

Dog up for adoption - Marco
If you’re an active family, it’s time to bring Marco home!

If you are interested in adopting a dog with the mind of a rocket scientist and exceptionally good looks, you can contact Last Chance at Life or by phone at (442) 615-7437.

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