More Fleas Than Fur When Found, But Quick-Thinking Rescuers Refused to Give Up on Her

I gently sit down next to this little golden-colored dog named Malora, careful not to startle her. The shelter staff warned me she’s extremely skittish after being rescued from horrific neglect just a few weeks ago. As I offer her a treat, she gives me a serious side-eye but eventually can’t resist the tempting morsel. (see video above)

Melora: More Fleas Than Fur When Found, But Quick-Thinking Rescuers Refused to Give Up on Her

A Heartbreaking Rescue

From what I’ve been told, Melora’s situation was about as bad as it gets. She was discovered in someone’s backyard, likely abandoned and fending for herself. The poor thing was absolutely caked in fleas – more than the rescuers had ever seen on a dog before. On top of that, her skin was raw and irritated, either from the flea infestation or lack of proper grooming.

Legally, there’s a line authorities have to follow when deciding whether to intervene and remove a pet from its owners. But in Malora’s case, her condition was so appalling that animal control determined it was a life-or-death situation. They had no choice but to pull her immediately.

If I’m being honest, part of me questions if I would have the restraint to wait if I saw a dog suffering like that. At what point do you take action? For Malora’s sake, I’m grateful they did.

Building Trust Through Treats

Melora: More Fleas Than Fur When Found, But Quick-Thinking Rescuers Refused to Give Up on Her

Now at the shelter, the first order of business was treating Malora’s skin issues and getting her spayed and vaccinated. Hence, the plastic cone around her neck to prevent her from licking or chewing at her wounds. She’s only about 5 years old, but her rough life on the streets aged her prematurely.

I dole out more treats because I’m trying to build her trust and show her that not all humans are cruel. Slowly but surely, Malora begins warming up, even letting me give her gentle pets on her head and back. The staff warned that her skin is still healing, so I’m super careful not to reinforce any fears by inadvertently hurting her.

“You’re such a good girl, Malora,” I murmur between treats. “I know this cone is really awkward and you don’t know why you’re in this situation. But I promise, you’re through the hardest part now.”

Resisting “The Scoop”

sitting with Melora

As much as I’m dying to scoop this sweet pup up for some face-to-face cuddles, I know I have to resist pushing her too far too fast. “I think she’ll let me pick her up,” I admit to the viewers. “But I’m not going to put that pressure on her just yet.”

Part of me wants nothing more than to swaddle Malora in my arms and make up for all the affection she’s been deprived of in her life. But I can tell she still has a long way to go before feeling totally at ease with that level of handling. As tempting as “the scoop” is, I know it could undo all the progress we’ve made in this first meeting. For now, I’ll let Malora call the shots and keep things at her pace.

A Future Full of Love

My dream is to help change the laws to prevent more cases like Malora’s from happening. But until then, the most impactful thing any of us can do is raise awareness so she can find her perfect forever family. “Share this video far and wide Getting her story out there is the best way for her to meet her future adopters.”

Sitting with Melora

Despite her heartbreaking start, I can already see Malora’s true personality peeking through – an equal mix of sassy side-eye and appreciative treat-nibbling. She may be unsure about normal dog joys like cuddling on the couch or going for walks, but I know she’ll thrive with a patient owner willing to shower her with affection.

More than anything, I’m struck by Malora’s strength and resiliency. Despite the incredible cruelty she’s endured, she’s still willing to place her trust in humans. With a little more time and TLC, I know this golden pup will make someone an incredibly loving, devoted companion. She’s already secured a permanent spot in my heart.

Sitting with Melora

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