Watch Her Reaction When She’s Told She’s a GOOD GIRL For the First Time

Finding Hope in a Shelter Room

The first time I saw her, she was just a shadow of a dog, huddled in the corner of a shelter room. I’ve always had a soft spot for the underdogs, the ones who need a little extra help to find their forever homes. But this one, she was different. Her eyes held a story of neglect and longing, a silent plea for a second chance. (Watch the full video above + scroll to bottom for update)

Watch Her Reaction When She’s Told She’s a GOOD GIRL For the First Time

A Struggle for Survival

“She just came into the shelter,” I said. “She’s so hungry, taking treats like she’s never seen food before.” It was heart-wrenching to see her devour the treats, each bite a stark reminder of her desperate struggle for survival.

emaciated german shepher

The Mystery of Night Drop

The shelter’s night drop, a place for after-hours animal drop-offs, was her unexpected sanctuary. “Night drop is a good thing, 99% of the time,” I explained, pondering the unknown details of her past. Was she a victim of neglect or suffering from a medical issue? These questions lingered as I watched her, frail and famished, seeking comfort under a blanket.

An animal shelter night drop is a designated area at an animal shelter where people can bring in pets outside of regular business hours. The purpose of an after hours night drop is to provide a safe and secure location for animals to be surrendered when the shelter is closed. The idea of a night drop is not new. Some shelters have been using them for decades as a way to prevent people from abandoning their pets outside, chaining them to gates or tossing them over fences.

A Glimmer of Hope


Despite her condition, there was a glimmer of hope. “You are in the right place,” I assured her. “We are going to fill your belly full of food and your heart full of love.” It was a promise, not just to her but to myself, that we would turn her life around.

The Harsh Reality

As I spent more time with her, the extent of her neglect became painfully clear. Her nails, untrimmed and overgrown, and her coat, oily and unkempt, and flystrike to her ears told a story of years of neglect. “She’s probably half the weight she should be,” I noted, a sad realization of her dire state.

emaciated german shepher

A Ray of Light in the Darkness

But amidst the despair, there was a ray of light. “She’s a good girl,” I kept telling her, and with each affirmation, her tail wagged a little more. It was a small victory, a sign that she still had hope and trust in humans despite her ordeal.

The Road to Recovery

The journey to recovery was not going to be easy. I knew she needed more than just food and water; she needed medical attention and a lot of love. “I’m going to reach out to a rescue,” I decided, determined to give her the best chance at a new life.

A Transformation Begins

emaciated german shepher

The transformation began with a simple bath. Mel, the shelter’s groomer, worked her magic, gently washing away months, maybe years, of neglect. “She’s going to be a beautiful dog,” I remarked, watching her fur regain its natural sheen.

Macy’s New Beginning

We named her Macy, a name that seemed to fit her newfound dignity. Watching her walk back to her room after her spa treatment, it was clear that this was more than just a physical transformation. It was the beginning of Macy’s new life.

emaciated german shepher

A Call to Action

As I wrapped up the video, my message was clear: “Consider adoption first.” Macy’s story is a testament to the resilience of shelter dogs and the transformative power of love and care. Her journey from a neglected, emaciated dog to a hopeful, loving companion is a story that needs to be shared, a story that can inspire others to open their hearts to shelter animals in need.

A Moment of Reflection

emaciated german shepher

Sitting there, with Macy now resting peacefully, I couldn’t help but reflect on the impact of our work. “This is what we’re trying to accomplish,” I mused, a sense of fulfillment washing over me. It’s about giving these dogs a moment of peace, a glimpse of the love and care they so rightfully deserve.

The Power of Compassion

As I left the shelter that day, I knew that Macy’s story was just the beginning. There are countless others like her, waiting for their chance to be loved and to love in return.

UPDATE 12/10/23: I am going to see if I can pull her from the shelter to either foster her or get her boarded at a vet’s clinic so she can have 24/7 supervision so she can have the time and medical attention that she needs to get health

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