See Eight Dachshunds Head Out on a Morning Run, It’s Cuteness Overload!

If you have one dog, getting a second isn’t much extra work. A third doesn’t make a significant difference either. Particularly, if they’re small and space-efficient.

However, even if they’re tiny, caring for eight is no easy feat. You must provide them with a place to sleep and conquer the task of feeding them simultaneously. It’s also imperative they receive proper amounts of exercise to ensure everyone stays in line. It’s a scenario only a few brave souls could manage, and this mom is one of them. (Scroll down to see the Doxie’s in action!)

Dachshunds Head Out on a Morning Run

This may not be for the fainthearted, but it sure looks like a lot of fun! Grace Park @yunabugs lives in El Paso, Texas with her husband and their eight dachshunds. An article from OK Magazine reports it costs $3000 a year for her to feed them, and at the time of that publication, she only had seven. This doesn’t include the cost of veterinary expenses either, which has likely increased in recent years. However, she loves her kids and reports the money doesn’t matter.

Getting 8 Dogs Up and Moving

Dachshunds Head Out on a Morning Run

It’s a boost of serotonin just watching her get these eight cuties out of bed. Since they’re heading out for a run today, she outfits each one in their stylish hoodies. Which looks like a workout in itself!  Once everyone is bundled up, they head to the car, and all 32 tiny legs climb inside using a small ramp.

Taking Eight Dogs On a Run

Dachshunds Head Out on a Morning Run

They took off running when they got out of the car, but most awaited the command to race when it was time. Their excitement makes it look as if they were running in the Olympics. They hop along with their short legs, their precious faces filled with elation. A few lose their sweatshirts along the way, but that doesn’t seem to bother them. However, when her boy Einstein has had enough, he stops in his tracks to bark and protest. It doesn’t bother his siblings, though, because one digs a hole, and another takes advantage of the break to roll on the ground. Whatever this mom did to train her pack of Dachshunds, she did it well because they all stayed together and by her side.

Dachshunds Head Out on a Morning Run

Dull moments must be nonexistent in this family. If you’ve been considering increasing the size of your pack, hopefully, they have inspired you. Watching her care for eight makes two or three seem easy.

Dachshunds Head Out on a Morning Run

See what a typical morning run looks like for this family of 10 in a video shared on January 22:

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