Abandoned Sibling Dogs Found Hunting Bugs to Survive Now Seek Forever Home

Sheltering during the heat of the day and emerging at night to hunt bugs and critters for sustenance, these two adorable puppies shocked rescuers with their resilience. After being dumped in southern Texas on an abandoned lot, these puppy siblings found a way to survive. They stuck together using the buddy system, slept during the day, and found things to eat at night until Liane—a dog lover and good samaritan—stumbled upon them. 

Betty (with Blue Eyes) & Beau
Betty (with Blue Eyes) & Beau

Unfortunately, these puppies wouldn’t immediately be rewarded for their bravery—they must first make a long journey to safety. 

Relocating To Escape Euthanasia 

Local shelters had no space for these two puppies, and the risk of them being euthanized was too great for Liane to face leaving them at the pound. Thankfully, Liane’s parents offered to help, and drove the pair of puppies nearly four hours to San Antonio where their new life was about to begin. 

Liane had contacted Footbridge Foundation—a rescue and foster program that also helps to cover medical fees, supply costs, and more for dogs in their care. Footbridge Foundation had agreed to take on these puppies, but they would still need a foster home. Luckily, Liane was willing to step up!

Betty (with Blue Eyes) & Beau

Flourishing In a Foster Home—Puppies Growing Up!

The puppies are now named Betty Blue Eyes and Beau, and they are growing and learning so much. Both puppies are now crate trained, potty trained, and even know how to use a doggy door!

Betty Blue Eyes and Beau are also starting to show their unique personalities. “Beau is a very chill and relaxed pup,” says Liane, the puppies’ foster mom. Nothing bothers him unless it involves his sister stealing his food! He is a snuggler and enjoys being next to his human and people in general.” 

Betty (with Blue Eyes) & Beau

True siblings, Beau and Betty are opposites in many ways. “Betty is rambunctious and full of energy,” says Liane. “She is the instigator of the two pups; she is very vocal and will bark, whine, or talk back. She is also incredibly sweet but enjoys being the center of attention!”

Next Step: Adoption For Betty & Beau

Now that Betty and Beau have had a chance to decompress, learn some skills, and get to know life with a human, they’re ready for a forever home. Betty and Beau are available for adoption through Footbridge Foundation in Texas, and whoever adopts them is in for a life full of puppy kisses!

If you’ve been considering adding a dog to your family, consider this your sign to visit your local shelter and meet some adoptable dogs!

Betty (with Blue Eyes) & Beau
Betty (with Blue Eyes) & Beau

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