Shelter’s Oldest Dog Has Been There 400 Days. See Emotional Plea to Find Him a Family  

They say growing old is a blessing. But an even greater blessing for a dog is aging gracefully in a loving home, where they receive an endless supply of affection and companionship throughout their golden years. 

Oldest Shelter Dog Will Give Anything to Enjoy Seniorhood With a Forever Family  

Sadly, a good number of shelter dogs miss out on the latter despite having all the desirable attributes of a worthy canine companion. Inside one of the small kennels of the Humane Society of Broward County is Sam, seniro American Staffordshire Terrier Mix struggling to come to terms with the possibility of spending his entire seniorhood within the confines of a shelter. (watch video below)

Becoming the oldest shelter resident isn’t something Sam envisioned when he was brought to the Humane Society as a stray. Unfortunately, it’s a reality that continues to rip him apart emotionally with every passing day. Sam’s eyes can no longer hide the fact that he is desperate for a home that will cherish him for the remaining years of his life. Still, his tail wags with vigor whenever anyone approaches his kennel, a reminder of the hope that senior shelter pups often carry within, even when the future seems too bleak. 

All Sam Wants is to Love and Be Loved Back

Oldest Shelter Dog Will Give Anything to Enjoy Seniorhood With a Forever Family  

Although the shelter doesn’t have a full picture of Sam’s entire backstory, they are certain he endured the unthinkable as a stray in the unforgiving streets. Sam’s journey to letting go of his unpleasant past began with his arrival at the shelter, and even though he’s surrounded by staff who’ve brought out the best in him from the very first day, he still yearns to have a family to call his own.

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It’s hard for Sam to watch potential adopters walk past him without showing interest in what he has to offer, yet deep down, he knows he’s an ideal companion who ticks all the right boxes.


Oh Sam 💔 8-year-old Sam is our shelter’s oldest dog 🥺 This means he will have a harder time finding an adopter than any other dog here 😔 It breaks our hearts to see this gentle, soulful dog sit in a kennel day after day 💔 When Sam is outside with us he is calm, friendly and curious. He likes to explore, but he mostly just wants to be near you getting as much love as possible ❤️ This sweet gentleman was found as a stray, so his past is a mystery, but we can tell he has had a difficult life 🥺 Sam deserves to spend his golden years getting lots of TLC, all the yummy treats and a big comfy bed! ❤️ Sam has so much love to give, he just needs someone to give him a chance 🙏 Thanks to Doge Rescue, Sam’s adoption fee has been paid ❤️ If you can’t adopt, please share his post 🙏 We adopt out of state and to Canada, but you must make the arrangements to pick up your new pet. To meet Sam or any other pet, please complete a pre-adoption application at (link is in bio) and then stop by. The Humane Society of Broward County is located at 2070 Griffin Road, Fort Lauderdale, FL and the adoption kennels open daily at 11 a.m. If you have questions call 954-989-3977 ext. 6. #rescuedog #shelterdog #adoptme #adoptdontshop #goodboy #fortlauderdale #florida #dogvideos #doggo #greatdanesoftiktok #americanbulldog #americanbully #fyp #dogs #dogoftheday #dogsoftiktok #dogshelter #animalshelter #foryou #foryoupage #pittie #pittiesoftiktok #pittbull #bullybreed #pittielove #greatdane #doglover #dogtok #seniordog #seniorpet

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Similar to their younger counterparts, older shelter dogs like Sam have the potential to enrich your life beyond what you imagined. They just need that one person to give them a chance so they can pour out all their love, affection, and loyalty without holding anything back. These amazing silver-faced pups are often filled with profound gratitude toward those who welcome them permanently into their lives.

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By adopting a senior, you’ll get to do life with a canine who’ll spend the rest of their twilight years appreciating you for offering them a home when everyone else passed them by.  

Sam’s Counting on You to Beautify His Golden Years 

Oldest Shelter Dog Will Give Anything to Enjoy Seniorhood With a Forever Family

Sam’s calm demeanor and friendly disposition make him a delightful addition to a caring, loving family. His enthusiasm for life comes alive whenever he’s outside, often eager to explore his surroundings and forget his misery for a moment. 

This gentle, 67.20-pound senior craves to become a beloved permanent family member, form tight bonds with his loved ones, and enjoy all the simple pleasures of life in a cozy home. Despite his present circumstances, he tries his best to keep hope alive that his best days lie ahead. 

Sam’s adoption fee has already been sorted, so the lucky person who adopts him has one less financial obligation to worry about. If you’re interested in bringing an end to Sam’s solitude at the shelter and showing him what a welcoming doorstep looks like, kcontact the Humane Society of Broward County for more details regarding his adoption. 

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