Watch her Reaction When She’s PET For the First Time in her Life

You’ll never believe the sweet little pup that came into the shelter recently. Poor Ashley had been found as a stray wandering the streets by a good Samaritan. When she first arrived at the shelter three days prior, she was in really rough shape. The medical team wasn’t even sure at first what was causing her severe skin issues and hair loss, though they ruled out mites. They had her on medication, but it was clear Ashley desperately needed some extra TLC.

Watch her reaction when she's PET for the First Time in her life

Despite her pitiful condition, it was heart-breaking to imagine how this good girl had been neglected and left to deteriorate. She was understandably terrified when I first met her. Ashley had no microchip, collar or any other identification – like her past had simply been erased.

My Heart Melted

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Despite her rough exterior, Ashley had the sweetest temperament. She was a little shy and nervous at first, which is totally understandable given her situation. But she quickly warmed up to me with some gentle pets and tasty treats. You could see her little body almost “purring” with contentment at finally getting some affection. It absolutely broke my heart that this good girl had likely never experienced that kind of loving touch before.

A Taste of Love

One of the first ways I tried connecting with the timid Ashley was through some irresistible treats. Even though she had a whole bowl of food untouched in her kennel, she gobbled up the chicken jerky treats I offered. It was like she was tasting real affection for the first time. I always use my treats because they have simple, wholesome ingredients that won’t irritate pups with sensitive tummies or allergies. For Ashley, those little bites represented love and comfort.

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Rocky offers Ashley some chicken jerky which she loved!

The Coveted Scoop

My biggest goal was getting her to feel safe and secure enough for “the scoop” – when a pup jumps into my lap on their own. It’s such a precious bonding moment! With a little patience and those tasty treats, sure enough, Ashley mustered all her bravery and hopped right into my arms. Cue the happy tears! She allowed me to snuggle and pet her, something she may have never experienced before. It was an incredible milestone in her journey.

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Time for a Makeover!

After getting acquainted, I decided then and there that Ashley deserved a full spa day makeover. With her skin in such bad shape, she really needed a medicated bath to help soothe her and get that healing process started. I snuck into our groomer Mel’s room (don’t tell her!) and got to work. I gently lathered Ashley up with a medicated shampoo, giving her skin a 10 minute massage while it soaked in. Then I rinsed her and followed up with an oatmeal rinse to really pamper her.

Looking Like a Million Bucks

The results were amazing! Once she was all dried off, you could see her sweet face so much better. Ashley’s skin was already looking less raw and irritated. I even grabbed one of Mel’s cutest bandanas to finish off the look, though Alexis made a good point that it might irritate her skin more. Regardless, Ashley looked like a totally different, gorgeous pup!

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She really blossomed during her spa day too. What started as nervous uncertainty turned into pure bliss as she experienced the comforts of grooming for likely the first time. Seeing her relax into the pampering was the most heartwarming thing.

A Fresh Start

My goal was for Ashley to not only look beautiful on the outside, but to feel loved and cared for on the inside too. She may have had a rough start in life, but her spa day marked a fresh beginning filled with the affection she deserves. Just wait until she finds her forever family – they are going to be so smitten with this sweet quirky girl!

Sitting with dogs 42

Help Animal Friends of the Valleys

If you can, please consider sending a bag of kibble Ashley’s way or donating to help other pups like her. The shelter’s food supplies are running really low. Every little bit makes a huge difference for these deserving doggos!

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