Urgent Plea: Mara the Pit Bull’s Search for a Family Nears Deadline

In the Dog Rescue World, You See a Lot of Tough Cases But the journey of Mara, a sweet pit bull mix from Atlanta, Georgia, stands out as one of heartbreak, perseverance, and hope against all odds. This young adult pup has faced an uphill battle from the very start.

Urgent Plea: Mara the Pit Bull's Search for a Family Nears Deadline

Her Life Was Spared

Back in December 2022, Mara’s life was spared quite literally at the last minute. She was just hours away from being euthanized at a high-kill Georgia shelter when two sponsors and a foster briefly stepped up. However, it was merely a temporary reprieve.

“Within a few weeks, the foster bailed on Mara, even after we paid for training,” explains her current rescue team. “Then to add insult to injury, the two sponsors who agreed to cover her care completely abandoned her too.”

With No Home and No One to Turn To, Her Chances Looked Slim

Left with nowhere to go, Mara’s only option in January 2023 was an intensive board and train program to get her “adoption-ready.” And you know what? She aced it.

“Mara is phenomenal walking on leash, doesn’t react to other dogs, and is even muzzle-trained for doggy playtime,” her rescuers rave. “She’s brilliant and loving – a total star.”

But brilliance and good behavior only go so far when you’ve been repeatedly failed by humans. Despite Mara’s stellar report card, her rescuers tried in vain for 10 long months to find her a foster home.

Urgent Plea: Mara the Pit Bull's Search for a Family Nears Deadline

No One Wanted Her

“No one wanted her,” they lament. “We reached out everywhere and came up empty. Mara just kept declining mentally and physically from living in boarding.”

Just when it seemed all hope was lost, one kind-hearted person’s foster application gave Mara’s rescuers an idea: why not ask if they’d temporarily home sweet Mara? To everyone’s relief, the applicant said yes.

Urgent Plea: Mara the Pit Bull's Search for a Family Nears Deadline

The Clock Is Ticking

However, there’s a urgent time crunch: the foster is relocating to Europe within 7 days. If a new foster or adoptive home can’t be found in the next week, Mara will have to go back to living in a kennel at a boarding facility indefinitely soher rescuers are in a race against time to find her permanent place to call home.

Here’s What You Need to Know About the Delightful Ms. Mara:

  • She’s an energetic young adult pit bull, around a medium size
  • Loves humans, car rides, long walks, hiking, and pup cups!
  • Must be an only dog (she’s muzzle-trained around others)
  • A total velcro pup who wants all your love and attention
  • Impeccable leash manners thanks to her training
  • Is someone’s fun, active dream dog waiting to happen!

While Mara has endured an unfair share of ups and downs, her rescuers made a promise to see her journey through: “We will do whatever it takes to find this wonderful pup her perfect home.”

With just 7 days to go before Mara’s brief respite at her foster home ends, her team is pleading for a permanent foster or adoptive home to finally make her Christmas wish come true. This resilient pup won’t give up on her quest for a forever family – will you be the one?

Urgent Plea: Mara the Pit Bull's Search for a Family Nears Deadline

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