Great Pyrenees Puppy Rescued From Road By ‘Disney Princess’ ER Nurse

There’s something about roadside dog rescues that tugs on the heartstrings even more than other chance encounters, and this Great Pyrenees puppy’s story is no different. While the first chapters of his life will always be a mystery, there’s no doubt that he’s going to get his Happily Ever After thanks to the generosity and love of a total stranger.

Great Pyrenees Puppy Rescued From Road By 'Disney Princess' ER Nurse

The enchanting tale started on May 17 with Christina, an ER nurse with a big heart for animals. Remarkably, this was her third rescue of a baby animal that week, making her week seem like a page out of a Disney Princess storybook. First, she compassionately moved a fawn to safety after it was separated from its mother. Then, a few days later, she welcomed a stray kitten into her home. Clearly, destiny played its part beautifully, guiding these gentle souls to her.

A Selfless Roadside Stop

Texas ER nurse Christina made the choice to pull over when she noticed an animal on the side of the road. As soon as she parked, she could tell that it was a puppy someone had left behind, and she started recording a video for evidence. It’s such a relief that the sweet pup wasn’t hit by a car before he was found!

What a beautiful puppy! It’s impossible to think that someone would abandon such an innocent, sweet soul, especially when there are many options for those who can’t keep pets. True, he could have been a stray that wandered into a dangerous spot, but a puppy trapped on the side of the road likely didn’t get there on their own. Luckily, Christina stopped to help with his heartbreaking situation.

Without a second thought, Christina brought the puppy home for some much-needed dinner, cleaning, and sleep. She picked dozens of sticker burrs off his fur, washed off days’ worth of dirt, and gently cleaned the wound on his paw. She even wrapped the injured paw to help it heal!

Despite all he’s been through, this Great Pyrenees puppy was such a good boy for his bath. He truly began to feel safe while Christina was detangling his fur after the bath, but he was mostly excited about his dinnertime. Once he was all taken care of, though, he settled in for the best sleep he’s had in who knows how long.

The next morning, Christina brought the baby to a local veterinarian because he still wasn’t putting weight on one of his back legs. Sadly, the vet confirmed that his knee is fractured and has already begun calcifying. This means that the injury is at least a few weeks old and has begun to set incorrectly. He may never be able to walk on that leg and may need to have it amputated, but the more immediate concern is helping this rescue puppy put on more weight.

The Perfect (Temporary?) Home

It didn’t take long before Christina’s TikTok viewers were begging her to keep the puppy, but as she explained, her husband wasn’t on board. That’s one reason why she didn’t feel like she could make an executive decision regarding his injured leg. Even though the clock may be ticking on their time together, she’s making sure to soak up every minute with her new bestie while she finalizes his plan to be rehomed (or maybe not?).

One viewer joked that, between the new kitten, this new pup, and the young Labrador Retriever they also have at home, Christina practically has a farm on her hands. Well, little did they know… she actually does! The Pyr puppy got to take the grand tour of the farm from the back of an ATV, and he even met some new chicken friends. It turns out that they are babies, too!

Even though this little guy is getting top-notch care at Christina’s home, only time will tell where the puppy’s future will take him. What matters most is that he’s becoming healthier and feeling more like his best self every day!

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