This Shelter Dog’s Tail Has Wagged at Potential Adopters for 365 Days – Why No Forever Home?

Shelter’s Longest Resident Still Patiently Waiting for His Forever

Rex’s big brown eyes and floppy ears would melt anyone’s heart, but this sweet 2-year-old, 40-pound cattle dog/border collie mix has been overlooked at the Carl W. Nelson Animal Shelter in Mauston, WI for far too long. Despite being their longest-term resident, Rex still enthusiastically greets potential adopters, tail wagging in hope that today might finally be his day.

Dog's up for adoption: Rex

A Rough Start

Originally rescued from a neglectful puppy mill situation in May 2023, Rex had some initial struggles typical of mill dogs – lashing out at humans and animals without warning. But staff worked tirelessly alongside certified trainers to help him overcome those issues. With dedication, Rex learned to trust humans as friends and get along with calm, submissive female dogs.

An Intelligent Companion

“Rex is so intelligent that he’ll run circles around you if you let him,” says shelter volunteer Amy. “But once he respects you as the leader, he’s utterly devoted. He just needs a patient, firm handler to be his best goofy, fun-loving self.”

Dog's up for adoption: Rex

A High-Energy Buddy

The feisty, playful boy loves to romp and would thrive with an active family offering a fenced yard to safely burn off that classic cattle dog energy through games, hikes, or agility training. Despite his rough start, Rex adores people, often trying to cheer up sad staffers with silly antics like spontaneous “zoomies” or tossing a ball their way. He’s a total velcro dog who loves snuggles once he bonds.

The Perfect Match

Dog's up for adoption: Rex

While Rex can live with a calm female dog friend, he’s picky about his pals and would likely do best as an only pet. His prey drive also means households with small animals aren’t recommended. What he really wants, staff says, is to have his person’s undivided attention and be their special one-and-only buddy.

Still Waiting for His Fairytale Ending

Shelter staff remain baffled that no one has scooped up this loving, one-of-a-kind pup who’s made such incredible strides. As another round of kennel-mates finds their forever homes, Rex watches wistfully, undoubtedly wondering when his perfect family will finally arrive.

“He’s been waiting so patiently, and he deserves a kingdom, not just a castle,” Amy says. “We all know there’s someone out there searching for their new best friend who’s smart, goofy, and full of life – they just need to come meet Rex.”

Dog's up for adoption: Rex

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