Devoted Auntie Dog Starts Lactating to Help Sister With Massive 14 Puppy Litter

New York City can be a scary place for dogs in need, but the volunteers at Twenty Paws Rescue knew they hit the jackpot when they met Erica in September 2023. The big, gray Pit Bull Mix is as sweet as can be, but she needed out of the shelter ASAP–because she was close to having puppies!

Devoted Auntie Dog Starts Lactating to Help Sister With Massive 14 Puppy Litter

She was in the late stages of her pregnancy when she was surrendered to a NYC shelter. Her owner was unable to care for her and her pups, but shelter staff knew they weren’t the right home for her either. Fortunately, Twenty Paws stepped up so that she wouldn’t give birth in the shelter.

After Erica was Rescued, Something Wasn’t Right


Welcome our new velveteen land seal, Erica. She was surrendered to the shelter because her human couldn’t care for her anymore. Erica is SUPER pregnant. More importantly, Erica is a DOLL! She immediately bonded with her compassionate and loving fosters. As you can see, her gratitude beams. She and we are so happy to that she didn’t give birth in a shelter. Please send Erica and her future babies all your love. P.s. We reached out to the shelter to offer support to her former human if he or she wants it. We do not have his or her contact info. However, the shelter will provide it if the owner asks. We are always willing to support them if the opportunity presents. Thank you to @ahsnewark for reaching out to us. We are so happy to have her!

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In late September, Erica was brought to her newest home to rest and recoup before welcoming her little ones. While there was no doubt that she was grateful for the rescue and in love with her new friends, it was clear that something was off. The mom-to-be was incredibly restless and stressed, but she hadn’t yet gone into labor. When her rescuers became concerned, they contacted the shelter she came from to see what else they knew.

Devoted Auntie Dog Starts Lactating to Help Sister With Massive 14 Puppy Litter

As it turns out, Erica had a sister who was just as distraught without her sibling. Both Erica and Diamond were surrendered by their owner, but only Erica was rushed out of the shelter due to her condition. While the mom-to-be was trying to settle in at her new rescue, Diamond was refusing to eat back at the shelter. Luckily, it took very little convincing for Twenty Paws to take in Diamond, too. And as soon as the sisters were reunited a few days later–everything was right in the world again.

Devoted Auntie Dog Starts Lactating to Help Sister With Massive 14 Puppy Litter

Devoted Auntie Diamond Helps Bring Up Puppies

Once Erica and her sister were together again, the mama dog could relax and focus on welcoming her puppies. And that’s precisely what she did! Two days later, Erica welcomed 14 puppies with Diamond by her side. Sadly, three of the pups did not make it–which isn’t that uncommon in large-sized litters–but the mama and auntie took to raising the remaining 11 with love and care.


🌻Erica says thank you!🌻 After a very long night and day for both Erica and her fosters, her puppies are here! In total Erica had 14 puppies but nfortunately 3 puppies did not make it. We’re heartbroken that they will be joining their siblings’ journey, but we know they will be waiting on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge and in our hearts♥️ We are incredibly grateful for everyone who donated to our fundraiser and participated in our contest! Children are expensive and puppies are too, so the fundraiser will remain up for now even though the contest is closed We have 2 winners, @gypsy1983 and @laylaandmonet who guessed 11 and 12 respectively! If you would like to stay updated on Erica, her puppies and her sister Diamond, then please consider following us. You can also checked out our “Puppies” highlight!

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Something Incredible Happened

However, new mom Erica was exhausted. No one knows exactly what the dogs’ life was like before they found themselves at the shelter, but the most recent week had given both girls a run for their money. Just when rescue volunteers were prepared to help bottle feed the puppies to give Erica a break, Auntie Diamond said, “I’ve got this!”

Just a few days after the puppies were born, Diamond began lactating, too. She helped Erica keep the puppies fed, cleaned, and safe, and she amazed thousands of rescue volunteers and TikTok viewers with her close bond with her sister. Their relationship is the definition of true love!

Devoted Auntie Dog Starts Lactating to Help Sister With Massive 14 Puppy Litter

Now that the puppies are all weaned and grown up, they found forever homes of their own. In fact, it didn’t take long for them to get adopted! It’s a welcome relief for the mom and auntie to finally be by themselves again, but everyone agrees it’s time they found their forever home, too.


PLEASE SHARE: this remarkable rescue story hasn’t had its happy ending yet. Erica and Diamond are available for adoption from @Twenty Paws Rescue – head to the link in bio for their adoption profiles! #rescuedogsoftiktok #dogsoftiktok #adoptdontshop #availableforadoption

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The bonded pair is looking for a forever home together where they can lounge around and enjoy life together. It’s finally their turn to be the babies, so if you’re near NYC and want to meet them, read up on Twenty Paws’ adoption process to learn more!

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