Homeless Dog Travels 3000 Miles for Chance at Forever Home 

They say a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. But for Angus — a 3-year-old Dogo Argentino — his journey to finding his forever home started with a road trip to a specialty rescue nearly 3,000 miles away. 

Angus has been in a shelter for as long as he can remember. In fact, the shelter considers him their longest resident. Despite his sweet demeanor and winning looks, he’d often find himself overlooked by potential adopters visiting the facility. As months went by without anyone expressing interest in taking him home, Angus slowly began slipping into the dark pit of hopelessness. 

Homeless Dog Travels 3000 Miles for Chance at Forever Home 

Determined to heal this sweet boy’s wounded heart, staff at the shelter devised a rather extraordinary plan to change his story for the better. They made the decision to take Angus to an animal rescue in New Hampshire called the Second Chance Ranch Rescue, where they felt he’d have a better chance of finally getting adopted.

As documented on TikTok by @rockykanakaofficial, a fundraiser was held to cater for the logistics of this four-day road trip to Second Chance Ranch Rescue. Thankfully, the shelter raised enough funds for this mission. Going by the heartwarming TikTok clip, a tail-wagging Angus clearly seemed over the moon to start his new chapter of life at a different location.

Angus arrives at rescue, ready to find his lifelong family

Mark, a staff at the shelter, had the pleasure of accompanying Angus on this life-changing trip.

Homeless Dog Travels 3000 Miles for Chance at Forever Home 

“He was a great traveling companion,” Mark shared. “He was also the perfect snuggle buddy.” Like everyone else at the shelter, Mark hopes that Angus’s arrival at the Second Chance Animal Rescue will come with the much-desired breakthrough: him finding his fur-ever family sooner than later.

“I was confident that we were leaving him in good hands, with people who will take care to find him a great home,” Mark stated. “And if he’s languishing there for a few months, I’m going back.”

Angus deserves to experience what it feels like to be a deeply loved, cherished, and pampered pet. We have no doubt that he’s the ideal canine best friend who can’t wait to give all his love and affection to his lifelong family. 

Watch the video below:


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Ever since its uploading, hundreds of viewers have flocked to the video’s comment section to root for Angus and affirm that he indeed deserves a loving, permanent home.  

One person wrote: “We have had a Dogo previously and they are a fantastic breed!”

Another comment read: “I’m so glad that Angus has started a new chapter and I’m putting good vibes out in the universe, somebody’s going to give this beautiful little spirit a forever home really soon.” 

A third person added: “He’s adorable how did nobody pick that pretty boy.”

Heartbreaking U.S. Shelter Numbers

dogs in shelter

Sadly, Angus’s prolonged stay at the shelter highlights the reality that millions of shelter dogs across America face in their quest for a forever home: being repeatedly overlooked. The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) estimates that roughly 3.1 million dogs enter shelters annually. 

Every year, only 2 million shelter dogs get to enjoy the happy ending of finally getting adopted. Unfortunately for the rest, it may take months or years (or even never) for them to finally see a potential adopter walk up to them and utter the words, “Let’s finally go home, buddy!” 

shelter dog

It’s absolutely heartbreaking that a good number of shelter pups often garner little to no interest from potential adopters, yet all dogs equally deserve a loving forever home. More often than not, shelter dogs that are passed by include senior pups, dogs living with disabilities/special needs, and those subjected to negative stereotypes because of their breed type.

Additionally, dogs who seem to have a timid personality tend to get overlooked, even though it’s the stressful shelter environment that makes them that way. By giving pups like Angus a chance, you can make a huge difference in the lives of these precious yet overlooked animals.  

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