This Husky’s Secret Obsession Lands Her Back in the Animal Shelter

Meet Rosie, a husky mix with eyes that could melt the Arctic and a prey drive that could, well, decimate a flock of chickens. ???? Yep, you heard that right. Our beautiful, feathered friends met their match with Rosie, but let’s not count our chickens before they hatch and dive into her story.

Picture this: a stunning husky, returned to the shelter, her eyes reflecting a mix of confusion and innocence. “Why am I back here?” those eyes seemed to ask. And oh, the reason is quite the clucking surprise! ????

The surprising reason this husky was returned to the shelter...
It wasn’t her fault…

Rosie, with her unique mix and enchanting face, was initially adopted by a family who probably thought, “What could possibly go wrong?” Well, let’s just say Rosie thought she was doing them a favor by reducing the chicken population in her previous home. A bit of a miscommunication, you might say.

Now, I sat with Rosie, her eyes gleaming with a mix of mischief and charm, and I couldn’t help but reassure her. “Good girl, Rosie, good girl.” Her face lit up with every affirmation, unaware that her chicken-chasing days were the reason behind her return to the shelter.

But hold onto your leashes, because Rosie’s story takes a turn that none of us saw coming! ????

As I was there, comforting and chatting with Rosie, a couple walked in, their eyes lighting up the moment they saw her. And just like that, Rosie was off to the meet and greet area, her tail wagging, possibly contemplating if these humans had any chickens at home.

The meeting was a paw-sitive one. The couple was smitten, and Rosie, well, she was her enchanting self. They decided she was their “forever puppy baby,” and my heart did a little victory dance. But, let’s not put the cart before the horse…or the husky before the sled, shall we?

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Just as they said yes to adopting Rosie, they paused a beat to ensure they weren’t making a hasty decision. They wanted to make sure Rosie got along with their other dogs, which, in my book, is a smart idea ????????

The meeting with the other dogs went splendidly, with kisses and hugs all around. And after a victorious clap, Rosie was on her way to walk the freedom walk, this time, hopefully, for good.

Now, Rosie’s new home is chicken-free, but it does come with a pool that she took to like a duck to water! ???????? And as she dove in, I couldn’t help but think of the journey she had been on – from a misunderstood chicken chaser to a beloved family member, swimming in her pool.

So, my friends, Rosie’s tail is a reminder that every dog can find their perfect home, even if there are a few bumps (or clucks) along the way. A massive shoutout to Animal Friends of the Valleys for making yet another furry tale come true!

If Rosie’s story brought a smile to your face, do share it and consider becoming a bigger part of this community by joining us. Let’s continue to spread pawsitivity and find every pup their forever home, chickens not included! ????‍????????

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