Abandoned & Alone: The Tale of a Wrinkly-Faced Dog Whose Human Lost Everything

Rose Marie, a sweet and loving dog with an endearing wrinkled face, is a testament to the bond between humans and their pets. But life threw a curveball at Rose Marie when her human lost their home and faced the harsh reality of homelessness.

Wrinkly-Faced Dog Whose Human Lost Everything

The decision to surrender Rose Marie to the shelter was made with a heavy heart, but her human knew it was the best way to give her the best possible chance at a happy future.

Rose Marie’s love for people shines through in every interaction. She might not be the playful type, chasing after toys, but she finds joy in the simple moments spent with humans. Her time as the star of the Doggy Day Out program showcased her ability to charm everyone she met, making lasting impressions on those fortunate enough to spend a day with her.

She’s such a sweet lady. She’s an absolute angel.

April Peiffer, community program coordinator
Wrinkly-Faced Dog Whose Human Lost Everything

An Adoption Angel, moved by her story, ensured that Rose Marie’s journey to a new home wouldn’t be hindered by financial constraints, covering her adoption fee.

Shelter volunteers can’t help but share heartwarming anecdotes about Rose Marie. From her amusing attempts to get into cars despite her tall frame to her preference for human company over toys, she’s left an unforgettable mark on their hearts.

At 5 and a half years old, weighing 44 pounds, Rose Marie’s calm presence is a comfort to all. She dreams of a family that will cherish her, sharing in the joys of everyday life. Whether it’s watching a movie, taking a nap, or simply enjoying each other’s company, Rose Marie is ready to be a loving companion.

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Wrinkly-Faced Dog Whose Human Lost Everything

The Rising Issue of Pet Surrenders Due to Homelessness and Financial Hardships

Rose Marie’s story is not an isolated incident. Housing insecurity is a leading cause for pet surrenders. Economic trends, such as high inflation and the national housing crisis, have led to increased eviction rates and homelessness.

According to Bobby Mann of the Humane Rescue Alliance housing insecurity is the top reason people are surrendering their animals. When individuals reach the point of surrendering their pets due to financial hardships, it’s often their last resort.

Many apartment buildings have restrictions on pet breeds or weight. Shelters have reported a significant intake of large dogs weighing over 40-50 pounds.

How You Can Help

There are many ways you can help pets like Rose Marie who have been surrendered to shelters due to homelessness or financial hardship:

  • Donate to shelters and rescue organizations that are working to support pet owners in need.
  • Volunteer your time to help with tasks such as walking dogs, cleaning kennels, or socializing cats.
  • Consider fostering a pet until they find their forever home.
  • Advocate for pet-friendly housing options and other policies that support pet owners in crisis.
Wrinkly-Faced Dog Whose Human Lost Everything

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