These 19 Corgi Butts Might Break the Internet

Some dogs are known for their superior intelligence, like the Poodle. Others are known for their super unique looks, like the Xolo or the Chinese Crested Dog. Still more gain their popularity from their famously-chill personalities, like Labs or Retrievers. 

Corgis have one of the more distinctive looks, but what’s the first feature that comes to mind when you think of a Corgi? If your answer is corgi butts, you’re not alone! The internet has a fascination with the voluptuous derriere of the Corgi, and it’s pretty obvious why. Fluffy, bouncy, and somehow able to float in water, there are full social media pages dedicated to the Corgi butt—people are truly obsessed!

corgi butts

And who can blame them? There certainly is something mesmerizing about the way a Corgi’s butt moves, how it becomes so perfectly buoyant when they swim, and how symmetrical their furry bums look from behind! 

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Today, we’re focusing only on the glory of Corgi butts. We’ve curated our very own collection of 19 Corgi butts to scroll through whenever you need a little mood boost! 

1. Lila

Source: @ChiBean08

Lovely Lila is demonstrating one of the Corgi’s more impressive talents: the sploot. See how both her back legs are splayed so casually? See how flat she has made her body? Corgis are absolute masters of relaxing—wouldn’t it be nice to stretch out like that? Of course, this sploot also gives us a lovely view of her ‌floofy bum and adorable little tail. 

2. Louie

Photo by Louie DOG Corgi Monster on August 17, 2023. May be an image of corgi.
Source: @Louie_Dog_The_Corgi_Monster

Enjoy this unique opportunity to see a Corgi butt in the act of climbing! Notoriously round and stout, Corgi butts make these dogs a little bottom-heavy, but as Louie is showing us, they’re still athletes who will happily climb for access to the best chair in the house.

3. Tex

Photo by Tex and Rowdy in Texas. May be an image of bull terrier.
Source: @TexAndRowdy

Now doesn’t that look comfy? Tex (front) won’t let anything get in his way of taking a good nap with his brother Rowdy (back). 

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4. Louie

Photo by @louiethelilcorgi on August 17, 2023. May be an image of corgi.
Source: @LouieTheLilCorgi

This Corgi is just as obsessed with his butt as we are! 

5. Mochi

Photo by The Grooming Cottage on August 17, 2023. May be a closeup of mushroom and puffball mushroom.
Source: @TheGroomingCottageLLC

Did you know you can ask your groomer to give your Corgi “heart butt?” By trimming the fur around a Corgi’s tail, groomers can give their little nubs the shape of a heart, which perfectly complements those already round cheeks! 

‌‌6. Carlota

Photo by Carlota Primera on August 17, 2023. May be an image of corgi.
Source: @Carlota.TheCorgi

Did you know that almost all Corgis are born with long tails, and have them docked to achieve the classic Corgi look? Carlota still has her beautiful tail, and it makes the perfect accessory to her lovely butt and professional sploot. 

7. Bruce

Photo shared by Bruce Almond the Corgi on August 16, 2023 tagging @barked, @corgistagrams, @dog,, and @corgicolony. May be an image of corgi.
Source: @BruceAlmondCorgi

This Corgi butt is brought to you by Bruce, a two-year-old Pembroke Welsh Corgi whose favorite thing to do is nap, followed closely by eating treats. 

8. Zero

????????It’s Friday, time to refresh!????????
#Refreshing #JumpIn #PoolDay #TimeForASwim #FridayFeels #FridayVibes #WeekendMode #HeatWave
Source: @Corgi_Zero

We’ve been wondering if the rumors are true. Do Corgi butts float in water, or is that a whimsical internet hoax? Well, as Zero the 12-year-old Corgi from Southern California can confirm, Corgi bums are extra buoyant! 

But why do Corgi butts float? Well, some experts say that the Corgi butt floats because it has a higher fat percentage than the rest of the breed’s body. Their bottom-heavy distribution is theoretically a way to compensate for their large heads and long bodies. 

9. Hudson

… we have a freshly groomed poof. 

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#corgiclub #fluffycorgiclub #corgipuppy #corgi #buzzfeedanimals #barkbox #dailybarker #hudsonthefluffycorgi
Source: @HudsonTheFluffyCorgi

Your eyes aren’t deceiving you, and that’s not a giant fuzzy caterpillar on the ground—that’s an extra-fluffy Corgi butt! Hudson is a Toronto-based Corgi whose humans suspect he may be party bunny-rabbit, but we think he might actually be a cloud. 

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Photo by The Stumpy Legs in Eng Watt Street with @mcdonalds, @kira.lim.corgi, and @wolfy_brownie_maya.
Source: @TheStumpyLegs

They said it couldn’t be done, but we’re seeing it here now, folks! Four Corgi butts in one photo. Groundbreaking stuff!

11. Deckard

Photo by Deckard & Karrie in Tulsa, Oklahoma. May be an image of corgi.
Source: @DeckardTheCorgi

Deckard is a Midwestern Corgi whose focus is usually on keeping the yard safe from rabbits, squirrels, and any other possible intruders. An occasional hole digger and daily nap taker, Deckard is a cheerful happy-go-lucky Corgi with a beautiful multi-toned coat.

12. Kirby

Photo by Kirby on August 15, 2023. May be an image of corgi.
Source: @KirbyFloofyCorgi

This might look like a hair model showing off their stunning wavy locks, but it’s actually a Corgi butt! Kirby has amazing texture in his long luxurious fur which almost hides his little feets when he sploots. 

13. Comugi

It's confirmed! Corgi's butt floats! ????????
Source: @Comugi_Corgi

If you were in any doubt that Corgi butts really do float, take a look at Comugi! His little bum is floating just above the water and giving him plenty of balance in the water. To review: why do Corgis butts float? Because they’re so voluptuous! 

14. Luma

Photo by Luma The Corgi on July 18, 2023. May be an image of corgi.
Source: @Luma.The.Corgi

Hey, what’re you looking at!? When Corgis keep their long beautiful tails, they look a little bit like chunky foxes! How cute is Luma showing off her sploot and long tail? 

15. Moka

Photo by Moka the Corgi in Parc des Chutes-de-la-Chaudière with @quebeccite, @chaudiere.appalaches, @villequebec, @courantlevis, @ohcanadogs, and @bestdoggies_ever_canada. May be an image of corgi and waterfall.
Source: @Moka.TheCorgi

What a view! Moka’s Corgi butt is naturally heart shaped, but it also sort of looks like a giant loaf of fresh baked fluffy bread. Moka is a two-year-old Corgi from Canada, with a sunny personality to match his good looks. 

16. Frodo Barkins

Photo by Frodo on August 15, 2023. May be an image of corgi and park.
Source: @Mr.FrodoBarkins

Did you know that Corgi butts come in tri-coloring? Frodo Barkins (best name ever) has stunning black, white, and tan fur which you can see on full display in this lovely bum shot. 

17. Rikimaru

Photo by ???????????????????? & ???????????????????????????????? on September 11, 2021.
Source: @EricoBear

If this photo of a chunky Corgi butt on the beach watching the ocean with his Corgi toys doesn’t make you feel blissful, we don’t know what will! This looks like our ideal summer vacation. 

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18. Cobee

Photo shared by Cobee The Corgi on February 20, 2019 tagging @dogs.lovers, @dogs_of_day, @sirtobycorgi, @corgistagrams, @thecorgiworld, @corgistagram, @corgibums, @corgigram_, @corgitherapy, @corgisclub, @canismajorsg, and @netflixdogs.
Source: @CobeeTheCorgi

Have you ever seen a corgi do the splits? Now you have! Cobee is a seven-year-old Corgi from Singapore who has some incredible flexibility, and an absolutely irresistible smile to boot!

19. Kaia

Photo by Kaia on August 14, 2023. May be an image of corgi.
Source: @Kaia_The.Corgi

Kaia’s sploot not only shows off her adorable Corgi butt, but also her impressive leg muscles! Corgis are a herding breed, and they’re built to run, turn on a dime, and spend hours out in the fields. 

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