4 Best Dog Food Brands for Corgis & Corgi Puppies

Best Dog Food for Corgis
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Corgis are short-legged, large-eared, and oh-so fluffy! These adorable little herding dogs may have been designed for life on the farm, but they’ve become iconic companion dogs beloved by everyone, even royalty

If you own a Corgi, you know they love to run, play, and enjoy an active life, and they need the right diet to support that. Here, we’re going over the best dog food for Corgis to keep them happy and healthy their whole lives. 

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Corgi Nutrition Needs

Best Dog Food for Corgis

A Corgi’s nutritional requirements are plenty of protein, fat, and fiber. A facultative carnivore, dogs eat primarily animal protein, but can also benefit from some fruits, veggies, and grains.  

The very first questions to ask yourself when choosing the best dog food for Corgis are:

  1. Is your Corgi a puppy (3–12 months), an adult (up to 9), or a senior (9+)?
  2. How big is your Corgi? They are typically small-medium dogs, around 24–30 lbs.
  3. How active is your Corgi?
  4. Does your Corgi have any health concerns? 

Corgis (both Pembroke Welsh Corgis and Cardigan Welsh Corgis) are prone to several health conditions including hip and elbow dysplasia, eye and vision issues, and back and spine problems. Because we know that Corgis are prone to these conditions, we can easily make dietary choices for them that support healthy bones, joints, and eyes. 

Best Dog Food for Corgis

Whether you feed raw, kibble, or anything in-between, you’ll find a biologically appropriate dog food for your Corgi in the list below!

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1. Best Raw: We Feed Raw Beef Recipe

Best Dog Food for Corgis

We Feed Raw creates an impressive range of raw recipes featuring lots of different proteins so you can switch it up, or choose one for a dog with specific dietary needs. Each recipe includes a variety of animal parts including meat (muscle), bone, and organs for a healthy blend of nutrients in a high-protein package. 

For Corgis specifically, we love that this recipe includes a vitamin A supplement (to support eye health), manganese sulfate (for healthy bones), and natural calcium from the added ground bone. 

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First 5 IngredientsBeef Heart, Beef Liver, Beef Kidney, Beef Necks (with bone), Flaxseed
Food TypeRaw, grain-free
Guaranteed Analysis12.2% Protein – 10% Fat – 1% Fiber – 68.8% Moisture
Feeding InstructionsFeed 9.6 oz. per day, or 4.8 oz. per meal*
Cost Per Meal$2.93 per meal – $264.00 for 27 lbs. (best option for savings)

What Reviewers Say:

2. Best Air-Dried: Sundays For Dogs Beef Recipe

Sundays For dogs woman pouring into bowl

If you struggle to get your Chiweenie to eat their food, but they love treats, they’ll probably love Sundays For Dogs. Air-dried in small pieces that look, taste, and feel like jerky, Sundays For Dogs can also be used as training treats if you’re working on teaching your Chiweenie new tricks, or they just deserve an extra snack at the end of a long hard day of naps. 

Other than the delicious recipe, we think Sundays For Dogs deserves consideration for best food for Chiweenies thanks to the turmeric to reduce inflammation, blueberries for antioxidant and immune support, and tart cherries to protect the joints. 

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First 5 IngredientsBeef, Beef Heart, Beef Liver, Beef Bone, Quinoa
Food TypeAir-dried, grain-inclusive without wheat, peas, corn, or legumes
Guaranteed Analysis30% Protein – 20% Fat – 3% Fiber – 15% Moisture
Feeding InstructionsFeed ½ cup (2.2 oz.) per day or ¼ cup (1.1 oz.) per meal*
Cost Per Meal $1.92 per meal* – $69 for 72 oz. (best option for savings)

What Reviewers Say:

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3. Best Fresh-Frozen: Nom Nom Beef Mash

Best Dog Food for Corgis

Source: @NomNom

The closest thing to making your dog food at home, Nom Nom crafts delicious fresh recipes that are carefully balanced for optimal canine nutrition. Including fresh, whole ingredients and added supplements, we recommend the Beef Mash recipe which includes carrots, a natural source of beta-carotene, dicalcium phosphate for healthy bones, and eggs for a healthy source of joint-supporting and anti-inflammatory vitamin E.

First 5 IngredientsGround Beef, Russet Potatoes, Eggs, Carrots, Peas
Food TypeFresh-frozen, grain-inclusive without wheat, corn, or legumes
Guaranteed Analysis8% Protein – 4% Fat – 1% Fiber – 77% Moisture
Feeding InstructionsNom Nom creates a custom meal plan for every dog!
Cost Per Meal$3.61 per meal* – Nom Nom will give you a custom quote to show you exactly what it will cost to feed your dog.

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4. Best Dry Dog Food For Corgis: Spot & Tango UnKibble Beef & Barley Recipe

Best dog food for corgis
Source: @SpotAndTango

Kibble can be a fantastic, easy, healthy option, just so long as you choose a formula with lots of healthy, whole ingredients. Luckily, Spot & Tango makes it affordable to feed your dog the best corgi food, highest quality kibble, and offers three delicious blends to suit any of your dog’s unique dietary needs.

For Corgis, we love that the Beef & Barley formula includes a vitamin E supplement and flax (high in Omega-3s) to reduce inflammation and support healthy joints, fish oil with vitamin A to support vision and eye health, and blueberries, which are high in natural antioxidants.

First 5 IngredientsBeef, Barley, Flax, Carrots, Green Beans
Food TypeKibble, grain-inclusive without wheat or corn
Guaranteed Analysis26.58% Protein – 16.43% Fat – 3.18% Fiber – 2.04% Moisture
Feeding InstructionsPrecise serving size customized according to your dog’s details!
Cost Per Meal$1.64 per meal* – $57.36 for two weeks of food*

What Reviewers Say:

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Best Dog Food for Corgi Puppies

BrandGrain?First 5 IngredientsPrice

Best Raw: We Feed Raw
Grain-freeBeef Heart Beef Liver Beef Kidney Beef Necks (with bone)WFR vitamin + mineral mix$$

Best Air-Dried: Front of the Pack
Grain-inclusive90% USDA Grass-Fed Beef Pumpkin Seed OilOrganic Oats (Gluten Free) Organic Guar Fiber Organic Beets$
Primal Freeze Dried Dog Food Nuggets Beef Formula, Crafted in The USA Grain Free Raw Dog Food

Best Freeze-Dried: Primal
Grain-freeBeef Hearts Beef Livers Ground Beef Bones Organic Carrots Organic Squash$$$
Photo by The Farmer's Dog on February 28, 2022.

Best Fresh-Frozen: The Farmer’s Dog
Grain-inclusiveBeef Sweet Potato Lentils Carrot Beef Liver$$
Photo by Spot & Tango on August 09, 2022. May be an image of dog and text that says 'kis% SPOT & &TA Beef & Barle Green Beans, Beet Rosemary, Kelp'.

Best Healthy Kibble: Spot & Tango
Grain-inclusiveBeef Barley Flax Carrots Green Beans$

Best Canned: Blue Buffalo Wilderness
Grain-freeBeef Beef Broth Turkey Beef Liver Potatoes$$

Best Dog Food for Corgis – The FAQ

Have more questions about choosing the best dog food for Corgis? Here are some of the common questions Corgi-lovers like you have about the subject. 

What is the best dry food for a Corgi puppy?

Spot & Tango –the healthy kibble option– offers custom dry food formulas for dogs at all life stages.

What is the best wet dog food for Corgis?

We recommend We Feed Raw and Nom Nom for Corgi owners that want to feed wet dog food to their pups. We Feed Raw is an uncooked raw option with ~68% moisture, and Nom Nom creates fully cooked fresh-frozen recipes with ~77% moisture. 

What is the best homemade food for Corgis?

While it is possible to make dog food at home, it’s a very lengthy process and requires you to purchase and prepare a wide variety of ingredients. Pre-made dog foods are already nutritionally balanced, and you don’t have to worry about supplementing them with extra nutrients unless your dog has a deficiency. 

Instead of making homemade dog food for Corgis, we recommend buying food from a brand like Nom Nom, which prepares fresh-frozen meals that are as good as homemade. 

What is the best raw dog food for Corgis?

We recommend We Feed Raw as the best raw dog food for your Corgi since it includes an impressive blend of meat, fat, organs, and bone, plus a nutrient blend that can help to support healthy bones, joints, and eyes.

What is the best human food for Corgis?

It’s not a good idea to feed your Corgi human food. Human food is high in processed oils, salt, sugar, and artificial flavorings that can give your dog an upset stomach in the short-term, or lead to serious health concerns and deficiencies in the long run. 
Instead, feed them high-quality fresh-frozen food like Nom Nom, or any of the other dog food options on this list. 

What is the best senior Corgi dog food?

All of the brands on this list offer appropriate dog food options for senior Corgis, but we recommend Nom Nom, in particular. Nom Nom offers a variety of proteins, including lean proteins like turkey which are good for seniors who need fewer calories without sacrificing quantity or protein. 
Each recipe also includes whole veggies, which offer lots of healthy dietary fiber to make the food super easy to digest for seniors, and since the food is already hydrated, your pooch will get plenty of water while they eat. 

What is the best Corgi puppy food?

Best Raw: We Feed Raw
Best Air-Dried: Front of the Pack
Best Fresh-Frozen: The Farmer’s Dog
Best Healthy Kibble: Spot & Tango
Best Canned: Blue Buffalo Wilderness

What is the best food for a Pembroke Welsh Corgi?

The options listed above would also apply to a Pembroke Welsh Corgi

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