German Shepherd Beaten in Divorce Drama Still Searching for Home After 2 Years

Chase, a German Shepherd rescue dog, continues his search for a permanent home two years after being saved from an abusive situation. The victim of a violent divorce, Chase was beaten by his former owner, leaving him with physical and emotional scars. Despite his traumatic past, Chase has shown remarkable resilience. Chase charms everyone he meets with his lopsided ears and love of people. But he’s yet to find a forever family with whom he can relax and thriv

German Shepherd Beaten in Divorce Drama Still Searching for Home After 2 Years

Sadly, Chase was adopted and returned to local Animal Control before his first birthday. When he was adopted again one month later, however, things went from bad to worse. Chase was repeatedly beaten by the husband and suffered mental and physical trauma as a result. Thankfully, Chase was surrendered to the rescue during the couple’s divorce.

@juliesaraceno2 This is Chase, and he’s been a rescue dog for 2 years. He came to rescue after his owners were getting a divorce & the husband sadly beat Chase, hurting Chase’s hind end and leaving his face with scars💔. As a result, Chase is sensitive near his end & has a lot of anxiety – he can only be crated for short periods of time & cannot be alone for long periods of time. Chase is a tender soul with a gentle demeanor, so he will need someone who is home a lot & someone/a family who has patience to show Chase he is safe & loved. ❤️‍🩹 For those reasons, children over the age of 5 may be best for Chase, just because they can be more aware of being respectful & loving towards him. Chase does get along with other dogs, but prefers more submissive ones/gentle like him. But he would be just fine as the only dog in a home, and a cat-free home would probably be best. Chase is extremely smart, & he knows many commands like sit, lay down, leave it, shake, here, & drop it. He also loooooves his stuffies. If you can foster or give him a forever home & adopt him, please apply at 🐾💕 #germanshepherdlove #rescueme #rescuedismyfavoritebreed #tricitieswa ♬ The Kite Live by Luisa Marion – luisa_marion_music

Boarding, Training, and Healing

It didn’t take long for the rescuers to learn just how much Chase loves people. He is an affectionate boy who’s finding more happiness every day, but he also has long-term hip injuries and scars.

In April 2021, Chase was sent to Maddox Dog Training, where he is still living today as part of a long-term board and train program, but he hasn’t found an adopter who can take on his severe anxiety. He needs a constant companion, like someone who works from home or is retired, and who can be patient with his anxious mind. He is still nervous around men and needs a home with no young kids or rowdy dogs.

He celebrates his fifth birthday in July, and he would love nothing more than to get a low-key, loving home as his birthday gift. If you’re in Washington State and are looking for a companion, Chase could be your guy! Reach out to Mikey’s Chance Canine Rescue

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