Dachshund Surrendered to Shelter Months Ago Won’t Stop Longing for a Forever Home 

Credit: https://lovebugsrescue.org/

All shelter dogs have one thing in common: a yearning to be cherished by a forever family that sees their worth. While some shelter pups are lucky enough to see this desire come to fruition sooner than expected, most often find themselves waiting for months or years to find their dream home.

Chesapeake, a 7-year-old Dachshund mix currently at Lovebugs Rescue in California, relates too well with the second category of ‘unlucky’ dogs. 

Dachshund Surrendered to Shelter Months Ago Won’t Stop Longing for a Forever Home 

Despite his endearing personality and good manners that charm everyone at the rescue, Chesapeake hasn’t been fortunate to find a forever family for months now. Instead, he’s had to watch his fellow canine mates walk excitedly out of the rescue doors with their new families while he remains behind, questioning his worth. 

Before his arrival at Lovebugs Rescue in Dec 2023, Chesapeake was a resident at a certain shelter after his previous owner surrendered him there. It’s unclear why this gray-muzzled sweetie was returned to the shelter, where he stayed for two months without any visitor showing immediate interest in him. This prompted Lovebugs Rescue to intervene and take Chesapeake in, hoping they’d turn his fortunes around. Unfortunately, it’s almost eight months since he arrived at the rescue, and all he’s been doing is wait.  

Perfect Yet unlucky…..

Chesapeake won the heart of a foster, who took him in together with another dog. Although being part of a foster home did wonders for Chesapeake, he once again found himself pondering on another heartbreaking “what’s wrong with me” moment when the other dog in his foster home found an adoptive family.

Kelly Hammons of Lovebugs Rescue — who’s completely baffled that such an amazing dog like Chesapeake hasn’t received an adoption application so far — believes his age and color may sadly be the reason why he hasn’t been successful in his search for a loving permanent home. “We think he’s been left because he has a few things against him, one being he is a black dog, and black dogs aren’t looked at as often. Plus, he is 7 years old and considered a senior,” Hammons states.

Nevertheless, Chesapeake’s foster and staff at the rescue can confidently agree that he has much to offer beyond his looks and senior status. He is a prize that anyone who overlooks him misses out on. 

Could You Give Sweet Chesapeake His Happy Ending?

Chesapeake is all about the simple, laid-back life. Like most senior dogs, he prefers a quieter, stable, toddler-free home environment where he’s guaranteed less chaos, occasional tasty treats, and unlimited cuddles on a day-to-day basis. He is potty-trained and shows his gratitude by being on his best behavior (he neither barks aimlessly nor chews). 

Although Chesapeake may seem shy during your first interaction, it won’t take long before he begins to suffocate you with love and affection. He’s not the most leash-disciplined dog yet, but he’s making remarkable progress thanks to his foster parent, who’s incredibly committed to his leash training.

Chesapeake is the ideal dog to complete your family, and he’s just waiting on you to take him home. If you’d like to bring Chesapeake’s extended stay at the shelter to an end, kindly reach out to Lovebugs Rescue for more details about his adoption. 

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