Pug Thrown Over Shelter Wall Scared To Trust Until This Happens

Sitting With Dogs

Join animal advocate Rocky Kanaka on a heartfelt and authentic journey as he visits scared and lonely shelter dogs, armed with nothing but his iPhone and a deep desire to provide comfort and hope. In this unpretentious series, Rocky quietly sits with these homeless dogs, capturing their stories and unique personalities. Through the simplicity of his approach, he aims to shed light on the challenges they face and help them find loving homes. Experience the power of genuine connection and the transformative impact it can have on both humans and animals in this sincere exploration of companionship and second chances.

1. Heartwarming Tale of Pugsly: A Stray Pug’s Journey to a Forever Home

Sitting With Dogs Heartwarming Tale of Pugsly

Pugsly was was dropped off in the shelter’s night drop off area, without actually putting him in one of the kennels. He was just tossed into a small without any information at all, not even his name. Thanks to the compassion of a vigilant passerby, Pugsly was gently placed into one of the nightdrop kennels.

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Sitting With Dogs Heartwarming Tale of Pugsly

The shelter staff quickly saw something special in him. Named Pugsly by Rocky, this charming pug had an aura of friendliness that couldn’t be ignored. He was sweet and playful and loves toys..

Pug enthusiasts understand the unique charm of this breed, and Pugsly was no exception. Pug owners often tout their companions as the quintessential house dogs, adaptable to any setting – urban or rural, young or old.

Sitting With Dogs Heartwarming Tale of Pugsly

Amid the hustle of the shelter, a glimmer of hope emerged: word spread about a family showing interest in Pugsly. The chance of a meet and greet brought excitement, hinting at a new chapter for the friendly pooch. Taking the lead, Rocky spoke with the family about their preferences, notably their wish for a calm companion without excessive barking.

While the family considered their decision, Rocky watched nearby, capturing a moment in the shelter’s hallway. Tension mounted as the important meet and greet approached, potentially altering Pugsly’s fate.

Finally, the moment arrived: Would the family adopt Pugsly? Rocky asked, and a wave of relief followed their enthusiastic “YES.” Pugsly’s heartening journey found a joyful destination, with the family sealing his destiny with a simple yet resounding decision.

Sitting With Dogs Heartwarming Tale of Pugsly

Pugsly’s journey from a nameless stray to a beloved family member epitomizes the magic of second chances. A dog once lost in the shadows of anonymity found his way into the hearts of those who recognized his potential. Pugsly’s story reminds us that every dog, regardless of their past, carries the capacity to bring boundless joy and unwavering companionship into our lives.

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2. Anna & Elsa

sitting with dogs v

Anna and Elsa, two fluffy terriers, found themselves abandoned in the after hours drop off area, without any accompanying information. Amidst the enigma surrounding their past, two certainties stand out – they are young and stricken with fear.

Upon a closer look, it becomes apparent they are a bonded pair, their connection evident in the way they huddle together. In Rocky’s discerning eyes, their closeness paints the picture of a profoundly connected duo.

Rocky gave them the fitting monikers of Anna and Elsa as they embark on a journey of transformation. The shelter’s dedicated staff has taken it upon themselves to gently coax these timid souls out of their protective shells. Each step towards progress is a testament to the resilience of these terriers.

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3. From Stray to Stylish: The Remarkable Transformation of Teddy the Cocker Spaniel

sitting with dogs - Teddy the Cocker Spaniel

In a heartwarming tale of resilience and second chances, one dog’s journey from a neglected stray to a beloved family member showcases the incredible bond between humans and their furry companions. This is the story of Teddy, a Cocker Spaniel who, against all odds, found happiness and a new lease on life.

A Rough Start

I begged the shelter to groom him as soon as I saw him
Ted the Cocker Spaniel is horribly matted, and Rocky begs Mel to groom him

Teddy’s story begins on the streets, where he navigated life as a stray with a coat in disarray. His once lustrous fur was matted and tangled, a testament to the harsh conditions he had endured. But despite his physical hardships, Teddy’s spirit remained unbroken. When he was rescued and brought to a shelter, his innate spunk and forgiving nature caught the attention of Rocky, a shelter worker who quickly saw the potential beneath Teddy’s rough exterior.

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Rocky’s Discovery

Rocky spent time with Teddy, recognizing the spark within the dog’s eyes that had weathered neglect. Teddy longed for affection, eagerly seeking belly rubs and scratches from Rocky. Yet, Rocky faced a dilemma – he wanted to care for Teddy but realized that his matted coat posed a challenge. Rocky’s heart ached, wishing he could do more for the dog he had grown fond of.

A Lifesaving Transformation

sitting with dogs - Teddy the Cocker Spaniel

Fortunately, Rocky’s dedication to Teddy’s well-being led him to make a plea to Mel, a skilled groomer who had a deep understanding of dogs’ needs. Recognizing the urgency, Mel took Teddy under her care. With patience and skill, she untangled the mats and knots that had plagued Teddy’s coat. Recognizing that Teddy’s fur was beyond repair, Mel made the compassionate decision to shave him down, allowing him to start anew.

Teddy’s Transformation

Emerging from the grooming process, Teddy’s transformation was nothing short of remarkable. The once matted and neglected pup was now a clean, sleek version of himself, ready to embrace a brighter future. With his coat shaved and a newfound lightness, Teddy’s personality shines even brighter.

A New Chapter

Teddy’s story took an inspiring turn when he found his forever home with a loving family who cherished him deeply. The once-stray Cocker Spaniel became an integral part of their lives, a companion who radiated joy and happiness. Teddy’s new owners embraced his playful spirit and made sure he received the care and attention he deserved.

Cocker Spaniels: The Perfect Companions

Teddy’s journey also sheds light on the characteristics of Cocker Spaniels as a breed. Their eager playfulness makes them wonderful companions for both children and active individuals. Their athleticism is evident, yet their compact size allows for easy portability. While their full coat demands grooming efforts, the result is a stunningly beautiful dog that stands out in any crowd.

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4. Greta Was Emaciated & Forced To Breed.

sitting with dogs - emaciated dog Greta

Encountered by Animal Control on the streets, this young girl’s journey began as a tale of uncertainty. With no identification microchip or collar, her plight was clear – she was not only without a home, and she was emaciated. Greeted with concern, her story took a hopeful turn as the shelter team welcomed her into their care, affectionately dubbing her Greta.

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A regimen of three carefully portioned meals a day was introduced, marking the first step towards her recovery as she embarked on a quest to regain her lost weight. The team, compassionate and skilled, also addressed her other medical needs, tending to her well-being.

sitting with dogs - emaciated dog Greta

Greta’s journey to a brighter future continued as she experienced the luxury of a much-needed bath, a respite from her days wandering the streets. Among those who extended a helping hand was Rocky, whose own recent loss of his beloved Boxer named Flip stirred deep emotions. Their encounter transcended the ordinary, as their connection formed against the backdrop of shared loss and newfound hope. Greta’s longing for a stable and loving home resonated with Rocky’s own experience.

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This boxer is emaciated and was forced to breed
Greta the Boxer mix is filthy and emaciated.

In terms of lineage, Greta emerges as a Boxer mix – a breed renowned for its agility and strength, evoking the image of graceful athletes. The Boxer’s playful nature and spirited disposition define their character, particularly their affinity for engaging with children. With a role as both vigilant protectors and cherished family members, Boxers approach their duties fearlessly, standing guard against threats with unwavering courage. Early socialization with various individuals and animals during puppyhood lays the foundation for their well-rounded personalities.

From the depths of uncertainty, she now stands on the precipice of a new chapter. With the shelter’s nurturing care, Rocky’s empathetic presence, and the inherent strength of her breed, Greta embodies the potential for transformation and healing.

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