The Shaved Shih Tzu: A Guide to Grooming, Maintenance, and Styling

Grooming plays a vital role in keeping our beloved Shih Tzus healthy, comfortable, and stylish. While the Shih Tzu breed is known for its luxurious, flowing coat, there are instances where a shaved look becomes necessary or preferred. Whether it’s to manage mats, provide relief from hot weather, or create a unique style, understanding the process of shaving a Shih Tzu is essential for every owner. In this article, we will delve into the world of the shaved Shih Tzu, providing insights into grooming techniques, maintenance tips, and the considerations involved in achieving the perfect look.

The Shaved Shih Tzu

Here are the step-by-step instructions for shaving down a matted Shih Tzu dog:

1. Assess the dog’s coat

Shaved Shih Tzu
Source: YouTube – Matted Shih Tzu Shave Down Grooming

Determine the level of matting and identify areas that need to be shaved.

2. Prepare the tools

grooming tools

Gather a 5 F blade, a 7 F blade, and a 10 blade. Additionally, have snap-on combs and scissors available for further grooming.

3. Find a starting point

Shaved Shih Tzu
Source: YouTube – Matted Shih Tzu Shave Down Grooming

Locate a spot where the blade can easily go underneath the mats. Avoid starting in heavily matted areas.

4. Begin shaving

Shaved Shih Tzu
Source: YouTube – Matted Shih Tzu Shave Down Grooming

Start with the 5 F blade and attempt to shave the mats. If the blade doesn’t go through, switch to a 7 F blade.

5. Shave mats in one piece

Shaved Shih Tzu
Source: YouTube – Matted Shih Tzu Shave Down Grooming

Try to remove large mats in one piece by sliding the blade underneath and carefully cutting through.

6. Work systematically

Shaved Shih Tzu
Source: YouTube – Matted Shih Tzu Shave Down Grooming

Move from one area to another, going side to side, to maximize mat removal. Use the appropriate blade for each area.

7. Pay attention to sensitive areas

Shaved Shih Tzu
Source: YouTube – Matted Shih Tzu Shave Down Grooming

When working around the face and head, use snap-on combs to trim and maintain a desired look. Keep the dog’s face away from the clippers.

8. Address the top knot

Shaved Shih Tzu
Source: YouTube – Matted Shih Tzu Shave Down Grooming

Cut through any rubber bands holding the matting in place. Assess the matting and work around the neck area, finding starting points to cut through and remove mats.

9. Support the dog and position accordingly

Shaved Shih Tzu
Source: YouTube – Matted Shih Tzu Shave Down Grooming

Use your hands to guide and support the dog throughout the process. Hold the head still when necessary and move ears out of the way for better access.

10. Switch to a 10 blade for finer grooming

Use a 10 blade for more delicate areas like the face, making precise cuts to thin out mats and blend the hair.

11. Brush and separate mats

Shaved Shih Tzu
Source: YouTube – Matted Shih Tzu Shave Down Grooming

Once some matting is loosened, use a brush to help separate and untangle the hair. Be gentle and avoid yanking or hurting the dog.

12. Scissor and shape

Shaved Shih Tzu
Source: YouTube – Matted Shih Tzu Shave Down Grooming

Trim and scissor the face, ears, and other desired areas to achieve a polished look. Take your time and prioritize the dog’s comfort.

13. Bathe and dry:

After the shaving and grooming process, give the dog a bath and thoroughly dry their coat.

14. Finishing touches

Shaved Shih Tzu
Source: YouTube – Matted Shih Tzu Shave Down Grooming

Go over the dog’s coat with the 5 F blade for final touch-ups. Blend the hair on the legs and skirt using a number two snap-on comb. Scissor the feet, head, face, and tail as needed.

15. Present the final result

Shaved Shih Tzu
Source: YouTube – Matted Shih Tzu Shave Down Grooming

Showcase the groomed dog after the bath and fluff drying, demonstrating the transformed appearance.

Remember to prioritize the dog’s well-being and comfort throughout the entire process. Take breaks when necessary and handle the dog with care to ensure a positive grooming experience.

Shaved Shih Tzu Face

When it comes to grooming a Shih Tzu, certain areas require special attention, including the face, tail, and ears. These areas can be groomed to enhance the overall appearance of a shaved Shih Tzu. The shaved Shih Tzu face, for example, can be carefully scissored and shaped to create a clean, refined look. Trimming the hair around the eyes and muzzle can help improve visibility and maintain a neat appearance. It’s important to be cautious and gentle when working around sensitive areas, ensuring the dog’s comfort throughout the process.

Shaved Shih Tzu Tail

The tail is another area where grooming can make a significant difference in a shaved Shih Tzu’s appearance. Trimming the tail hair to a suitable length can help achieve a balanced look while maintaining the breed’s distinctive silhouette. A well-groomed tail can be shaped to enhance the overall aesthetic appeal of the dog. Care should be taken to avoid cutting the tail too short or causing any discomfort to the Shih Tzu.

Shaved Shih Tzu Ears

Shih Tzu ears require special attention during grooming, especially when the dog is shaved. Regular cleaning and maintenance are crucial to prevent ear infections and ensure the dog’s comfort. When grooming a shaved Shih Tzu’s ears, it’s essential to remove excess hair from the ear canal carefully. This helps improve airflow and reduces the risk of moisture buildup and bacterial growth. Consulting with a professional groomer or veterinarian can provide valuable guidance on proper ear care techniques and products to use.

Shih Tzu Grooming Pictures- Popular Shih Tzu Haircuts

Puppy Cut 

The Shaved Shih Tzu: puppy Cut
Source: @bsebastiangroomer

This is the most common Shih Tzu haircut. The hair is trimmed to 1-2 inches all over the body, with the facial hair kept a bit longer. This style is low-maintenance and easy to groom.

Teddy Bear Cut

The Shaved Shih Tzu: Teddy Bear Cut
Source: @mason_theshihtzu

This cut is similar to the Puppy Cut, but the hair is left a bit longer on the face and legs, giving the dog a teddy bear-like appearance. This style is more high-maintenance than the Puppy Cut, but it is very popular.

Lion Cut

The Shaved Shih Tzu: Lion cut
Source: @yoko.shihtzu

 This cut is a more elaborate style that is often seen in dog shows. The hair is trimmed to different lengths all over the body, with the hair on the head and neck being left long and styled into a lion’s mane. This style is very high-maintenance, but it is very striking.

Top Knot

The Shaved Shih Tzu: Top knot Cut

This cut is a simple style that is easy to maintain. The hair is trimmed to 1-2 inches all over the body, except for the top of the head, where it is left long and tied up in a top knot. This style is popular for Shih Tzus who are active and spend a lot of time outdoors.

Show Cut

The Shaved Shih Tzu: show Cut

This cut is the most elaborate style that can be given to a Shih Tzu. The hair is trimmed to different lengths all over the body, and the dog is styled to perfection. This style is only seen in dog shows, and it requires a lot of time and grooming expertise to maintain.

Frequently Asked Questions about Shih Tzu Shave Down:

What does it mean to shave a Shih Tzu?

A Shih Tzu shave refers to trimming or cutting the dog’s hair very short, often close to the skin, resulting in a noticeable reduction in hair length.

Can I completely shave down my Shih Tzu?

Yes, it is possible to completely shave down a Shih Tzu, removing almost all of its hair. However, it is important to consider the breed’s natural coat and consult with a professional groomer before opting for a complete shave.

Will my Shih Tzu’s hair grow back after being shaved?

Yes, a Shih Tzu’s hair will grow back after being shaved. However, the regrowth process may vary in terms of time and texture, as each dog’s coat is unique.

How often should I shave my Shih Tzu?

The frequency of shaving a Shih Tzu depends on personal preference, the desired length of the coat, and the dog’s overall grooming needs. Some owners prefer to maintain a shorter, shaved look and may choose to shave their Shih Tzu every few weeks or months.

Can a shaved Shih Tzu get sunburned?

Yes, a shaved Shih Tzu is more susceptible to sunburn due to the reduced protection provided by the hair. It is advisable to apply pet-safe sunscreen or provide shade when the dog is exposed to direct sunlight.

Are there any risks associated with shaving a Shih Tzu?

Shaving a Shih Tzu carries certain risks, such as potential skin irritation, sensitivity, or discomfort. It is crucial to follow proper grooming techniques, use appropriate tools, and consider the dog’s individual needs.

Can I see grooming pictures or a tutorial for shaving a Shih Tzu?

Yes, you can find grooming pictures and tutorials online that provide step-by-step instructions for shaving a Shih Tzu. These resources can be helpful in understanding the process and techniques involved.

Are there specific step-by-step instructions for shaving a Shih Tzu?

Yes, there are step-by-step instructions available for shaving a Shih Tzu. These instructions typically cover the equipment needed, mat removal techniques, blade selection, and grooming tips to achieve the desired result.

Can a Shih Tzu be shaved without professional help?

While it is possible to shave a Shih Tzu at home, seeking professional help from an experienced groomer is recommended. They have the necessary skills, knowledge, and equipment to safely and effectively groom your Shih Tzu.

Can a Shih Tzu be shaved down if it has tangled or matted hair?

Yes, shaving down a Shih Tzu with tangled or matted hair is often necessary to remove the mats and promote a healthier coat. Professional groomers can handle such situations appropriately and provide guidance on maintaining a mat-free coat.

Can I maintain a long coat for my Shih Tzu without shaving?

Yes, it is possible to maintain a long coat for your Shih Tzu without resorting to shaving. Regular brushing, proper grooming techniques, and professional grooming sessions can help keep the coat tangle-free, healthy, and beautiful.

How can I achieve a medium-length coat for my Shih Tzu?

To achieve a medium-length coat for your Shih Tzu, regular trimming and shaping by a professional groomer are recommended. They can skillfully trim the hair to the desired length while preserving the breed’s signature appearance.

What should I know about grooming a Shih Tzu puppy?

Grooming a Shih Tzu puppy should start early to establish a positive association with the grooming process. Begin with gentle brushing and short grooming sessions, gradually introducing them to various grooming tools. Patience, positive reinforcement, and a calm environment are key to making grooming a pleasant experience for your Shih Tzu puppy.

How can I handle an extremely matted coat on my Shih Tzu?

Dealing with an extremely matted coat requires professional assistance from a groomer experienced in mat removal. They will use specialized tools, techniques, and potentially a shave down if the mats are too severe. Regular grooming and brushing can prevent future matting.

Are Shih Tzus considered a double-coated breed?

No, Shih Tzus are not considered a double-coated breed. They have a single, dense, and long outer coat that requires regular maintenance to prevent tangles and matting.

What should I know about my Shih Tzu’s skin and coat health?

Maintaining good skin and coat health for your Shih Tzu involves proper nutrition, regular grooming, and routine check-ups with a veterinarian. Regular grooming helps distribute natural oils, prevents skin irritations, and keeps the coat in excellent condition.

Can my Shih Tzu have a teddy bear cut?

Yes, the teddy bear cut is a popular grooming style for Shih Tzus. It involves trimming the hair evenly all over the body, giving the dog a fluffy and teddy bear-like appearance. Discuss your preferences with a professional groomer to achieve the desired look.

How does a Shih Tzu’s coat change from puppy to adult?

A Shih Tzu’s coat undergoes a transition from a soft, fluffy puppy coat to the adult coat. The puppy coat is usually finer and requires less grooming. As the dog matures, the adult coat grows in, becoming denser, longer, and requiring more attention to prevent matting and tangling.

Should a Shih Tzu be shaved?

Shaving a Shih Tzu is not generally recommended. Shih Tzus have a double coat, which means they have a soft, fluffy undercoat and a coarser topcoat. The undercoat helps to insulate them from both heat and cold, while the topcoat helps to protect them from the sun and dirt. If you shave a Shih Tzu, you will be removing both of these layers of protection, which can leave them vulnerable to the elements.

How long does it take for a Shih Tzu hair to grow back after shaving?

The amount of time it takes for a Shih Tzu’s hair to grow back after shaving can vary depending on the individual dog. However, it typically takes about 6-8 months for the hair to fully grow back.

How short can you shave a Shih Tzu?

 It is not recommended to shave a Shih Tzu’s hair too short. The minimum length that you should shave a Shih Tzu’s hair is around 1 inch. Shaving the hair too short can damage the undercoat and make it difficult for the hair to grow back properly.

Should I cut my Shih Tzu hair?

Whether or not you should cut your Shih Tzu’s hair depends on a few factors, including your dog’s lifestyle, activity level, and coat type. If your dog is active and spends a lot of time outdoors, you may want to keep their hair short to help them stay cool. If your dog is more laid-back and spends most of their time indoors, you may want to keep their hair long to help protect them from the cold. Ultimately, the best way to decide is to talk to your veterinarian or a professional groomer.

Grooming a Shih Tzu involves careful consideration of the breed’s coat, individual needs, and personal preferences. While a shaved Shih Tzu may differ from the traditional long-haired appearance, it can provide practicality, comfort, and even a touch of unique style. By following proper grooming techniques, consulting with professionals, and staying informed about the specific needs of your Shih Tzu, you can maintain a well-groomed and happy companion. Embrace the versatility of the shaved Shih Tzu and create a grooming routine that suits both you and your furry friend, ensuring a lifetime of good health and fabulous style.

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