Anna & Elsa

Here's What You Need To Know:

  • Pet's Location : Wildomar, California
  • Pet's Age : Young adult
  • Pet's Breed : irish Terrier
  • Pet's Gender : Female
  • Pet's Size : small
  • Pet good with other pets? : Unsure
  • Pet good with kids? : Unsure

UPDATE: Anna & Elsa are getting ADOPTED! More details to come soon.

Anna (pictured above right) and Elsa (pictured above left) were abandoned in nightdrop with no information. These two ladies only have two things known for certain about them – they’re young, and they’re terrified. Rocky is thinking these two are a bonded pair for how tightly knit they seemed when he sat with them. Nicknamed Anna and Elsa by Rocky, these two will be worked with by shelter staff to ease them out of their shells for hopefully a new home together.

Now they are adoption available, and ready for someone to take their time with them in a new home.