Loyal Dog Stares at Shelter Door Awaiting Family’s Return: Then the Unexpected Occurs

Today is one of those days at the shelter where emotions run high, and you really see the spectrum of what these dogs go through. So, grab your coffee (preferably a cup of Flip Coffee), sit back, and let me tell you about my experience with a special dog named Serena.

Finding Serena

So, there I was, walking through the shelter, when I stumbled upon this scared little girl. She was huddled in the corner, her big eyes filled with uncertainty. I could tell right away she was smart. Dogs like her often know the deal—they just want out, and they know that gate opens to freedom. I think she was trying to tell me, “Hey, you’ve got the wrong dog in here.”

Serena: Sitting with Dogs 45

I decided to sit with her for a bit so, I parked myself on the cold, wet floor next to her. She’d been dipping in her water bowl, which was all over the place. Classic nervous behavior.

Initially, she was so submissive, her leg up, signaling her discomfort. But as I sat there quietly, I could see her curiosity start to win over her fear. It’s moments like these that I cherish, where you see a dog start to come around, even if just a little bit. I offered her some treats from my hand, and though she was hesitant, she took them. And just like that, we made a connection.

Health Check and Backstory

I had to step out for a bit because they needed help with another dog. But when I came back, we learned a bit more about Serena (who we think is a shepherd mix). The health check process is always enlightening. We found out she’s a young girl, probably about a year old, and she’s healthy overall. No signs of spaying or anything like that, which is something we’ll need to address. But what struck me was her demeanor—she’s scared and timid, but also incredibly sweet and friendly.

Serena: Sitting with Dogs 45

Serena’s Scary Start

Here’s the part that really tugs at your heartstrings: Serena was found at a local park, all alone. A good Samaritan noticed her wandering around, clearly lost and frightened. They approached her, and despite her fear, Serena allowed them to carry her to safety. This kind soul then brought Serena directly to the shelter, hoping she would be reunited with her family.

Unfortunately, when she arrived, she had no collar and no microchip. It’s always tough when dogs come in without any identification because it makes it that much harder to find their owners. But we remain hopeful. Serena could have simply slipped out of her yard and gotten lost, and her family might be frantically searching for her right now.

Building Trust

I went back to her kennel, armed with treats and a whole lot of patience. This time, she was more responsive, even managing a tiny tail wag! That’s when I knew we were making progress. She started to open up a bit more, letting me pet her, albeit cautiously. It’s like playing a game of patience and empathy, and when it works, it’s incredibly rewarding.

Serena: Sitting with Dogs 45

As I sat there, giving her treats and soft words of encouragement, I could see her starting to trust me. And trust is a huge deal for these dogs. The sooner we can get them to feel safe and secure, the better their chances of finding a forever home. That’s the goal, after all—to get them out of the shelter and into loving homes where they can thrive.

Naming Serena

While I was with Serena, I also thought about the larger picture. So many of these dogs end up in shelters through no fault of their own. Sometimes they escape from their homes, sometimes they’re abandoned, and sometimes life just throws a curveball. But every single one of them deserves a chance at a better life. And that’s where we come in—helping them transition from scared and uncertain to happy and hopeful.

Naming dogs is always a fun yet meaningful part of the process. Based on the park where she was found, Serenity Park, we decided to call her Serena. It felt right. Names give these dogs an identity, a sense of belonging, even before they find their forever homes.

The Power of Connection

Serena: Sitting with Dogs 45

Serena responded well to her new name, and I could see her slowly but surely getting more comfortable. I even got her to shake hands—well, almost. She’s a quick learner and so gentle, taking treats softly from my hand. It’s these little victories that make all the difference.

I also want to touch on something a bit more personal. Recently, someone sent me a note saying, “Flip would be proud of you.” For those who don’t know, Flip was my beloved dog who passed away about a year ago. Losing Flip was one of the hardest things I’ve ever gone through. But notes like that remind me that he’s still with me, in spirit, guiding me as I help other dogs in need.

Finding Strength in Memories

There’s a beautiful analogy I came across recently, comparing the loss of a pet to the transformation of a cloud. Just because you can’t see the cloud anymore doesn’t mean it’s gone—it’s just changed forms. In the same way, our pets live on in different forms, whether it’s through the work we do in their memory or the little signs we see around us.

Serena: Sitting with Dogs 45

So, here I am, sitting with Serena, reflecting on these thoughts, and feeling grateful for the opportunity to help her. Each dog we save is a testament to the love and care that people like you provide. Your support, whether it’s through watching these videos, donating, or volunteering, makes a tangible difference.

The Call to Action

Before I wrap up, I want to encourage everyone to consider fostering or adopting if you can. Dogs like Serena need a second chance, and you could be the one to give it to them. And even if you can’t adopt or foster, just spreading the word helps immensely. Share these stories, let people know about the dogs waiting for homes, and together, we can make a difference.

Serena is just one of many dogs out there looking for love. Let’s help her find her forever home. And remember, every little bit helps, from sharing these videos to supporting your local shelters. Thanks for being part of this journey with me. Your support means the world to these dogs and to me.

Hope for Serena

Serena: Sitting with Dogs 45

Alright, that’s all for now. I’ll keep you posted on Serena and other dogs we’re working with. Until then, stay kind, stay compassionate, and keep making the world a better place for our furry friends.

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