7 Puppies Abandoned in a Temple Meet Rescuers Who Won’t Give Up on Them

In a perfect world, every puppy would get to experience the love, care, and warmth of their mother right from the beginning until they’re grown enough to face the world by themselves. They would not have to worry about their safety because their mother would be with them at all times, ready to shield them from all the dangers that may come their way. (watch video below)

7 Puppies Abandoned in a Temple Meet Rescuers Who Won’t Give Up on Them

Unfortunately, the world we are in is far from perfect, and far too many puppies often find themselves in a state that no puppy deserves to be in: an abandoned state. 

When the rescue team at Happy Tails Shelter, based in Greece, got notified of seven 1 month old puppies abandoned at an old temple without their mother, they knew they had to act fast. It was a rescue operation that would once again expose the inhumanity and cruelty that some people harbor toward innocent, helpless creatures like puppies (watch video below).

Rescue Mission Begins…

Upon arriving at the site, the rescue team’s hearts sank at the sight of the fragile puppies left to face the biting cold on their own, with no signs of food or water close by. It was evident that these pups were trying to find solace and warmth in each other by how they snuggled together. Their pitiful gaze further echoed their distress and longing for their lives to take a lucky turn.

7 Puppies Abandoned in a Temple Meet Rescuers Who Won’t Give Up on Them

As if this wasn’t sad enough, the rescuers also discovered that the puppies were initially eight in total, only that one of them was struck and killed by a vehicle.  

Wasting no time, the rescue team carried on with their mission with a sense of urgency, knowing that every minute counted. These vulnerable puppies were exposed to the harsh outdoor elements at such a young age and were at risk of developing health complications, including hypothermia. All seven puppies were carefully loaded into crates and transported to the Happy Tails Shelter. 

@happytailshelter 🚨 URGENT: Puppies Rescued from Temple 🚨 Today, our team responded to a heartbreaking SOS call from one of our informers. Seven tiny puppies, estimated to be just 1-2 months old, were abandoned at a temple without their mother. By the time we arrived, tragically, one had already been run over by a car. 💔 It's unimaginable to think someone believed these helpless little ones would survive on their own amidst the busy roads, or that divine intervention would provide their basic needs. These puppies were left vulnerable, hungry, and in immediate danger. 🐾 How You Can Help: Adopt : If you can open your heart and home to these little ones, please contact us immediately. Donate: Your donations help us provide food, shelter, and medical care to abandoned animals like these puppies. Spread Awareness: Share this post to remind others that abandoning animals is never the answer. There are always better options. 🙏 A Plea for Compassion: Let’s come together as a community to ensure no animal is left to suffer alone. Your support can make a world of difference for these puppies and many others like them. 📞 Contact Us: Link in our bio to reach out to us. Thank you for your compassion and support. #rescuepuppies #abandoned #animalrescue #dogshelter #savethepuppies #adoptdontshop #fyp #foryoupage ♬ Musik Sedih – Nopa Sobarna

Better Days Lay Ahead 

7 Puppies Abandoned in a Temple Meet Rescuers Who Won’t Give Up on Them

While it’s incredibly hard for any puppy to face life without the comforting presence of their mother, the team at Happy Tails Shelter is doing all they can to ensure these lovely pups lack nothing — not food, warmth, or love.

They now have temporary relief from their unfortunate circumstances, and even though they can’t understand the gentle, loving words being spoken to them by their rescuers, they undoubtedly know that they’re now in safe hands.

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