Deaf Shelter Dog With the ‘Most Beautiful Soul’ Needs a Loving, Forever Home 


The world is filled with two kinds of dogs. 1) those who don’t know what it’s like to lack or be neglected because they’ve had loving families from the start. 2), those who’ve had a rough start to life and can’t seem to catch a break from their painful realities.  (Watch video below)

Deaf Shelter Dog With the ‘Most Beautiful Soul’ Needs a Loving, Forever Home 

Roseanna — a 3-year-old deaf Pit Bull currently a shelter resident at the Maricopa County Animal Care and Control (MCACC East) — relates with the second category of dogs. When she arrived at the shelter, she was in rough shape, her eyes clearly pleading for better circumstances. What stood out most about her, though, was her sweet, gentle demeanor that spoke volumes about her determination to not let her current suffering crush her hopes for a better future. 

Roseanna’s Health Struggles 

Deaf Shelter Dog With the ‘Most Beautiful Soul’ Needs a Loving, Forever Home 

Besides coming to the shelter in an overweight state, Roseanna was also battling significant skin irritation and fur loss. Her troubling physical state indicated that she was suffering from an underlying health condition, which the shelter established to be hypothyroidism. As documented on TikTok account @desertdogproject, the shelter’s primary goal at the moment is to raise adequate funds to address Roseanna’s urgent health needs. 

@desertdogproject Life has dealt Roseanna a tough hand… At just 3 years old, she arrived at the shelter in heartbreaking condition. Yet, her incredible spirit remains unbroken. Meet Roseanna #A4978102, the most beautiful soul at MCACC East 😇. Despite her gentle nature, Roseanna is in desperate need of our help. She's only 3 years old but struggling with major fur loss, skin irritation, and discomfort from being overweight—all classic signs of hypothyroidism. But that's not all, Roseanna also appears to be deaf, adding to her uniqueness and charm 💓. Despite her challenges, Roseanna appears potty trained, kennel trained, and walks well on a leash. She's a true gem in need of a loving home and the medical care she deserves. We're rallying support to cover Roseanna's medical expenses. Every dollar counts! Your donations are tax deductible, making your generosity go even further ❤️. Let's give Roseanna the chance to feel better and find her forever family. She's a diamond in the rough, waiting for her moment to shine 💎. Ready to meet Roseanna? Stop by MCACC East today with your family—no appointments necessary! 👏🏼 #A4978102 DONATE BELOW❤️ Website: Zelle: [email protected] Venmo: desertdogproject Text: "DDP" to 44-321 PayPal: #animalshelter #shelterdog #adoptdontshop #rescued of #pitbulllove #arizona #pittielove #dogsofinstagram #dogoftheday #adoptme #fosteringsaveslives #fosterpup #phoenix #maricopa #pitbull #pitbullsofficial #pitbullsofinstagram #puppies #puppy #puppylove #dogsofinstagram #dog #rescue #rescuedog #rescuedogsofinstagram #adopt #arizona #pitmix #shelterdog #dogrescuers #dogrescuesofinstagram ♬ I Saw Love – Forest Blakk

Can You Give Roseanna Her Forever Home?

Even as the shelter is doing everything possible to ensure Roseanna gets the treatment and support she needs to make a full recovery, they’re also keen to find her a loving, permanent home that will help her put all her days of misery behind her. 

The shelter describes Roseanna as the most beautiful, loving soul with an eagerness to embrace each new day. Despite her grim circumstances, Roseanna still engages those around her with an unmatched enthusiasm. She’s never waived the flag of surrender or let out a whimper of complaint.

Deaf Shelter Dog With the ‘Most Beautiful Soul’ Needs a Loving, Forever Home 

This sweet pup continues to draw hope and strength from the caring and loving shelter staff tending to her, holding onto the possibility of the rest of her life being the best she’s ever had.

In addition to her calm demeanor and unshaken spirit, Roseanna is potty-trained, crate-trained, and has incredible leash manners. If you would like to offer her the forever home she so deserves, please reach out to the Maricopa County Animal Care and Control for more details about her adoption. 

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