Sitting with a dog Abandoned at 3 AM 😩 (All Caught on Shelter Security Cameras)

Meeting Sylvie for the first time, I could instantly see the fear and loneliness in her eyes. Her demeanor was that of a dog who had been through a lot, and it broke my heart. As I approached her, she seemed to want to melt into the floor and disappear. I decided to take it slow, speaking softly and moving gently. “Hi, it’s okay,” I whispered, as I slowly moved closer, putting down a blanket for her. (watch video above)

Sitting with a dog Abandoned at 3 AM 😩 (All Caught on Shelter Security Cameras)

Reading the Signs: Understanding Sylvie’s Freeze Response

Sylvie’s reaction was a classic freeze response, a behavior I’ve seen in many nervous dogs. When faced with fear, dogs typically exhibit one of three responses: fight, flight, or freeze. In shelters, the freeze response is common. Dogs like Sylvie hope that by staying completely still, they can avoid further trauma. I carefully dipped a blanket in water and laid it near her, explaining that this is why I often remove water bowls to prevent them from becoming more anxious.

Sitting with Sylvie

Having worked with many scared dogs, I knew the importance of patience. I talked to Sylvie softly, making slow, deliberate movements to avoid startling her. Removing potential hazards from the kennel is crucial to prevent panic-induced injuries. Using treats, I tried to build trust, though I suspected it might take some time for Sylvie to respond positively.

To my surprise and delight, Sylvie began to show signs of trust. She tentatively took a treat from my hand, her big, expressive eyes watching me cautiously. These small victories are significant in building a bond. Trust takes time, and each positive interaction brings us a step closer to helping Sylvie feel safe.

From Night Drop to Hope: Sylvie’s Heartbreaking Background

Alexis shared Sylvie’s heartbreaking story. Sylvie had been abandoned outside a night drop in a cage with just a note and medical records. Surveillance footage revealed that she had been left at 2:45 a.m. and later escaped when well-meaning strangers tried to help her.

Sitting with Sylvie

The footage painted a grim picture: at 2:45 a.m., Sylvie was left outside the shelter in the dark, shivering in her cage. The night drop system is intended for emergencies, providing a safe place for animals when the shelter is closed. However, the manner in which Sylvie was abandoned spoke volumes about her previous owner’s neglect. Instead of being brought inside and given a proper handover, Sylvie was left alone and frightened.

Around 6:00 a.m., another person came along, seemingly with good intentions. They attempted to comfort Sylvie, but not understanding her fear, they inadvertently caused her to bolt. Sylvie ran into a nearby field and was finally corralled back by shelter staff hours later. This explained her deep-seated fear and mistrust. It’s infuriating to think that someone could just dump her like that without properly informing the shelter.

Treat Time!

Sitting with Sylvie

As I worked to earn Sylvie’s trust, I relied on a special tool: my homemade dog jerky treats. These treats are more than just snacks; they are a result of years of perfecting recipes to create something truly enticing and healthy for dogs. My journey with these treats began long before I met Sylvie, back when I started my bakery for dogs, The Dog Bakery.

We bake treats that are not only delicious but also nutritious. We use ingredients like pumpkin and coconut, all sourced from human-grade facilities. These treats are made with the utmost care and love, ensuring that they are healthy and safe for dogs. I remember many late nights tweaking recipes, striving to create something that dogs would absolutely love. There were times when I questioned the viability of my little bakery, especially during those early months when paying the bills was a struggle. But the dogs’ reactions kept me going. Seeing their eyes light up and their tails wag when they tasted the treats made all the hard work worthwhile.

These jerky treats have become invaluable in my work with rescue dogs. They are highly palatable and considered high-value by the dogs, making them perfect for building trust and rewarding positive behavior. When I offered Sylvie one of these treats, I knew it was more than just a treat. It was a bridge between us, a way to show her that she was safe and loved.

Sitting with Sylvie

Using treats to comfort and train dogs like Sylvie isn’t just about the food itself. It’s about the process of earning their trust, one small step at a time. Each time Sylvie accepted a treat from my hand, it was a victory. It showed that she was beginning to trust me, to see me as a source of comfort rather than a threat.

Facing the Challenges: Overcoming Anger and Sadness

I couldn’t help but feel a mix of anger and sadness. How could someone abandon Sylvie, especially knowing her troubled past? She had clearly been mistreated before and deserved better. Properly informing shelters about a dog’s history is crucial for their chance of recovery and adoption. Despite the anger, I focused on helping Sylvie feel safe and secure.

Sweet Whispers and Gentle Touches: Comforting Sylvie

Sitting with Sylvie

I spoke softly to Sylvie, offering positive affirmations. “Sylvie, you are loved, and you are a good girl,” I said, gently rubbing her head. Building trust with Sylvie required patience and a lot of love. I wanted her to know that her past wasn’t her fault and that she deserved to feel safe and loved.

The Scoop: A Moment of Connection

One of the key techniques I use in helping dogs like Sylvie is “the scoop.” This involves gently lifting the dog into my lap to provide comfort and security. I decided to try this with Sylvie. “It’s okay,” I murmured, as I carefully scooped her up and held her close. She initially tensed up but then began to relax in my arms. This physical closeness can help build a deeper level of trust and show the dog that they are safe.

Sitting with Sylvie

Letters of Love: Mail Time with Our Supporters

To lighten the mood, I decided to open some mail from our wonderful viewers. We received thoughtful letters and packages filled with toys and treats. One package included a beautiful painting of a German Shepherd, which we decided to donate to the shelter to help raise funds. The love and support from our viewers are truly heartwarming and make a significant difference.

Sitting with Sylvie

Looking Ahead: Sylvie’s Path to a New Home

As our time together came to an end, I reflected on Sylvie’s journey. She needs a patient and loving home where she can gradually open up and trust again. I encouraged viewers to consider adopting dogs like Sylvie, who need extra care and understanding. Her future adopter will need to be patient and willing to give her the time she needs to blossom.

Sylvie’s story is a reminder of the resilience of dogs and the impact we can have on their lives. With love, patience, and trust, I believe Sylvie will find the loving home she deserves.

Sitting with Sylvie

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