Kind Woman Rescues Stray Pitbull from LA Street. The Dog’s Reaction Will Melt your Heart

Saving stray dogs can be difficult work, but even the smallest of actions can make a monumental impact on a dog’s world. Los Angeles resident Meme knows exactly how important it is to lend a helping paw to dogs in need, so she didn’t think twice before pulling over to feed a stray dog she spotted next to a busy road. (See video below)

Kind Woman Rescues Stray Pitbull from LA Street. The Dog's Reaction Will Melt your Heart

The female Pit Bull was wandering near train tracks at 116th and Hoover Street in Los Angeles when Meme stopped to help. The interaction began with the Good Samaritan dropping off a sandwich for the stray to eat, but it quickly led to her putting the sweet Pittie in the backseat of her car.


I found a dog on my way home today. Not sure of the age but it is a female blue pitbull found near 116th and Hoover St in Los Angeles, CA. I hope I can find her family or a new family. #founddog #missingdog #pitbul #losangeles #lostdoglosangeles

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How sweet is this pup? She seems so grateful for the snack and the love, but these small acts of kindness are only the beginning of her Happily Ever After. Even though it’s heartbreaking to see how she hesitates when Meme comes closer, it’s also heartwarming to see the huge difference a few minutes of bonding can make.

It was especially sweet when the blue Pittie rolled over for belly rubs. It’s like she was letting her new friend know that she was finally feeling safe again. And those tail wags? Simply priceless! Before long, Meme didn’t even have to convince her to walk together toward the car.

Finally Feeling Safe With Family

In fact, the stray dog felt so safe in the car with Meme that she refused to get back out! There’s no doubt that she was afraid of being left alone again, but this loving Los Angeles family will make sure she doesn’t have to worry about that again.


Replying to @2 scoops💓 Thank you🫶🏽. We will get her scanned for a chip and figure out if she has a safe family to return to. Meanwhile, we are loving on her as much as possible.

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Poor girl! Now that she’s in a loving temporary home, though, she’s feeling much more secure. Meme’s family adores her just as much as the rescuer does, and they treated the Pittie princess to a bath and many delicious meals. She’s definitely feeling better now!

She may have become lost from a loving family or she may have been abandoned. Whatever happened, there’s no doubt that her rescuers will make sure she goes to (or stays. in) the most loving home she can find. While Meme and her family figure out what’s best for the former stray, there’s no doubt she’ll be getting all the TLC she needs. Thank you for looking out for her!

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