Mom dumps Great Dane because kids wont feed him 😔

When I first laid eyes on Scoobie, it was impossible not to notice his size. “Wow, you are a big dog,” I thought, admiringly. But size wasn’t the only thing that stood out about Scoobie; his immediate interest in the treats in my pocket signaled a quick way to his heart. Starting with a treat, I could see we were going to make progress in no time.

sitting with dogs: Scoobie

Scoobie’s Appetite for Life (and Treats)

Right off the bat, Scoobie’s hunger was apparent, not just for the treats but for a little affection and recognition. Licking his lips in anticipation, he seemed ready to trust, to give us a chance to make things right for him. And his name? Scoobie couldn’t have been more perfect for him. Testing out his response to his name with a few treats, it was clear he was all ears, ready to listen, and eager for whatever came next.

sitting with dogs: Scoobie

A Sad Backstory with a Touch of Humor

As I spent more time with Scoobie, the gravity of his situation became more apparent. Despite the heavy heart it brought me, I tried to keep the mood light, joking about his eagerness for treats. But humor couldn’t fully mask the sadness in his situation, visible in every rib, every part of his emaciated frame that spoke volumes of his past struggles.

Gentle Approaches and the Power of Curiosity

sitting with dogs: Scoobie

With Scoobie, like many rescue dogs, the approach was everything. Avoiding direct eye contact and petting initially, I focused on letting him lead the interaction, fostering his curiosity. It was essential for Scoobie to feel no pressure, to explore this new relationship at his own pace, driven by his own growing trust and interest.

Unraveling Scoobie’s Past

Calling in Alexis to dive into Scoobie’s background, we discovered he was a repeat guest at the shelter, with a history dating back to 2022. Each piece of his story added another layer to his complex situation: from being turned in by his family, to their various reasons for surrender, to the challenges they faced with his care. It painted a picture of a dog deeply loved at times but ultimately failed by his circumstances.

sitting with dogs: Scoobie

Initially surrendered in 2022 by his family due to what were described as manageable issues, it seemed there was a chance for a turnaround when they decided to take him back, suggesting a momentary resolution to their problems. However, this reunion was fleeting. The family, facing a move to Mexico, made the difficult decision to surrender Scoobie once again. There were also some health concerns that contributed to his noticeable weight loss. These insights into Scoobie’s past reveal not just the struggles of one dog, but also the broader challenges some pet owners face in providing care, underscoring the complexity of Scoobie’s situation and the path that led him back to the shelter, searching for a new beginning.

The Breed Debate: Great Dane or Mystery Mix?

Scoobie’s towering presence had us all guessing: purebred Great Dane or a mix with something else? Given his size, you’d lean towards Great Dane without a second thought, but his slender frame threw us a curveball. It sparked a bit of a breed guessing game among us. Some thought maybe there’s a bit of Black Mouth Cur in him because of his lean build, which, let’s be honest, was more pronounced due to his lack of groceries than genetics.

sitting with dogs: Scoobie

Then there was the wild card guess – a hint of Rhodesian Ridgeback, probably inspired more by his regal stance than actual lineage. But really, his emaciated state was playing tricks on our eyes, making us see lines and curves that suggested other breeds. The truth is, Great Danes like Scoobie come with their own set of challenges – they’re not just any large breed. They need a carefully balanced diet, not just a heap of kibble, to support their rapid growth and size. This whole breed guessing game, while a bit of fun, really highlighted the special attention dogs like Scoobie require, especially when they’ve had a rough start. It’s a reminder that, whatever his genetic makeup, Scoobie’s needs are as large as his heart – and just as important to fill.

A Plan for Recovery

As we navigated Scoobie’s needs, it became clear that his road to recovery would be through careful diet and medical attention. Our sponsor, Sunday’s dog food, generously committed to supporting Scoobie’s nutritional needs for a full year. It was a testament to the community and companies willing to step up and make a difference in the lives of dogs like Scoobie.

What’s in a Name? Scoobie’s Tale

When you hear the name Scoobie, you can’t help but think of a certain cartoon Great Dane, known for his appetite and adventures. It’s almost too fitting, considering our Scoobie’s own journey and his striking presence. Naming him Scoobie wasn’t just about sticking to a theme; it was about capturing his spirit. Despite his daunting size and the hardships he’s faced, there’s a friendly, almost goofy side to him that immediately endears him to anyone he meets. It’s as if the name itself carries a bit of hope and a promise of better, brighter days ahead. So, every time we call out “Scoobie,” we’re not just summoning a dog; we’re invoking the resilience and joy we see in him, despite everything. Plus, let’s be honest, it’s just fun to say. Scoobie, like his namesake, is becoming a bit of an icon around here, proving that even in tough times, a little bit of levity goes a long way.

sitting with dogs: Scoobie

The Scoop: A Gesture of Trust and Comfort

In an effort to deepen our connection, I decided to try “the scoop” with Scoobie, a move I’ve found to be a powerful way to show trust and offer comfort. Given Scoobie’s considerable size, this was no small feat. The idea was to gently coax him into my lap, to envelop him in a reassuring embrace that communicated safety and affection. This moment was about more than just physical closeness; it was an attempt to convey to Scoobie that he was valued and protected. While Scoobie’s towering stature made the scoop a bit of an adventure, it underscored a vital point in our interaction – showing him, through actions, that he could trust and lean on the humans around him, perhaps for the first time in a while.

sitting with dogs: Scoobie

Books and Barks: The Coolest Reading Club

Let’s talk about the coolest thing happening at the shelter – the reading program. It’s exactly what it sounds like: folks dropping by to read to dogs like Scoobie, turning their kennels into front-row seats at story time. It’s a win-win; the dogs get company and a break from the usual shelter noise, and volunteers get to test out their storytelling skills on a very forgiving audience. This isn’t just about killing time; it’s about comfort, companionship, and maybe practicing those public speaking skills in the most chill environment possible. Who knew that the path to a dog’s heart could be through the pages of a good book?

A Call to Action for Scoobie

sitting with dogs: Scoobie

Scoobie’s journey is far from over, and he’s ready for a forever home that can provide the love, care, and stability he deserves. Sharing his story could be the key to finding that perfect match, proving once again the power of community in transforming the lives of rescue dogs. Whether through adoption or spreading the word, every little bit helps in ensuring a brighter future for Scoobie.

Supporting Scoobie and Others Like Him

As we wrapped up our time together, it was clear Scoobie had made an impression not just on me but on everyone who would hear his story. From his playful demeanor to his gentle acceptance of affection, Scoobie showed the resilience and love that make dogs like him so special. Now, it’s up to us to support Scoobie and many others like him, offering them the second chance they so rightly deserve.

sitting with dogs: Scoobie

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