Tiny Puppy Abandoned After Botched Ear Cropping. His Rescue Story Will Melt Your Heart

Working in dog rescue provides so many opportunities to save and improve the lives of dogs who need it the most. At shelters, many stray and surrendered pets get the chance to find devoted forever homes, while at rescues, getting dogs off the street and into urgent vet care is often the top priority. No matter where you live, there are plenty of dogs and puppies–just like four-week-old Monkey–who would face very different fates if it weren’t for the kindness of strangers.

Tiny Puppy Abandoned After Botched Ear Cropping

In Michigan, the selfless team of volunteers with Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue never stops advocating for the dogs who need help. They describe the rescue as “as an emergency street crew picking up stray dogs, of any breed, off the streets of Detroit that are severely injured or sick.” They are no strangers to shocking and unique cases, but everyone’s hearts began to break when they heard about Monkey.

Tiny Puppy Abandoned After Botched Ear Cropping
via Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue

Injured and Abandoned on the Streets

This pint-sized puppy was found ‘dumped’ on February 29 in Southwest Detroit. He weighed only 1 pound and was shaking and crying in pain by the time he was found. He appeared to have been abandoned after undergoing a botched ear cropping procedure, which unsurprisingly became infected. It was clear that he was in need of veterinary help in addition to finding a home, and the rescue wasted no time.

Fortunately, the month-old baby was significantly more comfortable by the following day. He received pain medications, antibiotics, and lots of love from his rescuers. Even so, it took several days before Monkey was feeling well enough to explore his new environment and make the most of his recovery time. Before anyone knew it, though, the resilient little boy was beginning his brand new lease on life.

Learning How to Be a Puppy

On March 7–a week after the puppy was rescued–Detroit Pit Crew posted the sweetest video of Monkey walking around, getting pets, and even learning what a toy is. It was the first time that the pup’s diligent social media followers were able to breathe a sigh of relief. He’s going to be okay!

Tiny Puppy Abandoned After Botched Ear Cropping

By the time a few weeks had passed, Monkey’s life in his foster home couldn’t be better. He has been growing well and now weighs close to 5 pounds, and his ears are healing perfectly! The dog’s foster notes that he loves playing with his fur siblings, but toys are his favorite. It’s no surprise that he continues to blow his rescuers away with his diligence…and his vet bills.

In February and March, Detroit Pit Crew racked up about $38,000 in vet bills for Monkey and the other rescue dogs. They love to be able to provide much-needed vet assistance to the street dogs who need it the most, but they often rely on money to be able to do so.

Tiny Puppy Abandoned After Botched Ear Cropping

If you feel moved by Monkey’s plight or the stories of any of his rescue friends, Detroit Pit Crew accepts donations via their website or Venmo account @Detroitpitcrew. While there’s no doubt that this tiny warrior will be adopted as soon as he’s transferred to a rescue, he has tons of rescue friends who could use the support, too.

Happy tails, Monkey!

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