Meet Tater: a Special Boxer Proving Love Triumphs Over Trauma. Seeks Forever Family

The scrappy young boxer mix, since named Tater, arrived at Footbridge Foundation animal rescue in a rough state last October. Underweight, and a badly damaged eye – this friendly pup had clearly been through the wringer. But the resilient canine is overcoming adversity with an abundance of zest and affection that will melt your heart.

Forced into Dog Fighting

While his stint as a suspected former bait dog for dog fighting rings remains unclear, one thing is certain: Tater’s early life was marred by severe hardships and trauma. “We don’t know much other than he was found stray, underweight and with that horrific eye injury,” said Lauren Walcher of Footbridge Foundation.

Yet just a week after being rescued, the plucky pup underwent surgery to remove the damaged eye, rapidly adjusting to his new visual limitations. “He has this incredible zest for life that shines despite everything he’s endured,” Walcher shared. “Tater loves romping with all his toys at once – the energy is contagious!”

One Eye, Full Heart: A Boxer's Inspiring Journey From Stray to Survivor

Zoomies & Cuddles

One Eye, Full Heart: A Boxer's Inspiring Journey From Stray to Survivor

These days, the once-beleaguered boxer mix spends his days enjoying the simple pleasures: dog park zoomies, lounging on the couch, and marveling at his newest acquisition – his own mirror. While overstimulation at adoption events sparks nervous barking, a byproduct of his past, Tater is an affectionate, well-trained ray of sunshine in his foster home.

“He’s equal parts enthusiastic walking buddy and professional cuddler,” Walcher said. “Tater will adore whatever quality time you can give.”

One Eye, Full Heart: A Boxer's Inspiring Journey From Stray to Survivor

With reams of doggy determination, Tater is ready to put his traumatic start behind him. Footbridge Foundation is confident the proper forever family will allow this once-mistreated pup to truly thrive in a life showered with love and belly scratches.

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