Watch the Moment this Malamute is Reunited With Her Brother 🥹

An eight-year-old female malamute was huddled in the back corner of her kennel, her eyes downcast and body language screaming fear. “I’m sorry, sweetie,” I murmured. This senior girl had likely been through hardship recently, and my heart went out to her.

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“Can I just sit this down right here?” I ask, gently moving a water bowl aside in the shelter kennel. I’m Rocky, and today, like many others, I find myself in a place that’s both heartwarming and heart-wrenching: the animal shelter. Here, amidst the barks and whimpers, I meet Misty and Ash, two Malamutes with stories as deep as their eyes.

sitting with dogs

The Shelter Life: More Than Just Kennels

In these steel-panelled kennels, life is a far cry from the warmth of a home. “They don’t have much in the shelter,” I reflect, understanding the importance of the little bed each dog clings to as their own. It’s their safe zone, a tiny piece of comfort in an otherwise stark environment.

Understanding Misty: A Senior Dog’s Plight

“You know, a Malamute at eight years old are absolutely senior dogs,” I note, observing her slow movements and the silvering of her face. Her fear is palpable, a product of sudden change and uncertainty. “At eight years old, all of a sudden, being in a shelter, having no clue what’s going on, that’s hard,” I say, empathizing with her plight.

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The Power of Treats and Patience

I start with treats, a universal language of love and trust for dogs. “I’m not going to make any eye contact. She is not ready for that,” I explain, understanding the nuances of canine communication. Misty’s hesitant, but her gentle nature shines through as she takes the treats. “They’re so smart. Sometimes too smart for their own good.”

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After Misty ate several treats she began to relax slightly. Her body loosened up and she moved closer to the front of the enclosure. “Good girl,” I praised. Though she wasn’t ready to cuddle yet, even a moment of lowered guard was progress.

Uncovering Their Story: A Tale of Hardship

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Alexis shares their backstory. “The dogs were confiscated from an owner due to an eviction,” she reveals. It’s a situation that’s becoming all too common, reflecting the harsh realities many face in today’s world. “That’s hard on both sides,” I think, acknowledging the complexity of such circumstances.

The Bond of Siblings: Misty and Ash

Discovering that Misty came with her brother, Ash, adds another layer to their story. “Oh, my goodness. Pretty sibling, too, but probably looks like a senior also, huh?” I ask Alexis. The bond between them is evident, even as they’re housed separately for practical reasons.

Hope in the Midst of Despair

Despite the sadness, there’s a glimmer of hope. “The great thing about the shelter is they do a ten-day hold to give that owner time,” I say, highlighting the shelter’s efforts to reunite pets with their owners whenever possible. And if reunion isn’t an option, the shelter works tirelessly to find new, loving homes.

The Journey of Healing Begins

As I spend more time with Misty, I see her gradually opening up. “You’re a good girl. Do you want a treat?” I ask, watching her respond to gentle words and gestures. It’s these moments of connection that remind me why I do what I do.

sitting with dogs

Uniting Misty and Ash: A Heartwarming Moment

The decision to reunite Misty with Ash is a no-brainer. “Let’s open up the center divider and put her and her brother together,” I suggest. The moment they’re together again is touching, a testament to the comfort and security they find in each other’s presence.

sitting with dogs

An Invitation to Make a Difference

As I wrap up the visit I extend an invitation to others. “If you want to go do what I’m doing, you should for sure,” I encourage, emphasizing the joy and fulfillment that comes from volunteering and helping animals in need.

The Future Awaits: Misty and Ash’s Journey Continues

As I leave the shelter, Misty and Ash’s faces linger in my mind. Their story is far from over, and I’m committed to keeping everyone updated on their journey. “I’ll keep you updated. Follow along,” I promise, hopeful for a brighter future for these two gentle souls.

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