Watch The Moment This Dog Realizes The Thanksgiving Meal Is For Him!

Join animal advocate Rocky Kanaka on a heartfelt and authentic journey as he visits scared and lonely shelter dogs, armed with nothing but his iPhone and a deep desire to provide comfort and hope. In this unpretentious series, Rocky quietly sits with these homeless dogs, capturing their stories and unique personalities. Through the simplicity of his approach, he aims to shed light on the challenges they face and help them find loving homes. Experience the power of genuine connection and the transformative impact it can have on both humans and animals in this sincere exploration of companionship and second chances.

Sharing my Thanksgiving meal with a shelter dog

ASHER- Available For Adoption

Sitting with dogs: Asher

Animal Control officers discovered a 1 ½ year old Shepherd mix wandering alone. The male dog, exhibiting signs of fear and apprehension, was brought into Animal Friends of the Valleys, a shelter in Wildomar, CA. His fearful demeanor initially made it challenging for the shelter staff to approach him, particularly for essential procedures like scanning for a microchip. Lacking a collar, it was evident that he was a stray, lost or abandoned.

The situation took a positive turn when Rocky intervened. Spending time with the dog, Rocky was able to gradually gain his trust. This breakthrough allowed Rocky to scan the dog for a microchip, an essential step in possibly reuniting him with any previous owners. Unfortunately, the scan revealed that the dog did not have a microchip, increasing the likelihood that he had been living as a stray.

Sitting with dogs: Asher

In a gesture of warmth and compassion, Rocky nicknamed the dog Asher, a name that signifies ‘blessed’ or ‘blessings’ in Hebrew. The choice of name was particularly poignant, given its timing around Thanksgiving, or as Rocky playfully calls it, ‘Barksgiving.’ This naming symbolized a new beginning and hope for Asher, marking a significant departure from his previously uncertain life.

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Sitting with dogs: Asher

The story culminates with Rocky and Asher sharing a peaceful meal together, a simple yet profound act underscoring the trust that had been formed. This moment of tranquility and companionship not only highlighted the dog’s journey from fear to trust but also served as a reminder of the impact of kindness and patience in the lives of animals like Asher, who find themselves in shelters.

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HENRY Available For Adoption

Sitting with dogs: Henry

a 7-year-old Husky named Henry has found a temporary home after being discovered by a good Samaritan. The dog, who appeared to have been wandering for an extended period, was found near the individual’s home. His arrival at the shelter highlighted the plight of stray animals, particularly those who have been on their own for a considerable time. Henry’s condition upon arrival was a clear indication of his long and likely arduous journey; his fur was in notably poor shape, signaling the need for immediate care and attention.

Sitting with dogs: Henry

Recognizing the urgency of the situation, the shelter’s groomer, Mel, stepped in to provide the much-needed care. With expertise and compassion, Mel tended to Henry, transforming him from a disheveled stray to a well-groomed and clean dog. This grooming not only improved Henry’s physical appearance but also his overall well-being, significantly boosting his chances of finding a forever home. Henry’s transformation is a testament to the shelter’s commitment to the care and rehabilitation of animals in need, showcasing the vital role these institutions play in the community.

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Sitting with dogs: Henry

Henry also was also offered a Barksgiving dinner but he was too nervous to eat.

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