Puppy Mill Mama Abandoned After Pups Were Stillborn, Finds Solace Thanks To Loving Family

No two rescue dogs have the same story, and if animal advocates like us had it our way, we’d get to hear them all. But until that wish comes true, hearing about the stories of beloved rescue pets like Marley the Bernedoodle is one of life’s greatest gifts. If you ask Marley’s owner, Betty D., however, she’d say that the greatest gift of all is the rescue dog herself.

Dog Rescue: Puppy Mill Mama Abandoned After Pups Were Stillborn, Finds Solace Thanks To Loving Family

Betty had grown up with rescue dogs in her home and could never imagine her life without them. She continues to give underdogs a loving home even today, but when she and her husband lost a beloved dog named Vinny, they were particularly heartbroken. However, it didn’t take long before Betty felt the call to adopt another furry friend.

“I said to [my husband] that I will always be heartbroken and devastated. I really miss having a dog in my home, and I know that there are many, many, many, many dogs out there who need good and loving homes. I couldn’t wait any longer.”

From Puppy Mill to Shelter

When Betty began browsing local shelters’ adoptable pet listings, she saw one adorable face over and over again. It was Marley! She was waiting at  Fort Defiance Humane Society in Fort Defiance, Ohio, after being surrendered by a puppy mill owner, and Betty became worried that she may have a hard time finding a home.

Dog Rescue: Puppy Mill Mama Abandoned After Pups Were Stillborn, Finds Solace Thanks To Loving Family
Marley the Bernedoodle.

While the shelter had limited information about Marley’s troubled past, they did learn that she lived in a small, closed-off space for the first four years of her life. The good news is that she was not kept in a cage–and was even potty-trained before arriving at the shelter–but she was still a puppy mill mama who had at least one litter of puppies in her four years living there. Sadly, every puppy in her most recent litter was stillborn, and that’s when the folks who ran the puppy mill decided they did not want her anymore.

While it’s normally very sad when someone surrenders a pet they’ve had for years, everyone was grateful to see Marley getting a chance at a Happily Ever After–especially Marley herself!

Betty and her husband spoke with the staff and volunteers at the For Defiance Humane Society before making the journey there “with the distinct intention of bringing her home.” And once they got a hug from the sweet and shy shelter dog (yes–an actual hug!), that’s exactly what they did.

This loving dog owner has nothing but kind things to say about the Ohio animal shelter, explaining that “[the animals] have clean indoor and outdoor spaces, and they are taken care of by people who are truly emotionally involved and hard-working. All potential adopters are carefully vetted. The young lady that we worked with, in charge of adoptions, has become a friend of ours, and we are still in touch frequently and making plans to meet for lunch.” This is exactly what an animal shelter should be like!

Finding Forever (and a Friend)

While most shelter dogs have a difficult time transitioning to a home environment, Marley immediately seemed to feel at home with Betty and her husband. The rescue dog owner gives all the credit to Marley and her gentle, loving demeanor.

Dog Rescue: Puppy Mill Mama Abandoned After Pups Were Stillborn, Finds Solace Thanks To Loving Family
Marley the Bernedoodle.

“We know that every dog is special and deserving of a beautiful life, and Marley simply represents all of them.” Betty gushed. “We don’t ask much of her, but what we do need from her we get without hesitation. She has eyes on us all the time unless she’s sleeping. She comes when called, either verbally or through body language, and she is as close to a perfect dog as one can get.”

Marley’s forever home got even more perfect when Betty and her husband brought home Bowie, a rescued Shih-Poo, from the very same animal shelter. The two are always together, whether napping at home or enjoying the fresh air during a car ride, and they’re even helping one another get used to life outside of the shelter. Marley never played or even explored her brand new backyard when she first came home, but Bowie’s playful presence gets her outside for a romp in the grass every now and then. Even though she still doesn’t play with toys, Marley finds her own ways to have fun. For the most part, she’d prefer to be next to Mom!

Emotional Support and Healing

It didn’t take long for Marley to build a special bond with Betty, who takes great care of her shy and gentle girl. Because these two are her first Poodle mixes, she’s gotten used to a regular grooming schedule (both dogs are adored at the groomer’s) and regular brushing at home. She couldn’t be more proud of Marley and the confidence she’s building, but the rescue dog’s anxiety still comes up whenever Betty leaves the house.

“She’s very good at home, and there’s no destruction or even anything out of place whatsoever,” she elaborates, “but when I get home, and she hugs me, I can feel her trembling, and I can hear her softly whimpering.  I spend a good while with her to calm her down and make her feel secure.” Having Bowie around has helped her feel less alone, but Marley was recently registered as an Emotional Support Animal so that both she and Betty can stick together more often. They’re helping one another!

Marley and Bowie will be accompanying Betty and Peter on a beach vacation this summer, and it will be the perfect chance for all four of them to relax. This rescue dog sure deserves it! Happy tails, Marley!

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