Why Has This Perfectly-Trained Cattle Dog Waited 545 Days for a Home?

Meet Marco – the gorgeous, smart-as-a-whip cattle dog mix who has stolen hearts at Last Chance at Life (LCAL) Rescue in San Diego County. This handsome 3-year-old has been patiently waiting an incredible 18 months to find his perfect forever home.

Wandering the Streets as a Stray

Marco’s story starts like many rescue pups – as a stray surviving on his own. He was found wandering the streets of Wildomar, California in late 2022, alone and afraid. After a stint at the local shelter, he was scheduled for euthanasia until LCAL stepped in.

Dog up for adoption - Marco
After spending more than half of his life in shelters, he is now ready for a home.

Families Came to Meet Marco, But Didn’t Want to Take Him Home

“Marco had such a rough start to life, fending for himself with no training or socialization,” said Alissa Quevedo, LCAL Rescue Coordinator. “We knew he was an incredible pup who just needed the right chance.”

That chance has involved extensive preparation to make Marco an ideal family companion. LCAL invested in professional training programs to give Marco the skills and exposure he lacked.

“He’s made amazing progress! Marco excels with confident handlers and picks up on commands and leash work so quickly,” Quevedo said. “His trainers rave about what an eager, smart learner he is.”

Dog up for adoption - Marco
Marco’s only family kept him for less than a month.

Training to Become The Perfect Dog

After graduating from a six-week board-and-train program, Marco transitioned to long-term training. He’s solidified the foundations to be the loyal, well-behaved pup his breed is known for.

“Marco just needs an active cattle dog-savvy family to continue reinforcing what he’s learned,” Quevedo explained. “His new owners are even getting gifted training lessons to ensure his success.”

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Despite Marco’s training accomplishments and lovable personality, finding him the perfect home hasn’t been easy. Some potential adopters have backed out after learning about the cattle dog breed’s unique needs.

Dog up for adoption - Marco
Marco’s learned so much over the past few months!

Marco did go to one home briefly, but was returned after a month when issues arose with the resident dog. It was a setback, but one that reinforced Marco’s resiliency.

Marco is Ready!

“This smart, loyal boy is a once-in-a-lifetime pup,” Quevedo said. “Marco bonds so strongly and will make an amazing family companion for the right owners willing to shower him with the exercise, activities and training he craves.”

Dog up for adoption - Marco
Marco’s always up for new adventures!

As an energetic pup, Marco loves staying busy with long hikes, scent work, or anything that engages his brilliant mind. He’s a total eagerly awaiting his chance to go home.

If you’re an adventurous family with cattle dog experience, Marco could be your ultimate outdoor buddy and couch snuggler. Let LCAL know you’re interested in this good boy still searching for his forever family after far too long.

Dog up for adoption - Marco
If you’re an active family, it’s time to bring Marco home!

If you are interested in adopting a dog with the mind of a rocket scientist and exceptionally good looks, you can contact Last Chance at Life or by phone at (442) 615-7437.

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