Tiny Pups Left to Fend for Themselves on Busy Street. Owners’ Response Stuns Rescuers

Two young dogs, Benji and Buster, recently found roaming the streets in Reseda, CA, have become the faces of a distressing trend in pet ownership. Rescued from a life of neglect and indifference, their journey sheds light on the increasing issue of dogs being abandoned or casually relinquished to shelters, a challenge that is becoming all too common in communities nationwide.

abandoned puppies

The Discovery and Rescue

Daria Rottenberk discovered Benji and Buster with no collars or leashes, wandering dangerously close to a main road. “I found them like two lost souls, clearly in need of help,” Daria recalls. After bringing them home for safety, a visit to the vet revealed a history of neglect. The vet’s office recognized the dogs as repeat escapees, poorly cared for by their owners.

“Just Keep Them”

When Daria and a vet assistant approached the owners, their response was disheartening. “They were pulling out of their driveway, showing no interest in their dogs or in speaking with us,” Daria shares. Faced with the reality of their situation, the owners basically said “Just keep them, we don’t want them” and chose to relinquish the dogs and drove away without even a glance back.

abandoned puppies

Pet Owners are Relinquishing Their Dogs In Record Numbers

Kai, from Ace of Hearts Dog Rescue, sheds light on the broader issue. “We’re seeing a disturbing rise in people treating their pets as if they’re disposable,” she explains. “It’s a societal problem that needs addressing. Pets are family, not just temporary companions.”

The Bond of Benji and Buster

Since their rescue on in September, the brothers, a little over a year old, have shown how deeply they rely on each other. “They need to be adopted together. They’re bonded, providing each other with comfort and security,” Kai emphasizes.

Despite their rough start, Benji and Buster are in good health, with Buster recovering from giardia. Their personalities are distinct yet complementary. “Benji is the more independent one, a bit of a bully to Buster at times. Buster is the playful, happy-go-lucky type,” Daria describes. Both enjoy snuggling and crave individual attention.

The Ideal Home

For Benji and Buster, the perfect home would be one where they’re not left alone for long periods. “A family with another small to medium dog, and children over eight years old would be ideal,” suggests Kaia. “They deserve a home where they’re cherished and given the attention they’ve been missing.”

abandoned puppies

The Stray Dog Dilemma

The United States is grappling with a concerning surge in stray dog cases, revealing a staggering 30% increase in shelter intake over the past two years in this post-pandemic world. This alarming escalation unveils a complex web of factors driving the crisis in 2023.

Some people may have adopted dogs during the covid lockdowns to cope with loneliness, boredom or stress, but later realized that they could not afford or care for them properly. Others may have faced financial difficulties, health problems or relocation issues that forced them to give up their dogs.

Unfortunately, many of these dogs end up on the streets, in shelters or in euthanasia programs, adding to the existing population of homeless animals. This situation poses a challenge for animal welfare organizations, local authorities and responsible pet owners who want to reduce the suffering and environmental impact of stray dogs.

Don’t Let Benji & Buster Become A Statistic

Benji and Buster’s journey from neglect to the care of Ace of Hearts Dog Rescue is more than just a rescue story. It’s a call to action, a reminder of the responsibility that comes with pet ownership, and a beacon of hope for animals in similar situations. As they wait for their forever home, their story continues to inspire and educate on the importance of responsible pet care.

abandoned puppies

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