No One Wanted This Two-Legged Dalmatian Until This Happened…

Two legged dogs deserve their independence and love as much as our four-legged friends. With the support, patience, and open-mindedness of a loving owner, a two-legged dog can overcome any obstacles in their way. 

two legged dalmatian
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All it takes is for one person to give that dog a chance, no matter how different they are. This is the story of Emma, an adorable two-legged dalmatian who now lives in a loving home because someone had a big heart and granted her the opportunity to live life to the fullest. 

Emma’s Story

Emma was born with two legs. Since she required extra assistance with transportation and struggled to get along well with other dogs, no one wanted to adopt Emma. 

Misha discovered Emma on social media through a dalmatian rescue page. When she reached out to the rescue to inquire about whether anybody was interested in Emma and if she could help, the rescue stated that many people offered help and donations. Unfortunately, no one seemed interested in taking Emma. 

The commitment to carry Emma and help her go up and down the stairs seemed daunting for other people, but Misha felt determined to do whatever she could to work with her. 

Although Misha fostered Emma for a while, she adored Emma so much that she decided to adopt her. 

As Emma grew accustomed to her new lifestyle, she finally warmed up to Misha’s other dog, Piper. And with Misha’s patience and guidance, Emma discovered how to get around in her doggy wheelchair. And now, she prefers to go up and down the stairs on her own!   

Misha and Emma

Today, Emma lives a happy, normal life, explores new places in her wheelchair, and is training to become a special therapy dog. Her story reminds us that a loving environment and encouragement are what a special rescue dog needs to achieve anything.

Caring for a Two Legged Dog

Initially, most two legged dogs struggle to get around and require physical assistance. For instance, a two-legged dog will need to be carried up and down the stairs. Fortunately, you can always provide them with proper training to combat those mobility issues. 

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With a bit of patience and a lot of love, any two-legged dog can learn to get around more easily.

Walking Upright

Dogs with at least two limbs are often capable of learning how to walk. For dogs missing both of their front legs, they usually learn to walk upright on their back legs.  

Faith, one of the most famous two legged dogs, walks upright.

With special training practices, many two legged dogs with missing front limbs can learn to lean backward and walk upright. Walking upright may be unnatural and uncomfortable for some dogs, but for dogs with limb differences, getting around in this way can be beneficial. 

Regardless, all two-legged dogs need an adjustment period for understanding mobility and learning how to become more independent. Walking upright isn’t the only solution for two-legged dogs, but it is a common option that doesn’t require special equipment.

Carts or Wheelchairs

Dogs with missing limbs may also learn to propel themselves forward in a cart or wheelchair. For instance, Emma the dalmatian learned how to use a wheelchair to get around.

Additionally, a cart or wheelchair works well for two legged dogs that are missing more than two legs. It doesn’t matter whether a dog is missing their front or back legs, but you’ll need to be certain that the wheelchair will accommodate your dog’s size.

A fantastic doggy wheelchair to consider is the Walkin’ Wheels Dog Wheelchair, which comes in small and large sizes. Purchase the wheelchair for small dogs here or large dogs here on Amazon. 

Dog Sling or Lift Harness

If using a doggy wheelchair doesn’t seem like the proper fit for a dog with mobility issues, consider purchasing a lightweight dog support sling or lift harness instead. 

Both of these products are ideal for supporting a dog’s body weight and helping them climb the stairs and navigate transportation.  

Do Two Legged Dogs Live As Long?

Of course! Two-legged dogs can lead happy, healthy lives. By helping a two-legged dog adapt to their lifestyle, you can enable them to live a fulfilling life, just like that of a four-legged dog. No matter how many limbs a dog has, they can still learn to walk and run with success. 

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Dogs are capable of powering through difficult moments and we can gain plenty of inspiration from their strength. We can also learn a lot from caring folks like Misha, who understand the art of being patient with a pup, will do whatever it takes to help a dog in need and can provide a loving environment. 

Two Legged Dalmatian

Video Transcript

Rocky Kanaka (Animal Advocate):
No one wanted this two-legged Dalmatian until this happened.

Misha (Emma Roo’s Adopter):
I had adopted a Dalmatian a year previously, and she had passed away. And so I had seen Emma on social media for the Dalmatian rescue page, and I kind of was in a place where I needed something that I could put love into and I wanted to help. So, I reached out to the rescue and kind of just inquired about her. I wanted to see like if there had been any interest in her or how I could help.

Soon, the director, Patti Dan, responded to a call telling Misha that while many offered help and donations, no one wanted to take Emma in.

And she explained about the commitment and how, you know, because she does need to be carried and, and you know, she needs help going downstairs. And at the time she was having a little bit of, I don’t wanna say aggression, but she wasn’t getting along super well with other dogs, and they really had to be careful about where they placed her.

She had just come from China. For me, I just knew instantly that if I could get her here to meet, that I could at least work with her. And originally, I planned to just foster her and then I ended up adopting her.

Two Legged Dalmatian arrived from China

Emma, then had to adjust to her new home and lifestyle, as well as Misha and her other dog, Piper, getting used to Emma and her antics.

When I first brought her home or the very slow introduction. My other dog is very hyper and she’s so friendly. She sometimes doesn’t take social cues very good and Emma very much liked her space. So I would say it took about a month for them to really warm up to each other, but now they snuggle each other and they like lick each other’s faces and they’re, they’re always like, are sharing beds.

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Two Legged Dalmatian and her brother

And I walked in the other day and Emma was like in Piper’s crate with her, and they’re like, What? We’re just hanging out, you know, she really does really well, like getting around.

She kind of walks on her back legs like a kangaroo. She refuses to let you carry her up the stairs. She wants to go up the stairs on her own. She loves it. She thinks it’s so fun. And sometimes she’ll go all the way up the stairs and then she’ll stand at the top of the stairs in whine because she wants to go back down so that she can walk up them again.

Emma Roo is now beloved by everyone who meets her. And Misha is planning to have her start training so that she can become a special therapy dog.

Patti Dane (Dalmatian Rescue Director):
Emma has totally developed and transformed. We needed a Misha for her and it was just, it was just a perfect match. We could never have imagined that she would have the life that she has now.

The timing of this has been crucial. I was laid off from my job. People were stuck working from home. Everyone felt isolated. And for people who struggle with any kind of mental illness, having something to put energy into was essential for me being able to like stay sane. She’s really been kind of a little bit of a beacon of hope.

No one wanted Emma because she was different. That’s until someone decided to give her a chance. If you believe in helping animals as much as I do, make sure you subscribe to this channel. Turn on notifications and leave a common down below. I’ll respond to as many of them as I can, and don’t forget to go follow Emma.

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