Dogs Desperate Howls After Being Dumped on Roadside Lead to a Life-Changing Surprise!

On April 14, dog owner Lacey was taking a bike ride to clear her mind when she witnessed a beautiful brown dog being dumped from a black pickup truck on the side of the road. Although the dog’s sadness and confusion were undeniable, Lacey wanted to make sure that the unwanted dog got to come home to a place where she was valued and loved.

Dogs Desperate Howls After Being Dumped on Roadside Lead to a Life-Changing Surprise!

Since she shared a video of the tear-jerking moment on her TikTok account, Lacey’s kindness–and the dog’s heartbreaking howling–has had over a million viewers reaching for the tissues. It’s sickening to think about people abandoning their loyal dogs, but everyone can take a breath of relief knowing that this rescued dog, now named Honey, is safe and sound in her forever home.


Bro i dont know who drove that black truck that just dumped this poor dog off. But Youre the scum between my toes.

♬ original sound – Lacey Ayn

Hesitantly Headed Home

After being left out of the truck and watching the only people she knew drive away for good, Honey was positively distraught. At first, she ran as fast as she could, chasing after the truck. But after a while, she could no longer run and instead returned to the spot where they’d dropped her off.

Lacey let her howl and grieve before getting her attention, but it didn’t take long before the selfless woman knew what to do. With some encouragement and love, Honey was on her way home with her rescuer. And she already seems a little more relaxed!


For those commenting on my other post. I couldn’t leave her there after witnessing that. It shattered my heart. Now shes glued to my side. I can’t stand up to leave the room without her thinking she’s going to be abandoned 🥺

♬ original sound – Lacey Ayn

What a sweet dog! Not only did she trot home by Lacey’s side while she rode the bike, but she seemed to settle in well at home, too. True, she was nervous and maybe even watching for her previous owners to drive up, but she was as polite to her Chihuahua sister as she could be. It’s truly a testament to her friendly, easygoing demeanor!

Viewers found themselves feeling invested in Honey’s story after watching Lacey’s first viral video. It was only a matter of hours before people were asking for updates, including about where the dog would live.

Honey Finding Her Sweet Spot

Good news: Honey is staying with Lacey! The selfless rescuer appears to have fallen in love with the dog she saved, and the fit seems as natural as can be. Honey can’t stop showering her with kisses, as if she’s saying, ‘Thank you for rescuing me.’


Honey be it. Honey be it – Amazon Gift List –

♬ original sound – Lacey Ayn

The first few days with her new friend have been bittersweet for Lacey, who admits she “cried all day” after witnessing the dog being abandoned. As for Honey, who could be part Catahoula Leopard Dog or Rhodesian Ridgeback, she’s simply happy to be in a loving home. She’s been attached to Lacey at the hip since coming home, though she’s doing great with her new canine siblings, too.

The future is looking bright for Honey, who’s found her forever home with Lacey and her family. She gets all the pets and belly rubs a dog could want, and the millions of TikTok views are merely a bonus.

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