Bride’s Airbnb Vacay Takes an Unexpected Turn When Stray Dogs Follow Her Home

As any dog lover will tell you, the only thing better than a vacation is a vacation with a dog. And little did bride-to-be Mariah and her family know, but that’s exactly what they were about to get! The New York residents rented an Airbnb in Delbarton, West Virginia, where Mariah and her sister met the sweetest stray dogs. What began as a meet-cute turned into something bigger, however, when one of those sweet dogs followed them home.

Cooper's Rescue: When a Family Trip Turns Into a Stray Dog

When Sisters Save a Stray

As Mariah shared in a series of heartwarming TikTok videos, she and her sister bought the stray dogs some food on April 3. However, when they began to walk back to the rental home after feeding the pups dinner, they realized they were not alone. One special dog followed them all the way home and even spent the night outside of their Airbnb. Mariah’s video from the following morning

What a precious boy! Mariah, her family, and her viewers were quick to notice that he was covered in small scars and limping from an injury to a back leg. As it turns out, he had been attacked by another stray dog and hit by a car before his heroes found him. Even so, he was grateful and excited to follow his rescuers wherever they went.

The sisters quickly convinced their mom to help him find a home, but not before returning to share breakfast with the other stray dogs. He has several friends who are just as sweet and just as ready for a life off the streets. While Mariah’s family can’t rescue them all, she did share the listing to the West Virginia Airbnb in case anyone wants to visit for themselves.

From Airbnb to a Forever Home

Once the former stray dog–now named Cooper–had won over the girls’ dad, the family set out to buy him all the pet supplies a dog could need. He got a dog bed of his very own, a collar and leash to keep him safe, and some new toys. Once he got a much-needed bath, he was feeling like a whole new dog.

The even better news? A long-term foster stepped up! Cooper couldn’t stay with his rescuers forever, and while they worried at first about finding someone to take him, someone they know very well agreed to be a temporary foster. Mariah’s fiance’s grandma has experience fostering dogs and was the perfect transitional owner for the decompressing pooch.

Cooper has a safe place to call home for as long as he needs, and all the vet care he needs, too. They were able to determine that he’s about 2 years old and Lyme disease-positive, but besides some medicated treatment, he does not appear to have any long-term health concerns! His old injuries are not stopping him from living his very best life.

However, there’s one thing still missing to give Cooper the happy ending he deserves: his forever home! Mariah posted her email, [email protected], for those who are seriously interested in adopting the rescue dog, but you can also follow her account for heartwarming updates. This pup is getting used to the good life in Perry, New York, so keep this in mind if you reach out about adopting!

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