Abandoned Mastiff Proves Dogs Love Unconditionally

After being heartlessly abandoned by his owners, one loyal dog is now up for adoption giving him a new shot at a better life. And it’s all thanks to one kind-hearted woman who took time out to do the right thing. 

When a neighbor found a grey Mastiff mix alone in an alley, dutifully waiting for owners who never returned, it was a heartbreaking sight. The loyal dog, now named Zeppelin, had been cruelly abandoned by his previous owners – backyard breeders who discarded him once he was no longer needed. Despite this betrayal, Zeppelin waited patiently and hopefully, his faith in humanity still intact.

Lost But Loyal 

Long Beach, CA resident Nikki left her house to go to work in the morning, she found the dog alone in an alley, waiting diligently for his family to come back and get him. 

However, when Nikki returned from work later that day, the dog was still there. While it was clear nobody was coming for him, he was patiently waiting with hope in his eyes, a truly heartbreaking sight. 

Bad News Breeders

Zeppelin’s family were Nikki’s neighbors, and she knew that he had been kept in a garage and used for breeding. Heartlessly, when he was no longer needed, they abandoned him in an alley, forcing Zeppelin to fend for himself. 

Abandoned Mastiff Proves Dogs Love Unconditionally

Many backyard breeders and mills put profits over puppies, sacrificing animal welfare so they can make a buck. And unfortunately, it’s also exacerbating the issue of shelter overcrowding. Shelters have been so overcrowded that Los Angeles County, where Zeppelin was found, recently put a moratorium on giving permits to dog breeders, since there has been an increase of pure breeds being dropped off at shelters. 

This issue has affected Zeppelin directly, who’s more than a statistic. He’s a very faithful dog who needs someone to love him and much as he’ll love them. 

There to Save the Day 

Fortunately for Zeppelin, Nikki was there to save the day. Heartbroken and Zeppelin’s situation, Nikki scooped him up and took him to LA Adopt for a chance at a new and better life. 

He’s since been medically cleared by LA Adopt’s vet and is now waiting for his forever home! 

Ready and Waiting for Adoption 

Zeppelin is believed to be between three and five years old, and is 95 pounds of pure love. According to Yoko at LA Adopt, Zeppelin is an incredible dog. “He’s very calm, loves to take naps and has a mellow temperament,” says Yoko. He’s also very athletic, but still well mannered. He’ll walk right by your side on a leash! 

Looking For Love in Better Places

Abandoned Mastiff Proves Dogs Love Unconditionally

Many backyard breeders don’t bother to socialize their dogs properly, and Zeppelin is no exception. While he’s a very sweet dog, he will do best in an only pet household. 

However, Zeppelin has more than proved how loyal he is, since what he’s been through has tested his patience – and he’s passed with flying colors. “He will be a very loyal and loving companion who’ll enjoy an easygoing home environment with older kids,” says Yoko. 

Zeppelin deserves a better life than the one he had. “Zeppelin’s come a long way since arriving to our care and ready to find a family he’s never had,” says Yoko.  

If you’re looking for a dog who will love you unconditionally, look no further than Zeppelin, who shows us that a dog’s emotional attachments are forever. 

For information on how to foster or adopt Zeppelin, contact LA Adopt E: [email protected]

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